Winnetou 3 - The Desperado Trail (English subtitles) - 1965

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And the great fertile hunting grounds of the Mescalero Apache-...
their chief Winnetou always and ever faithful.
He lived ...
during the period of bloom After the American Civil War ...
when many immigrants crossing dared.
The need to colonize areas in the West is growing.
The efforts of the leaders to keep the peace ...
failure by the rapid on_ikkelingen ...
human failure, ego'isme and betrayal.
The habitat of the Indians is becoming smaller.
They are threatened with collapse.
Winnetou sees the impending doom.
He tirelessly tries the danger.
My brothers look with red Winnetou on the land of our fathers.
Mountains, rivers, forests and fertile pasture land where grazing bumels.
Winnetou was happy that peace is closed between us and showed the faces.
But he is not reassured, because not every is willing to keep the law.
There is gemaaM hunting on the herd.
Shame on you.
Why would we? You fall to us.
You shoot off the bumels while there is no hunger.
I embarrassed me, Winnetou. -Keep your mouth.
I never knew this would happen.
You should keep your mouth. You've participated.
We want our horses and weapons back. Here goes much change.
Watch your words. You Hunting without suffering hunger.
Three warriors are dead. She wanted to warn you.
They fell behind to us.
Go back to your country. You get your horses and a knife.
There you are on our territory no hair aggrieved. There is peace closed.
You keep weapons Winnetou as proof of his accusation.
I wanted to say ... -Get your gun but.
This I will not forget, Winnetou.
Wait, young friend. Be wary opje.
Winnetou saw greed, cunning and murder in the eyes of those men.
Go now.
I thank you
My brother.
I am from Clinton.
There is an endless stream pioneers together.
It is there 's just so loud nachb as daytime.
I had nostalgia for the past when chief Intschu-yet Tchuna lived.
A great time.
Winnetou also _am here to look back on what once was.
Want to tell my brother what concerned him?
Winnetou has decided to move to Santa Fe to drive.
The face said it appeared that soon everything otherwise it will be for the Apache.
Winnetou adheres to peace.
He should know ...
or the white father in Washington is prepared to speak to.
Does my brother out that Santa Fe unknown dangers threatening?
There has Winnetou thought.
He will be the new time face with open eyes.
It will be the first time that Winnetou is a white city.
He is glad that his white brother him overruling state.
Winnetou knew this man.
He had to die because he believed in the good.
What is that?
Church Bells. They urge all Christians for prayer.
Winnetou knows that showed faces pray so that their soul is in heaven.
The red people hope that their souls in the eternal hunting grounds is.
The words vary, but perhaps is the same intention.
Winnetou think since the last time often over.
The clock now speaks to Winnetou and he understands its appeal.
Oh yeah?
The clock says: Do all the good love.
All the evil and hatred.
I thank you voorie coming.
If I can do something for you, than I do that.
I have my hopes on Winnetou established.
If you need help, Iaat me know.
I send as many soldiers as needed wherever you want.
There is a great chaos.
There attract large flows pioneers via Santa Fe to Clinton.
Wifte Bumel the country he seeks to We disposed suddenly back.
White Buffalo has the whites Learning fire water to drink.
He is addicted to hit and now acts as a slave.
Unscrupulous dealers are there of abuse.
In men walk around Clinton who conclude deals with the pioneers.
They promise a piece of land against huge payments.
I still do not know who is head of the gang.
Each month, a barrel of brandy Witte Bumel delivered to.
There is even talk of arms shipments.
Only chief Winnetou and Mr. Shatterhand ...
can reverse the threat.
I have decided how to be a way ...
Get Scott. Hii must From Morgan.
... the new situation, the white father in Washington decided ...
the field of Chic's Aria to increase.
Winnetou will him this message.
Let him promise that he to hold the convention ...
so that the pioneers get their country. The Chic-Aria's his horse thieves.
The word of vuunNaterdrinkers is not worth much.
Will my brother Winnetou guide?
Winnetou let me in the lurch if I'm in danger?
Make the paper from Washington ready.
Winnetou and Old Shatterhand leave today.
I make them immediately in order.
Be careful. There are many men, slechb but few are as h.
Winnetou is glad that he is a white met who, like his brother ...
unselfish and honest.
