Alkaline Diet? Paleo Diet? No, Alkaline Paleo Diet from Alkaway

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Hi, I’m Cassie Bond, co-founder of Alkaway where we've dedicated decades of knowledge
and experience to helping you discover the whole way - and the whole secret – to radiant
health and abundant energy!
We’re not talking about a new fad diet that forces you to suddenly start living on raw
organic vegetables or strictly alkaline-only foods – we know from our own experience
and our own extensive research that these one-dimensional diets don’t work and can
even have serious consequences in the long-term.
What we’re talking about is a whole different way altogether – a powerful, proven way
built on facts not fads. We call it the Alkaway because it is based on an irrefutable scientific
fact that governs not just our health but our very lives this second!
I’m talking about our body’s first, ‘life-and-death’ priority. Before anything else, apart maybe
from the beating of our heart, our body’s first and foremost priority is a non-stop,
24/7 balancing act between alkaline and acid.
Did you know that?
Did you know that if our pH level – that’s what the acid/alkaline level is called - drops
just a tiny bit below pH 7.365 – that’s 7.365 alkaline versus 2.635 acid - we die?!!
Did you know that many health problems and even serious diseases that inundate our modern
society have been directly linked to the under-alkalising and
sustained over-acidifying of the blood and tissues of our body?
And here’s the truth the fad diet gurus and “raw foodies” don’t want you to
hear– living on purely alkaline foods is not the answer! Acid isn’t the enemy. In
fact the right amount of acid from the right nutritional source is as essential to your
good health as alkalinity.
So if the alkaline diet isn’t the answer, what is?
What we’re going to share with you right now is what we passionately believe – what
we passionately know is the only real answer – the only real way - to regain and retain
your precious health, your vital energy, your
everyday joy of life.
Within weeks, sometimes even days, of living the Alkaway, people report amazing increases
in energy and wellbeing. We’ve had feedback from literally thousands of people reporting
dramatic improvements in weight loss, muscle gain, increased libido, no more IBS, no more
candida, no more skin problems, no more tiredness…I could go on and on…
The great thing about the Alkaway is that it is not a way anyone can sell. It’s simply
a way – an enjoyable, easy, economical, intelligent, way to live.
And to help you understand it and put it into practise, we’ve put together two free videos
that not only tell you everything you need to know to start living the Alkaway right
now, today, but we also want to share with you everything we’ve learnt over the past
two decades about nutrition, health, exercise, lifestyle and the five big things your doctor
will never tell you because it will put him out of business.
And talking about doctors, we may not have medical qualifications but we have lived,
practised and evolved the Alkaway for over twenty years now – we’ve written books
on what we’ve learnt on the journey. We’ve partnered with professional experts in almost
every field of health and nutrition. We know from experience what we’re talking about
and now we want to share it with you.