Lesson 2 - CNC Machine (English lang) - ITI OMAR Novara

Uploaded by PierMou on 25.05.2010

The CNC machine has got a 7.2 inch display and a multifunction console to set
and see the data.
The multifunction console is composed by:
an alphanumeric keyboard, with some function and direction keys, on the right
of the monitor;
a control panel under the monitor; a button panel situated at the bottom of
the central control system.
On the right of the central panel there is a knob used for feed speed regulation of
the machine axes and an emergency button.
On the left there is the key, to allow the writing.
The alphanumeric keyboard contains: on the top the buttons to insert codes
and numeric values necessary for programming.
The central part is reserved to the validation of the data and for the function
keys for the different screens.
In the lower part there are some buttons to move the slide in the desired position,
to run the pages in varies screen visualization modes,
and there are the help and reset button.
The central control panel contains a series of buttons and some signal LEDs.
From the left top of the panel there are three buttons for the mode choice that
can be memory mode,
edit mode
or manual mode.
The eight buttons on the right are used to move axes in the different direction X, Y,
The button with number 4 is for another axe that isn't assembled at the moment.
At the bottom of the panel there are groups of buttons to do simple
operations: block the rotation of the spindle,
and deactivate the lubrication.
The position screen has got three different modes:
the first one is for the absolute co-ordinates of the axes from the zero
piece that the worker has emitted in the program.
The second is for relative positions, and the third is the general screen.
To pass from a mode to another mode the operator can use the buttons under the
screen called SOFTWARE KEYS of the relative voice that he is searching.
With the general screen you can see all the co-ordinates.
Other important visualization are:
Program screen: it lets you see the program in ISO language;
Control screen of the program: shows the parameter of the works in act.
In manual mode it is possible to insert single lines of program that won’t remain
in machine memory after the work. This mode is used particularly for simple
command or simple operation like the warm up or change tools.
There are three other visualizations:
Help screen: in this screen all the damages or anomalies are reported;
OFFSET / SETTING used to see the positions and the names of the mounted
Tool: shows the movement of the tool on the screen
The CNC machine has got three axes of movement, X and Y are movement in the
horizontal plane possessed by the piece, the vertical axe is called Z and represents
the tool axe.
It’s important to remember when the worker is doing the program that the
piece is always considered still. X moves the piece on the left, X- on the right. Y
moves the piece near the operator, Y- far from him.
The Z axe is always the same in manual and programming mode: positive to the
top, negative to the bottom.
To move the axes in manual mode you can use the JOG button to a continue
movement, the STEP button to little movement.
The speed of the movement in JOG mode is regulated by the knob seen before.
If the knob signs 200% the worker will work in the max speed available on the
machine. The STEP mode lets the tool move at a
prefixed value chosen with other buttons. For example to have 1 mm use 1K button,
to have a 0.1 mm use the 100 button and so on.