I wish the whole amount for me and my people.
I will not let me with a few dollars a_chepen.
You get not a penny more.
What do you want more? We have three red dogs shot.
Unleashed an incident so the company sends a governor.
Winnetou challenge to a fight ...
then his country being annexed and we can sell for a lot of money.
And do not forget that there are many costly oil is in the ground.
That man is peace more dear than an angel. I want the whole amount.
Then gotta come with ieb better.
Maybe I have something better for someone who pays better.
Good. That had also been possible.
He talk too much. It must seem an accident.
Winnetou and Old Shatterhand are by the governor.
They drive to White Bu_el.
The Chic Aria's get more land as they maintain the peace.
Keep me informed. Gomez ...
as Winnetou and Wifte Bumel agree ...
can we the land of the Apache the oil and forget.
Plus our advance to the pioneers.
The governor is apparently fond that Winnetou ...
as long as he remains ...
alive. That you wanted to say?
Outside the city lies a quarry.
That's right. Well?
Can not an unfortunate accident happen?
Everything is possible.
Winnetou and Old Shafterhand come along.
Maybe the tomorrow planned explosion off prematurely.
Above. Back.
Winnetou's horse heard the fuse burn.
Our list is successful.
Winnetou should only Chic to the Aria's.
The driver returned to Santa Fe. Old Shafterhand follows his trail.
It introduces us to the man who wanted to kill us.
Can I ask you where we're visiting to owe?
I want the man speak who just arrived.
Have you, gentlemen, whether you, ladies, see someone come in?
No one, the only gentleman who is there.
You hear it.
You must be mistaken.
I ask h. ..
where did you come from? Denkje-What?
From the quarry. I was there, too.
Through the dust you saw no that we went after the attack lie.
And what we have with the quarry to do?
That you hear very soon.
I just stay so long in Santa Fe until I know why do you cover this man.
This is very frivolous and dangerous. Less-dangerous than the quarry.
You feel good right now. -Very good.
ldioot, we have to iou to thank.
She seemed both dead, Like their horses.
Winnetou is passed.
Rollins can only help us.
Send a message to Clinton.
In the rose.
So girl, I get no kusie?
It may also be _ee.
Come here, baby. -Let me go.
Calm down, which blow gotta pay with a kiss.
What gotta, garden gnome? Would you like a slap in your mouth?
So, that will not disturb us.
That is the man of meede Rollins. Only it.
Where is he? He is outward-apart.
Two fingers beside them. -Damn.
The following.
A hand width within the plane.
Is this a little man come over?
He looks like a garden gnome. -Who did that?
The man I'm looking for. If I dwarf to get tackle, I break his bones.
I want to meet him. Maybe we can use him.
Hawkins has his own way for people to know.
That I had never thought of you. -That 's all right.
You know that guy, or his boss?
You have to watch out for those guys.
Just once I cross my nose always in others' affairs.
Never time for themselves. Once, but they went away with another.
Well, if those things go.
Have you no family? Such a young girl Amas do that here ...
You can quietly say. I would your father can be.
Fine, then I say 'daddy' to you. Me-best.
But then you in my beard kroelen, as a good daughter should do.
So here he is.
You have insulted one of my men.
You've sold him a slap with a rifle.
What do you mean 'yes'?
Nieb Can you say yes?
Can you shoot?
For a bet?
Alsjij win she is under your protection.
If I win, she is under his protection.
Let us therefore but to go outside. Deal?
The old Sam Hawkins but must win, niemaar?
Where are you, boss? Yes.
We should shoot three times each. Start you or I start?
Well, then I start.
Wait, boss. This man has fireworks brought.
R, 25 dollar a man he shoots it off. -Val not bother us.
Get out.
Keep it up.
A finger width in the map.
Weather almost in the heart. Bravo, nobody does after you.
Here we go.
A shot in the heart knew all the other shot off. It's all here.
Not even within the circle.
My whole drink walks away. That man brings us in danger.
What do you say? He has holes in the barrel shot?
Yes, next to each other. The barrel is empty.
Now I understand what my rifle says.
Located in the heart.
At the moment laabte gafje have a fling with.
A shot in the heart knew all the other shot off.
Good, caring for the girl is Bii you.
If you want to ... We would you be able to use.
Boss ...
You must come to the post office. There is a telegram for you.
Think about it on my offer.
I think that the old Sam Hawkins joins the gang.
Because if a rogue gets a telegram, sit down behind a villainy.
'... and switching from Winnetou. "
Winnetou ... What did you say?
Your garden is a friend of Winnetou.
Well, well, a friend of Winnetou ...
Why do you garden with? -Because I'd rather see what he does.
Kid ...
Suppose that Winnetou escape ... -You wanted a wire stretched?
He has five lives. Hold him in each case at the Bear River.
Among the large waterfall.
Take your people will and keep your eyes open.
He has been as good as. -It must seem an accident.
Garden Gnome, go to to the Bear River?
Are you still in the city? That zieje-do.
And now there is talk.
Talk, or I turn it out. And I do not like dirty hands.
We had to include you. -What are you doing? Speak.
What do you want from Winnetou and me?
I want to know watjullie with our plan.
Weapons get Bumel white.
He will fight, and then losing his country.
We also want the land of the Apache, because of the oil.
There are ambushes laid on the route to the Aria's Chic.
That is not far.
Hands up.
Turn around.
Against the wall.
Hey, what's going on? -Nieb. We have fun talking.
All dismount.
Thus garden, now comes the farewell. You have to stay here.
So you do not go to a man who just became father.
Driving, we go to the Bumelknie.
Dismount. Two men remain to the horses.
Span the wire.
Good camouflage.
Why do not we crack down? -It must seem an accident.
If he does not break his neck, we need a helping hand.
In the distance approaching ieb.
There he is.
Weapons away.
Throw them away.
Do what I say.
Twenty adjust back.
Come on.
Halt ...
That we never get.
Kid will receive him Bears in the River.
We follow his trail.
What's happened now? -Easy for you to talk.
You know the joy of fatherhood?
If ikjou consider as my son ... -Why maakje me go?
I have a beautiful view. I had this as planned.
Is it really true, Sam?
They had caught Winnetou, I have him freed, he could flee. ..
I heard his horse, when the bandits, then I heard shots _ee ...
and now they await him in the river.
Get out.
Bend over.
We shoot at the same time if he is under the waterfall.
Say it against the others.
Saving the horse. I want to have.
What happened? -It was wrong, but now we have him.
Not on the horse shooting. This is mine.
Come on, he sits in the fall.
He has disappeared.
Over there.
We never get him here.
He must strooma_aarb out of the water come. As we wait on him.
Tim, Shutterstock, trapping the horse. You are well rewarded.
Careful. Now hii can not escape.
Please note.
Here I am.
Fish him out of the water. Go to the other side. I try here.
Here is the way down.
A corpse is not the top drive. We need dredges.
If the others him at least not found.
We never get him. The boss may catch him themselves.
Nieb to see. We go further.
He is a trace.
He is dark. Send the injured back to Clinton.
We save us here at camp Search continues tomorrow and rafts.
There is not anything here.
We have to watch tonight drafting.
Something is wrong.
This is Jeff. -Robbery.
Drive more quiet. I remain deliberately behind, zodatjij first arrive.
There is Winnetou's horse.
What is it? Winnetou-needs me.
Go ahead. Although you me 've never really seen driving.
Sam, go back to Clinton and take good care of.
At Sam Hawkins, you can always rock solid trust.
I know. The best to you.
The scroll he himself well, convergence groups.
Damn ... Ver he will not come, tuber that is far too slow.
We cut him off.
Hurry up, cut him off.
In addition.
Six men to the plateau. Put him under.
Come on. The rest of you climbs behind him to the top.
That red bastard. He has his knife ...
Winnetou's knife ...
Red skin that has not five, only nine Life. But that will not save him.
You go to Clinton, I bring White Bu_el a visit.
This way, fast.
That was at the last minute.
Aria's chic.
Red Feather, the right hand of White Buffalo.
What does the Mescalero-chief on the hunting grounds of Chic's Aria?
Winnetou greeting Red Feather.
He wants to Old Shafterhand in the village Wifte Bumel of a smoking pipe.
Red Feather takes Winnetou and it turned into sight.
He will hand over their weapons Wifte to Bumel.
