Resurrection Korean Drama Episode 1

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Episode 01: That Child is Alive
major translations by KBS/KBS-LA minor translations by purpletiger86, cococrust
timed by creidesca
Who's this in the middle of the night?
Who is it?
Did you have to come at this time and in the rain?
I'll pay you back. You know I will.
Just trust me, why don't you?
I might forfeit a bank loan but I always pay my poker debts.
Look, I'm someone who never betrays, all right?
You should give me at least a month to pay back that much money.
I don't have it right now, so do what you want!
Come on!
Keep this boy for awhile.
Are you deaf?
Don't you have a name?
He's here.
You see the guy in the black jacket?
Whoa...he looks so ugly.
Ay, that bastard.
Did you find him?
What's your name, Seoki?
What brings you here?
Don't do this.
Seoki is good. Right?
But why do you disguise yourself in front of your parents?
At times when they sell medicine, you idiot!
Get out of the way!
Hey you!
Ugh, I have to run again.
Sorry mister.
Hey you morons!
Let's stop running!
Goo Seoki!
Ugh, why the hell are you calling me by my surname!
You may not know...but I really hate running.
Donít move.
You are under arrest for smuggling drugs.
You actually think I was going to shoot? A Korean police officer?
Getting older...youíre still smuggling peanut!
Goo Seo--
Goo Seoki.
Social security number?
Wow, Officer Seo.
You are really smart!
Is it really hard for you to live by the law?
This time...I really was going to quit.
Can you let me pass this once more?
You think this is some kind of lawsuit? To let it pass.
The problem with you is know what you did wrong.
But why make the same mistake again, you idiot!
Whereís Jungbok?
Officer Seo?
Yes, this is Lee Gangju.
Officer Seo is not here right now.
Who is this?
Hello. I am KCBS reporter, Lee Gangju.
What is it?
What kind of case is it?
Did you eat?
Next destination is Soowul. Weíll be stopping at Soowul.
That'll be the last chance God gives me...
Hey you bastard!
Were you the only one that got hit. I got hit too. Me!
Here, do you see my bloody nose?
Mister, did you hit him first or not?
Repeating myself again and again...
What Iím trying to say is...
This moron was fooling around with my daughter.
Fooling? Who are you accusing of fooling...
I asked for some Oh-Daeng soup, and you hit me.
You rotten bastard.
Hey, you could have just asked for Oh-Daeng soupÖ
But why in the heck did you have to touch my daughterís butt?
But, why are you speaking to me in that kind of manner?
Youíre way younger than me!
Can you just stay still? Is this your living room!
SeeÖyou see what he didÖsee?
Heís insane!
Suing or settlingÖjust stick him inside the prison!
He needs to have some nut rice!
Did you touch it?
What do you mean touchÖ
I just thought it was sad to see her suffer to earn a living. In that kind of matter.
She looks the same age as my younger sisterÖ
Get up you bastard!
Officer Seo. What do you think youíre doing?
Hey, are you an officer?
Thatís right you bastard!
Oh, so you guys are on the same side!
Hey! Call out your police chief!
Why you littleÖcome here!
Seo Haeun?
What are you doing right now? I said not to use profanity.
Does a Korean police officer hit a Korean citizen?
Whereís my
Having no luck todayÖI have to deal with some gang--
Since we're in for the long haul, should we order Sul-Lung soup?
You touched it, right? Is that right?
NoÖthat is...
Harassment isÖsimilar to a ridiculous murder.
And that Seo EunhaÖis someone that I really loveÖ
I meanÖsheís my sister that I really love.
Ah...I see.
I donít care if I quit my job.
But whoever touches a little piece of my sisterÖI go insanely nuts.
Well, being Korean and living in a country of law,
You and I will get punishedÖand thatíll settle everything.
Everyone has their faultsÖand when consuming alcoholÖ
You understand, right?
I told you not to come here, why donít you listen to me?
Applying for jobs, working part time at a hotel, now hereÖ
Seo Eunha, are you listening to what Iím saying?
I packed wrapped seaweed rice and leftoversÖso take it.
Are you mad at me?
Eunha? Ta-da.
Eat this first. Eat it.
Lets do it after we eat this.
Eat it eat it.
Eating this is the original principle.
Jaesu, why are you making her work when sheís already busy herself?
Who are you saying is making her work?
I hear that other dads feed herbal tonics and buy clothes.
I hear that other brothers feed herbal tonics and buy clothes.
You used up all the money that I could have spent to buy herbal tonics and clothes.
Being a maleÖwhy do you always talk about money?
If we talk about this for real...
if I calculate the way I have raised you for twenty years with money...
The calculation doesnít even work.
Donít fool me. How many times is this?
If it wasnít for you, I would've lived well and started my own business already.
Being a cop, why would you hit a person? Are you a gangster?
Excuse me.
Iím going to go to the store for a minute.
Donít forget to take the wrapped seaweed rice.
Why are you going to the store...
Wake up!
Ugh, why do you hit me? You always hit me.
What now?
Take this wrapped seaweed rice.
Iím leaving.
I donít care if you leave or not.
Hey Haeun!
What did Eunha say?
About what?
The blind date?
Sheís not really interested.
That is why I want you to persuade her.
You think anyone becomes a doctor?
I looked up some information on him, and he has a good personality.
Both his parents are still living.
Then you tell her.
She listens to you more.
HeyÖjust tell her to meet him at least.
For realÖEunha should not be living like us. Donít you think?
What's this now?
Excuse me, Miss?
what are you doing?
This crap car!
Hey! Miss!
Please take me to Mirae Apartment.
This isn't a taxi. Hey, wake up!
Are you all right?
Huh, Shinhyeok!
You're dead!
I think you're really drunk. This isn't a taxi.
Hey! You don't know me, so how could I know you?
I'll get a taxi for you, so...
Hey! Wake up!
This is is driving me crazy...
I need you phone to call someone.
Hey! Where do you live?
I'ts 647 Yangpyeongdong.
It looks like a suicide.
What have you found out so far?
I need an autopsy, but so far there are no marks or signs of strangulation.
It looks like suicide by taking poison. He left a note behind.
Take the fingerprints and send them back as soon as possible.
Contact the family first then we'll decide whether to do an autopsy or not.
Why is it always me who has to contact the family?
Should I do it? I'm retiring soon.
What a rock! What kind of diamond is this?
What's the matter?
Investigations wants you to write a statement
because you took the car out when your weren't supposed to.
Fine, whatever.
But you were on duty.
And they make you write a statement? It doesn't make sense at all!
No, it doesn't.
I can't understand why he didn't complete the note.
Would you do the same thing?
Just stop writing in the middle of writing your own sucide note?
Many people don't even leave any notes behind.
It's already been found to be a depression-induced suicide.
It could be a murder. I've got a gut feeling.
Let's do a scientific investiation.
She's into you, it seems.
By the way, Eunha hardly visits now. Is she busy preparing for interviews?
A doctor at a univeristy hospital should be a smart one, right?
Do you think a doctor murdered him?
Eunha's going to have a blind date with a doctor.
What? You and Eunha are...
Stop it! She's like my sister.
He's brave about everything but her...
Where am I?
How come I remember nothing?
This is ridiculous.
Excuse me...
You should've sent her home.
I don't know where she lives.
I could've put her up in a motel but...
You hardly know her. Why did you make her drink so much?
I told you she just jumped in my car and passed out!
Are you a human trafficker or what? You can't just bring her here.
You should call her house at least. Does she have a cell phone?
Yes, but the battery ran out.
Tell me the truth. What's your relationship with her?
It's a cop helping a drunken citizen relationship, okay?
Did you sleep with her?
- Jaesu! - Dad!
Sorry for your troubles.
You really don't know her?
Of course not! Otherwise I would have just left her at a motel.
Hush! It's 3 in the morning.
You always told me not to use violence.
It came from love.
You'd better get going. Safe driving.
Meet that doctor guy at least.
There's nothing to be afraid of. Be confident!
You, Eunha, are the best woman in Korea... No, in the world!
You're beautiful, sexy, and kind-hearted.
Besides, you're intelligent, and a graduate from the best university.
I told you I'm not interested.
Look! Daughters tend to marry someone like their father or brothers.
But look at me or your father. You want to ruin your life?
Your father said he's good-hearted, too.
He wants to see you, so he must be up to your level.
So you go see him, I won't.
Please, just meet him.
You know your father really wants it.
He wants you to marry a good man. That's all your father wants.
How about you?
You want that too?
Do you want me to meet and marry that guy?
Don't get carried away! I'm not telling you to marry him straightaway.
What I meant was I also want you to meet the best man in the world.
My heart is like a wasteland.
There's only a cold wind blowing there.
What are you doing here right now?
These are documentsÖ
Reading it without permission may cause you to get caught by a police officer.
Do you understand?
If you came for somethingÖget out and take a right.
Are you captain Oh?
Talking without manners to an officer may also lead you into trouble.
I am Kyung Kiko.
What is your name?
Kyung Sangdo. Why?
You have the same name as my sibling.
Excuse meÖI'm in a bad mood todayÖ
It seems like youíre still drunk, so let's step outside.
Oh, Kido, youíre here.
I heard that there was case this morning.
Itís now your case.
Do you know this person?
He is chief Kyung Kido.
CaptainÖit's positive that Lim Daeshik wrote this letter.
What do you mean you donít have a report!
At the hotel you were atÖthe hotel boss committed suicide.
What the hell do you do?!?
Just because a reporter drinksÖyou donít pick up the phone?
You donít want to be a reporter, huh?
I didnít sleep for three daysÖso I drank.
Were you the only one that didnít sleep!
If you canít work night shiftÖquit this job and go get some sleep.
Already a heavy drinker.
Sorry, I will report immediately to--
Itís okay.
Go around the city and report some cases. ProfanityÖracist comments...drunk driving...
Oh, itís today right?
Your dadís book conference.
Attend it.
NoÖI told him that I canít come today.
It wouldnít be good for the daughter to not show up at her dadís book conference.
Go to it.
And alsoÖthereís a scandal between you and Yu Shinhyeok.
Is it true?
Itís not true.
Itís totally not true.
Never mind then if itís not.
Ah, stupid alcohol!
Whoís house was it?
I should have asked for their phone number.
Excuse me? Are you all right?
Oh thatís rightÖYu Shinhyeok.
Oh you robot!
Why do you want to marry me when you donít even pick up the phone?
Lim Daeshik, 49 years old. He's the owner of a resort hotel.
His only son died in a car accident one year ago.
And his wife died of stomach cancer 6 months ago.
Daeshik was an orphan, so he has no family left.
He became the number 2 of a new gang in Gangwongdo fifteen years ago.
He started a resort business in Busan, and owns hotels in Busan and Suwon now.
Thta's twenty years ago, not fifteen years ago.
Do you know him?
Any signs of murder?
Nothing visible to the naked eye.
We found his fingerprints and arsenic in the glass and a bottle at the scene.
Anything else?
Nothing special except some mandarin orange residue on his fingers.
We're waiting for autopsy results but it seems like he ingested poison.
You mean suicide?
We found a note...
It's too doubtful to be conclusive.
This is the note he left, but it looks more like a letter of confession.
The last part of the letter, especially.
"It shouldn't be too late to confess what happened before...
that'll be the last chance God gives me."
He used the future tense. It means he hadn't met someone he was supposed to.
It really depends on how you interpret this letter.
Out of remorse he went to meet God. Permanently--
So permantently that he still wanted to meet someone?
He really wanted to see someone, to tell them the truth.
Some people don't even leave a note--
But no one stops writing in the middle of writing the note before dying.
Look at that. He didn't complete it.
There's also a possibility this is a murder disguised as a sucide.
There were no signs of forced entry, and no one had visited him either.
He was with someone before he died.
Any evidence?
This photo was taken at the scene.
So what?
There's more ash than is possible with that many cigarette butts.
Someone took his cigarette butt, to not leave any evidence.
But cautious as he was, he wasn't smart enough to think of the ash, and...
You'd better stop reading detective stories.
Daeshik could've thrown his own butts out the window or in the toilet.
There are more than a hundred ways to get rid of cigarette butts.
I told you to wait for a week.
I couldnít come home because a case popped up!
You think I would do this if I had money!?!
This case is a waste of time.
Why? Because itís suicide.
HeyÖthe wrapped seaweed rice that Eunha makes is a hundred times better!
He wrote a suicide note. He went into depression after his wife and kids died.
The same exact ring would be displayed all over in Korea, right?
That depends on what kind of ring is displayedÖ
You always ignore me.
In your opinionÖwho do you think will take Lim Daeshikís place?
The people that borrowed money from Lim Daeshik.
Iím jealous of who it is.
Itís the hotel boss, Choi Dongchan.
If Lim Daeshik dies, he gradually takes his place.
Hey, did you not see Lee Daeshikís suicide note?
Itís not a suicide note.
Not thatÖthe one that the lawyer had.
The earnings of the hotel has to be donated to the public.
The VP becoming president will only get the salary. Does that make sense?
When did that will get through?
Three months ago.
So he was already planning to die at that time.
Why die when you have the money?
There is a saying that if God wants to know who loves him,
he would check his account/savings.
Have you heard of it?
I havenít heard of it before, you idiot.
HoneyÖcalm your temper.
The new chief is rumored to have a bad personality.
What's so bad?
In his previous stint, he reported a corrupt colleague
resulting in that collegegue being fired.
Fired, man.
Ministry of Construction director, suspected of corruption commits suicide
It's not a suicide.
It's a murder disguised as a suicide.
Are you nearly ready?
What about Shinyeong?
She doesn't want to go.
Let's hurry a little bit, then I'll have time to meet some people.
Shinhyeok's coming directly to the hotel?
I was so lucky to meet a woman like you.
Come on. Let's go.
Wow, you're a gem, Mom.
Speak normally, will you?
But your neck is a little bare. Right, Dad?
You're right. Then how about this?
That's right on target.
Isn't this fabulous?
I chose this one. I have good eyes, right?
That's not true. I chose it and you just agreed.
No, you didn't. You just paid for it.
That looks great!
How is it?
It looks beautiful.
Are you getting all lovey-dovey again?
You really don't want to go?
Jinwu will be disappointed.
Give me just 5 minutes.
Things are done with Wujin Construction. It's all set up.
Their base is in Gangwondo so we're at an advantage...
The provincial government is asking about results of past projects.
VP of Mureung Construction, Shinhyeok, is contacting people in the province.
He's emphasizing their good results in a similiar project.
Jungang Construction's a little bit behind Mureung in technical matters,
but it's still worth working with them.
Is your daughter's birthday this month?
Please, remind me. I want to get something nice for her.
The provincial government is asking about results of past projects.
So we're also preparing for that in every way.
Shinhyeok's really throwing himself into that project, right?
I think so.
You think so? Is that all?
If you don't know your enemy, you won't win every battle.
Construction is a people industry, but he's doing things too rashly.
He's losing people.
Don't underestimate him.
Look at him wanting to marry Gangju. He's so ambitious.
That's why I'm so disappointed in him.
Marrying someone for that reason?
Isn't it funny, Father?
Have you got the list of the technical committee?
It's in progess.
Hurry up.
I'll supply all the bullets you need.
Once you spend big money, it always come back.
See you later.
Hi. I came to go with your father.
I told you to go to the hotel directly.
How do I look, Honey?
Don't sit.
Let's go. We're late.
Then why did you come here, instead of going to the hotel directly?
You're a cub reporter. You should be too busy to come here.
I stayed up for three days in a row. I drank a lot wiht colleagues then I...
Never mind. The more I say about that, the more embarrassed my family will be.
Let's go. I want to sleep more in your car.
Are you going dressed like that?
Jinwu, I really don't understand something.
I can't understand at all.
Considering the closeness between you and him, and your companies,
his daughter marrying our Jinwu makes more sense, right?
I want to listen to the radio news.
Yes, sir.
Why is it Shinhyeok, not Jinwu?
What I chose is Incheol, not his son, Shinhyeok.
What do you mean?
Sangguk is too vulgar to work with the big fish.
He doesn't know how to sacrifice.
He gets one and wants another one.
Turn on the radio.
He's here.
Which old book says Dokdo reverted to Wulleundo in the 13th year of Jijung?
On the third line, page fifty of the great king Sejong's geographical record.
You dummy! That was published in 1432.
Right! It's the historical record of the Three Kingdoms!
Hi, I'm Dongchan.
You took exactly two hours to get here.
As we said on the phone earlier, we found the body of Daeshik this morning.
I see.
You should go to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to identify him.
You know he has no family left.
I'll do everything that I can.
Smile. You look great.
I don't think so.
Don't you think my dad is just great?
He even prepared this dres for me.
How wonderful!
Gangju, you are gorgeous.
Thank you.
Long time no see.
Yes, it is.
The old high school gang of three finally got together again.
It was originally a gang of four, right?
But I'm glad that Shinhyeok's replacing his father.
Look at this bride to be. You got prettier.
Shinhyeok must be being nice to you.
I'm not sure as I haven't seen him for a long time.
Let's go. Everyone's waiting.
Excuse me.
The hem of your skirt is...
Thank you.
Maybe I'm worrying too much,
but be careful with the marriage between Gangju and Shinhyeok.
You're a prominent public figure.
You can't get caught up in a marriage of convenience scandal.
You've got a lot of important things to do.
That's why I can't get related by marriage to you.
J and C Corporatation and I are in-laws? That could cause unnecessary gossip.
A bold person like you shouldn't be bothered by trifles.
Excuse me.
Of course there's nothing to lose by being careful though.
You and I are in the same boat.
No need to gain unnecessary attention by being an in-law, is there?
Congratulations, Mr. Assemblyman.
Heard that you drank a lot yesterday.
You think an arranged marriage makes sense in todayís world?
And to do it with a robot.
If Shinhyeok heard that, he would have been upset.
He might be for real.
But why in the world is he not here.
We need to figure things out or not by meeting.
What's that?
What do you think it is?
These pieces of paper were found in the motel bathroom.
Somebody tried to flush these down the toilet in a hurry.
Water flowing back stopped some pieces going down.
Are you still convinced that Daeshik was murdered?
Would you ask for a morning call the day before you kill yourself?
He twice requested a wake up call at seven o-clock the morning he died,
so that he could get on the bus to Gangreung on time.
According to the security camera no one visited him.
But the closed circuit TV is only installed in the lobby.
Through the back gate and hallway, someone could come to his room without being seen.
Assuming Daeshik let that person in, it means they knew each other.
Where is your hometown?
Are your parents still living?
That's beyond my knowledge.
What kind of answer is that?
My life was rather dramatic.
Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?
You remind me of someone that I know.
I've got the call record for Daeshik's phone, but they appear a bit odd.
There'll be an official announcemnt for Shinhyeok and Gangju's marriage.
Well, I want to have more time to think about that,
but Shinhyeok seems to be in a hurry.
He's really into Gangju, I guess.
It's a youth thing.
Speaking of the groom, where is he?
He's on his way.
Don't you think you trust him too much?
People are saying his company restructuring is hasty.
It's just that he's moving forward, not that he's being hasty.
Is that your understanding of him?
Excuse me.
It's an urgent call for you.
Hello, Sangguk speaking.
I see...
So what should I do?
Some people think this publicity is all a strategy aimed at
targeting female voters in the coming presidential election.
That's just what people who like gossip say.
The night Daeshik killed himself,
he called our team here.
Why would he have called? Especially to our team.
Officers need to rest once in awhile toÖ
Let's go to your place and drink soju.
I need to go somewhere.
If you are going to investigate, start doing it tomorrow.
Itís not like that.
Are you picking Eunha up again?
None of your business.
Blind date, whatever.
Hey you dumb idiot!
Should I call Lee Soonkyung?
Where in the world is my dad.
He should just end it quickly.
I have an upset stomach.
Do you need anything?
That has a high percentage of alcohol.
No alcohol, and it tastes great.
Ah, Jinwu!
I should've learned how to swim.
Can you believe that the pool was more than two meters deep, Mom?
I always told you to be patient, didn't I?
Mom, I'm a patient now.
I'm so cold.
So how is that girl?
I told Mr. Hwang to give her a lift home.
I think I'll do something as a token of my gratitude next time.
I am to give you a ride home.
No, I'm okay.
Mr. Kang asked me to make sure you got home safely.
I really appreciate it,
but I want to go home by myself. It's a lot easier for me.
I'll take care of her.
You'll catch a cold if you go with wet hair like that.
I hardly ever catch a cold.
Then once you catch one it's usually serious like pneumonia.
Think how sad we'd be if you get ill.
Thank you for your kind offer,
but I get sick when I'm in a car. Goodbye.
Let's go together by bus then.
If my boss knows that I let you go like this I'll be in big trouble.
Isn't it fair for both of us?
If we both take the bus, you won't get sick and I'll complete my job.
What are you talking about?
It can't be possible.
He's a cop in charge of Daeshik's case.
It can't be right!
That's impossible.
Come on, you know what I'm saying!
That's him.
That boy's still alive.
Where have all the stars gone?