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THE SUTRA STORY Episode 5 A Lesson from the Buddha
A Lesson from the Buddha
One day, the Buddha and Ananda went to town with alms bowls.
The Buddhists walk around with alms bowls, accept food and daily necessities from people.
See? Now you can't move.
That's a magic.
Don't run away!
It's ruined.
Fill it.
This is for you.
Please have it.
Ananda, we got something good.
Crush it and paint the walls of my room.
I was about to scold them.
They gave it to us earnestly. I'm very happy about it.
I almost did something wrong.
Something stinks.
It smells terrible.
That's right.
Where does it come from?
It's Sunita.
The person walking towards here is Sunita.
He belonged to the lowest class of slaves in India.
His work was to carry away nightsoil.
That was decided at his birth.
And it could not be changed.
Stop. This is our playground.
You polluted the air.
This is not a place for you to come.
But this is the only path to other houses.
You stank up my toys and flowers.
Did you hear that?
Please be reasonable.
Please let me go through.
No way. Get away!
Please stop. Please.
Get away!
Stop it!
What're you kids doing!?
I'm fine.
Ah, the Buddha. What should I do?
Sunita, where are you going?
I'm very sorry.
Buddha, please don't come close.
You can get dirty.
Put down the buckets. Come over here.
I've heard that you wanted to listen to me speak the Dharma.
Yes I did. But...
Now I will speak for you.
But I'm the humblest slave. I...
My Dharma is like flowing water.
Everybody can drink.
Everybody can hear.
Buddha, what you said is true?
Come over here and sit down.
Don't go. He's going to scold us.
No I'm not.
I just want to tell stories.
He said he wanted to tell stories.
That's impossible. Idiot.
We do not listen to any sermon.
Don't worry. Just stories.
We already know most of the stories.
Right? Barada?
That's right.
Then, have you ever heard this one?
There was a snake in the mountain.
Its body was as thick as a man.
It was as long as the distance between this house and that house.
Its head was at the front, and its tail was at the back.
But one day,
the tail started to complain to the head.
Hey, headi.
What's up, taili?
I don't feel like to follow behind you today.
I want to go in the front.
Don't be silly.
I've always been at the front.
You just follow me.
If you think you can go without me, try it!
You see?
You can't do it without me.
Ok. I'll follow you.
I feel so good!
Where're you going?
How should I know?
It hurts!
Where're you heading?
I don't care. I just go.
It's dangerous there.
I said dangerous! Look out!
The blind tail led the head into the burning volcano.
The snake was burnt to death.
The head is me.
The tail is just you.
That's right.
With eyes of wisdom, I can see the truth of the universe.
Ant I want to teach you.
You don't have the eyes of wisdom, and you are unwilling to listen to my teaching.
He said we were the tail!
The tail without wisdom.
That's too much.
Uncle, you're concerning us as fools, aren't you?
Are you getting angry?
Just like the young man who was apt to lose his temper in the story.
What's the story?
Pleas tell us!
There lived a young man in a town.
One day, he passed by a house,
heard people in there talking about him.
That young man is in general nice.
His only fault is his bad temper.
And he is sometimes very rude.
That's right.
What're you saying!
When did you see me being angry?
When did you see me being rude?
Tell me!
Aren't you angry right now?
Aren't you rude to me right now?
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Do you want to be laughed at, like the young man in the story?
I see what you mean.
I'll try to listen to you.
What about you, Baka?
I will not.
I don't need to. I already know almost everything.
Why should I listen to his teaching?
Baka, it seems that...
...you think you are very smart.
Don't you?
Can't I think I am?
There was a traveler who thought he was very smart, just like you.
That traveler was crossing a big river in a boat.
Damn it!
I need to ask the boatman to get it back for me.
But he seems to be very busy now.
I got an idea!
I'm probably the cleverest man in the world.
There's nothing there.
That's impossible.
My silver bowl is very expensive.
Please search more carefully.
Are you sure that it's there?
Of course.
I made a mark after I dropped it.
Look, here it is.
A mark? When did you make it?
When we were in the middle of the river.
Sir, we've moved out of there!
You dropped something in the middle of the river, then it must be there!
Even that you made a mark, it would not follow the mark!
That also makes some sense.
You're so clever, sir!
People are usually not that smart as they think.
In fact, most people are foolish at the beginning.
That's why they need to learn under good teachers.
You mean people have to learn?
That's right.
Then I'm not in.
Why not?
That's because he is a little weak in head.
Can I wait until I grow up? Then I'll become clever.
It will be too late then. Just like the foolish man who milked the cow.
One day, he wanted to invite some of his friends...
...and serve them fresh milk.
Ah, that's not enough.
What about store the milk day by day until it's enough?
But the milk will get sour.
What shall I do?
I got it!
Just don't milk the cow for several days and let the milk store in its belly!
It must work!
I'm so clever.
Stop drinking!
From that day on, he stopped milking the cow.
And he also didn't let the calf drink the milk.
After one month...
Thank you for coming.
Just a moment, please.
I'll bring over some fresh milk.
There must be a lot of milk.
It must be enough.
Come on, my cow.
Strange, not even a drop.
What is going on?
Come on!
How could it be so?
Help! Help!
Help me out!
This foolish man didn't know that the milk would dry up...
...if he neither milked the cow nor let the calf drink the milk.
If you don't hurry up to learn while you're young,
you will regret it later like this foolish man.
I'll start to learn now!
You change so quickly!
Can we become clever very soon if we start to learn right now?
That's impossible.
What? Not fun. I'll not learn then.
Me neither.
Wisdom can only be gained by persistent learning.
The one who wants to become clever overnight...
...is just like the man who wanted to build the third floor directly.
One day,
a rich man passed by a beautiful house of three floors.
What a beautiful house!
