[CC] Tanning challenge??? - This might just make you 'lol'

Uploaded by vidpro on 16.12.2006

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If you guys haven't noticed
I haven't really been all that active on YouTube lately
I haven't uploaded a video in the LONGEST time
and I thought I owed it to YOU guys
to have one on there before Christmas

So what I did was I went through the list of people
that had subscribed to me
as well as the people that I subscribed to
and I stumbled upon
Renetto's channel.
And I noticed he had a video that he had just recently uploaded
about a tanning bed
And, you know...
He's got some interesting theories
And this video is gonna put
Mr. Renetto's theories, his strategies...
I'm gonna put them to the test.
Will they work, using some of Mr. Renetto's tools?
... if that's what you want to call it ...
I'm gonna see if I can get a tan using only
the ultraviolet light that I'm provided with.

Okay Mr. Renetto I took a couple of your strategies here
I made meself a tin foil mask
Just so .. I hope to get a greater effect
on my face.
I don't think it's gonna do anything.
I mean,
It's the sun's rays.
That kinda stuff's harmful, that tanning bed...
Gimme a little bit
I'm gonna tan, do some tanning,
and we're gonna see if it actually phases me,
if it actually DID do anything,
if it actually tanned me, or whatever you wanna call it
or maybe it's just gonna burn me...
I don't know what's gonna happen yet! So let's just...
let me just get organized here,
and tan for a bit and then we'll check it out together.

Gotta get a little bit more on the forehead area
I can feel it gettin pretty hot!
It's gettin hot I'll tell ya

I don't think it's doing anything though. It's gettin pretty hot.

Okay YouTubers
I've spent the last three and a half hours in the sun holdin that thing
I'm bored as ...
I'm bored as crap.

So now it's time to find out...
If it actually did anything to me.

So let's just take a look
What would make my face get tanned? I don't think it tanned at all.
I don't even think it burned.
I .. I'm a little hot I mean I'm drippin a little sweat but that's it
So let me just get this thing off here and we'll just find out.

(tin foil steaming)

That's cooler!
I don't think it did anything

Do you ...
well let me just check here on my
on my watch since I don't really have a mirror up here


my ...


I didnt expect this to happen
It worked man. Don't...
don't ever go out in the sun with that tin foil on your face again

This is what it could be like.
I gotta go put some cream or somethin on this stuff
Uh, so until next time,
I'm the Comedic Dude,
and this is what I do.


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