Red Feather really think that Old Shafterhand seems on_apenen?
They showed faces were friends of Chic's Aria.
Red Feather will be their enemies, if necessary forced to go along.
The Chic's Aria are our friends. They support us settlers syndicate.
With their help we will aim achieve.
Each time the message coming that the country can begin distribution.
Those who have not yet registered, can do now ...
and the fee charged.
Once Mr. Rollins, principal assistant comes back from our red friends ...
That confounded Aria's Chic ... Trust them.
They have me alive and scalped.
The red devils ...
Make sure that guy oprot quickly.
Confident that bloodthirsty Chic's Aria not.
Aside, opzii ...
Directly to my horse.
It is no blood, but frambozensap.
Come quickly to my room, daddy.
You can here. -And what about you?
I think they do nieb.
Whose is that horse? From the workman-fire. Quickly, they come.
I take his horse and his cabinet back.
Would the chief of the Apache Old and Shafterhand know ...
what this car is it?
The Chic Aria are a nation of brave warriors.
A nation that has weapons and warriors, no one to fear.
Not the renegade Apache, nor the greedy whites ....
that we want to deprive our country.
Now I give the floor to Winnetou, chief of the Apache.
The word of the Apache is not treacherous.
Winnetou has come as a friend.
See the course of the sun.
It seems each year down on another world.
Only he will live that does not against the change of times.
Wifte Bumel, listen to my brother Old Shafterhand.
The face appeared to speak.
The white father in Washington is ready to give you more land.
He sees too few have datjullie received.
But as White Buffalo wants all land and wants to fight ...
then there will be a bloody war at which point you go.
I know that the Aria's Chic brave warriors are.
Therefore they are willing to defend the peace.
White Buffalo, have no confidence in the greedy faces appeared ...
you hiss to this deadly war.
These guns are old and worthless.
White Bu_el of the words Winnetou and Old Shatterhand sincere.
He awaits the return of his son Quick Panther who is looking for fame.
White Buffalo whishes the burden of veran_oording ...
on the shoulders of a young to explain.
Quick as Panther approves it, he will the weapons in a shed deep divide.
Kent's son Winnetou the chief?
Panther isjong rapid and ambitious. -And a horse thief.
Witte Bumel has him very sweet.
Horses ... There must be someone.
Fast Panter, a friend greeting h.
I'm the friend of friends Chic of the Aria's ...
and the enemy of your enemies. -You're Rollins, a friend of my father.
Uwjacht to fame was successful.
Quick Panther stole the horses from the pastures of the Apache.
From the Apache?
This horse was Loto Chuna.
And this horse was for the wigwam of Katchampati.
And this is the best horse. That was Winnetou.
From Winnetou? I waarschuwje, Quick Panther.
Do not go to the village of Aria's Chic with those horses.
Winnetou is on the way to your father, White buffalo.
How to know the faces showed that? -Here, the knife of Winnetou.
That we have found. -Winnetou would never lose his knife.
O no? Would he be take away?
It is not his knife.
Yes, it's him. Take a good look.
Rollins, are you crazy? -Keep your head.
Houdtje your mouth, niemaar?
Yes boss, you have to say.
Put him on his horse, but the knife should remain seated.
Where denkje on, brother? A song-klinM on the water.
Herinnerjeje the bells of Santa Fe?
Winnetou hear them read.
They sing for him, and his heart feel light and peaceful.
Like the lake. It is filled with love for Manitou.
Winnetou know that his death is near.
That is impossible. My brother is mistaken. Definitely.
No one can provide for his death. -Winnetou not mistaken.
His soul will soon enter the eternal hunting grounds.
Once we die and then our soul to the afterlife.
But there is still a long time lucky VOOf Us.
Manitou is great and Winnetou's life is in his hand.
Quick Panther was killed.
I've seen it myself. He came back with the horses he had stolen.
I've seen how a warrior attacked him from an ambush.
It was an Apache, the chief of the Mescalero's.
Quick Panther venNondde the forehead of his attacker.
You see the wound? When tripped Panther fast on a tree root.
He stoofte the knife to the haft in his heart.
He has murdered your son. -That is a lie.
A common lie.
I could not intervene, but gave my men warrant him the only afte cutting.
Unfortunately he ontkwam, but his knife stabbed in the chest of the dead.
Witte Bumel listening to a liar.
When the sun goes down behind the mountains ...
would you want that you were never born.
Gentlemen, this evening as the sun goes down, Winnetou will be dead.
And of course you too.
At last we can land of the Apache distribution.
That was at the last minute.
And so the land of the Apache released to the pioneers.
We have previously heard. -That is of course not.
There should be contracted become. That takes time.
That is absolutely true.
And now is also a tragic accident We came to the rescue.
I say it again. Winnetou and Old Shafterhand his death.
That is a lie. _jk but, I live and Winnetou lives too.
Believe that man no word. Wait here, I will tell you everything.
Beware of Rollins. I am the daughter of Sam Hawkins.
A telegram to the governor. -I only send official documents.
And pieces of the bandits. Hurry up or I breekje neck.
Hands up. -Hold on.
Departure onmiddelliik and drive as the devil.
Lieutenant O'Hara is ready. Lieutenant-O'Connor with the cavalry.
Captain Pitt with the cavalry.
At present, decide whether whites and Indians can live together.
Or an end to the bloodshed.
Due to a telegram a bushranger and a red skin?
Not just a bushranger and a red skin.
These men are committed for humanity and peace.
You think only of money at the expense of pioneers and the future of the country.
The Chic Aria's efforts together with the bandits against the Apache.
But the Apache will Time to pull back to win ...
in the hope that you and your men matters is that ...
according to law and convention. I have their datjullie will be assured.
I love me at my word.
Come to my father chest, rookie. -It 's good. There are soldiers.
Now we have to move. -You must redirect the oil, but I ...
ls Winnetou left? -He knows where the Chic Aria's seat.
Come on, Sam.
I salute my friend Witte Bumel.
Is it appeared ready to face the strain of the enemy to eradicate?
We are appalled by the crime of the Apache chief.
Here is Winnetou, chief of the Apache.
White Buffalo, listen to him.
As the crow scratched in the ear of the person who comes to kill?
Your gaze is clouded by the death of your son.
You need to focus on your job:
Your people safe on the threshold to a new time lead.
Opgehitst you have the wrong friends. See the people you vertrou_.
Next to you is the killer From your wage.
Back, back.
What advice showed the face?
You fall on them from above, we from the river.
Shame on you stroomaftNaarts Iaten drive.
We come together and build vloften metjullie to. Fast, drive as the devil.
There are bandits, as Winnetou said.
Sam Hawkins and ensures that they fall into the trap.
Red villains.
Care for the wounded. We continue to drive cautiously.
So, that is geluM.
Now they build and then vloften our rookie to interfere with it.
What do we do now, boss?
We will continue to Pueblo. -How? Should we fly?
Nonsense. We drive, and if that fails, Iopen we.
We fall in Pueblo.
I see no movement.
Stop. Search coverage.
That is our rookie, safe and sound.
My heart is pleased that it sees his brother again.
Furthermore, he sees no one.
If the sun is high in the sky, they have overtaken us.
Then, our women and children their hideout in the mountains bereiM.
My eyes are open. I know where they want to go. As they walk down.
It is the ninth day. The soldiers can not go far anymore.
We can better down waiting.
There they are.
Zieje? They sit up there. They can not escape.
Here spremenjena Old Shatterhand. Kid-Shoot only when the sign indicates.
I try sideways Winnetou to come by.
We have withdrawn, but not from cowardice.
For us, all people brothers who must understand each other ...
without fighting or killing each other.
We're good and we want verschanst not senseless bloodshed.
Witte Bumel, remove the blindfold away ...
and recognizing faces showed why the country you want.
They want money and power, and then you are eliminated.
They drive right off the bandits.
Watch out, you drive right on the bandits off.
The ball is too close to the heart. -And now?
His fate is in God's hands.
My brother need not fear. The people of the Apache was rescued.
This is Winnetou's mission accomplished.
My brother ...
My brother.
Help me, my brother.
Winnetou hear in the distance ...
the bells that call him.
I hear that right, brother?
My brother ...
Winnetou's soul must leave.
Winnetou is ready.
VaanNel ...
my loyal ...
My ...