I also want to have a house of three floors.
Hey, foreman!
What're you doing there?
I'm building the house of three floors like you said, boss.
But I only see the first floor!
I have to start with the first and the second floor, and then build the third floor.
I don't care about the first and second floor.
All I want is the third floor!
Boss, that's impossible.
I can't wait.
Just do it as I said!
Ok, ok.
I'll just do it.
Boss, it's done.
Looks good.
But foreman, how do I go up there?
You have to climb the post, boss.
Climb the post?
That's the only way, since there's no the first and second floor.
Please, boss.
Forehead, give me a hand.
Boss, if something bad happens, I will not be responsible!
I'm exhausted.
As I said, I'm not responsible for that.
Time to go.
You see?
You have to learn step by step if you want to become clever.
If there is no other way, then I have to work hard.
I see.
That's no problem for me.
Yes, he's good at working hard.
Ok. Now everybody is ready to learn?
I'm a Shakya. My surname is Gautama.
He is the Buddha.
I've heard of him.
I knew it was him.
It's like you knew it from the beginning.
I want to remove the ignorance and sufferings from people,
and guide people to the pure realm of Buddha by all means I have.
It's a very difficult task.
One has to be very patient.
It's not possible to become wise just overnight.
We have to start with some basics.
Today, I just want you to understand one thing,
and stop one foolish behavior.
One foolish behavior?
You have to stop bullying others, like you did to Sunita.
Please answer me, why did you bully him?
Stop please.
Please don't hit me.
Get away from here!
So tell me, why did you hit him?
That was because...
- Because he is very smelly. - And very dirty.
That's right. He's very disgusting.
That's because he has to carry away the nightsoil.
Is anyone of you doesn't produce nightsoil?
Do you carry it away by yourselves?
Then, who cleans it up for you?
It's uncle Sunita.
It's him.
So, everyone got help from Sunita.
But instead of thanking him, you bully him and hit him.
That's called "ungrateful".
there was an ungrateful merchant in a far country.
One day, he was travelling by ship with his fellows.
Suddenly, a strong storm started at sea.
Their ship sank. The great wave was about to swallow them down.
All of a sudden,
a big turtle showed up and saved them.
This is...
It's a turtle! A turtle saved us!
Thank God!
Look! There's an island!
The turtle took the merchants onto the island.
The storm had stopped.
Thank God, we're still alive. But there's nothing to eat on this island.
I'm so hungry.
It's in a deep sleep.
It can be our meal.
Stop thinking of it.
It saved us. How could you do that?
Forget it!
Then you just don't eat.
You didn't drown in the sea, but you will die of hunger here.
I'm full.
I'm sorry, poor turtle.
I feel guilty.
You don't need to.
To survive, one can not be soft-hearted.
What's that sound?
It's elephant. Coming this way!
Those three ungrateful people shouted loudly for help.
But there was no turtle coming to save them anymore.
Do you also want to be ungrateful like those merchants?
No, I don't. Me neither.
Then, apologize to Sunita for what you've done to him.
Do it now.
No you don't need to. I don't deserve it.
I will not apologize.
Sunita is a slave.
And he is even in the lowest level of slaves.
I'll never apologize to a slave, never!
Baka, you are wrong.
Yong master Baka was right.
I'm the humblest slave in the town.
And my work is smelly and dirty.
I deserve to be looked down upon.
I don't mind that they bully me.
You're wrong too.
People are not noble or humble due to their births,
but due to their behaviors.
Basically, there is no differentiation between people. 340 timeline
The cause of differentiation, Baka, is your conceitedness.
You think that only yourself is clever and great.
But as you hurt Sunita,
you were actually hurting yourself,
just like the bird with two heads.
That's mine!
You are so shameless.
That's going too far.
You ate mine every time.
You are so bad!
I don't want to be with you anymore.
- Get away from me! - That's impossible.
I can't tolerate you doing this any longer.
Get away! Quick!
But how can I do it?
Well, there's a poisonous one over there.
Let me punish him.
I'm sorry bro. Let's make peace.
This is the best one. Here you are.
Thank you.
Just wait and see.
Now you know who you are dealing with? Go to hell!
The revenging on the other head...
harmed itself in the end.
The two heads had forgotten that they shared one body.
All lives in the world are closely interrelated with each other.
They combine into a big life.
Ananda and me,
and everyone of you, Baka, Sunita.
We're all brothers of one united life.
Therefore, we should respect each other and live in peace.
How could we look down upon others and even hurt others.
Furthermore, Sunita.
Yes, Buddha.
What're you doing!?
Please let off my humble hands.
Don't think less of yourself.
I'm very dirty.
Not at all.
The work you do with your hands is the same as what I do.
The same as what you do?
You remove the dirty things from people's home.
And I remove the dirty things from people's heart.
In my opinion,
they are both noble work.
Sunita, you are the same as me!
Thank you, thank you...
- Now stand up. - Yes.
Kids, do you understand now?
Yes, Buddha. We get it.
What about you, Baka?
I was wrong.
That's great.
Now, you should apologize to Sunita.
I'm sorry, Sunita.
It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry. We should not have bullied you.
I was wrong.
Thank you for cleaning up for us.
- Thank you, uncle. - Thank you.
Not at all. I also should thank you.
Buddha, I don't know how I can thank you enough.
No need to thank me.
I was doing my job.
I'll never forget what you've taught me today.
If you want to listen to me speak the Dharma, you're always welcome to the vihara.
See you next time then.
I'll be there for sure, Buddha.
Kids, see you.
See you, uncle Shakya.
See you!
Buddha, what a valuable lesson you have just given!
I have also benefited a lot from it.
You should thank those kids.
See you!
Those children would remember this lesson forever.
Later, Sunita had also become a disciple of the Buddha.
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