You are Worth It

Uploaded by FacundoElement on 11.09.2012

So, You don't hear?
Perhaps it's yet another ordinary family dinner,
where you are once again left out of conversations?
and you feel left out, hurt, somewhat orphaned?
It's not your fault.
The world has sent the message that it is okay to
treat Deaf people as less than human, and they won't notice.
We know this message is wrong.
Take the opportunity change the message.
Perhaps people have made fun of you, of your signing
or your "deaf voice."
And you feel humiliated, hurt, and ashamed.
A social misfit.
The world sends a message that certain groups,
like white, heterosexual, rich men have more worth and it
is okay to oppress and bully those with less opportunities.
This is unacceptable. Take the opportunity to change that message.
Perhaps you've been told "You can't" and
"We don't want you here."
You started to question your value, your skills,
And you decided you were worthless.
Those statements of "my comfort is more important than yours"
and "I know more than you about the world,"
or "I don't have time for you,"
are dehumanizing and so, so wrong. Change the message.
Perhaps in your anger you experienced conflicts
that resulted in losing friends, feeling left out,
alone and lonely. Perhaps you tried to mask your pain
with alcohol, drugs, and you got lost.
It isn't too late. You can start over today, right now.
There are people ready to embrace you, support you, connect with you.
You are Beautiful. And we see YOU.
Perhaps you're tired of fighting, of always hitting a wall,
you feel like giving up, feel like dying.
You think it'll be easier and no one will notice you are gone.
Don't give up. Join us in a movement
greater than ourselves, join us in changing the world,
so that our equality is witnessed, our various gifts celebrated.
We are all worth it. You have gifts inside of you,
and you deserve the time and space to explore and discover
the power inside of you to shape the world.
To leave your mark. Don't give up. Stay and fight.