Baby Mama (6/11) Movie CLIP - Surrogate Support Group (2008) HD

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This is a highly unusual relationship, and that's what this support group is for:
Jonathan would Iike to share again:
I mean, I'm only saying because this reminded me
of something I was journaling, just the other day:
I feel realIy bad because Karen and I are fighting a Iot,
because I think she's becoming morbidly obese:
And I keep reminding him that she is pregnant:
And then I realized that I am:::
I'm::: No: I am::: Okay:
I'm anorexic, and it's realIy hard, because she's so fat:
And I::: I Iove Christopher so much,
and he's fat, and I'm afraid the baby's gonna be fat:
And it's just me and two fatties:
I'm proud of you, Jonathan: Thank you for sharing that:
Yeah, that's a:::
CHAFFEE: Thank you:
Anyone else?
I can go: Dave?
The wife and I are Methodists: Ashley here is a Wiccan:
It's kind of Iike a witch: They have stores, I think:
But, you know, at first, I was a Iittle worried about a witch carrying my child,
but I came around to the idea, or she put a spelI on me:
Did you do that, Ashley?
I'm sorry:
I'd Iike to share something: CHAFFEE: PIease:
Okay, I don't know, Iike, alI the therapy terms:::
WelI, I don't know the therapy terms, either: I don't go to therapy:
Yeah, but I'd just Iike to say that Kate is always up in my business:
WelI, when someone falIs asleep with a curling iron in their hair,
it becomes necessary to insert yourself in their business:
That happened two times!
Angie, bottom Iine, you're carrying Kate's baby,
and you do wanna get paid, right?
That means that Kate does deserve some input:
But, Kate, you must remember that a surrogate is not your employee,
but your partner:
Yeah, Kate, we're partners, Iike Tom and Jerry:
Tom and Jerry hate each other:
What? They Iove each other! What show are you watching?
They're a cat and a mouse:
They have so much fun together!
Children in Japan can understand that:
You are dead wrong:
I want you two to spend more time together:
That's impossible: We're always together: I don't::: Yeah:
Let Angie help you get ready for the baby:
Decorate the nursery together, pick out a crib:
Do alI the things you would do if you were pregnant,
just do them with Angie: