Os Barbixas - Improvável - Musical Improvável (Bruno Motta, Guilherme Tomé e Daniel Tauszig)

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"Improbable Musical". The four players will perform a musical.
Our musician, Daniel Tauszig, whenever he feels inspired, he will play a melody.
And this melody has to become a song from a Broadway musical.
I'll ask the audience to tell me an unusual tattoo they have.
- You? - A winged crucifix.
'A winged crucifix' will be the theme for "Improbable Musical", starting now!
Altar boy! Sister! Everyone!
I'm the sister! Hi, did you call?
- The crucifix is gone! - My God, the crucifix is gone!
Oh Lord, if you claimed your crucifix, tell us now...
I don't know nothing about it!
- Who's there on the speaker? - No one.
But you must find the crucifix in seven days.
- Oh my God! - Or else I shall end the world.
- Oh my! - We have to find the crucifix!
- We have to find the crucifix! - The crucifix is gone!
- We have to find the crucifix! - The crucifix is gone!
- What will happen to us... - To us!
- If we don't find it soon... - The crucifix!
I know it will surely be our doom!
- Find the crucifix!! - Gone!
- We have to find the crucifix! - Crucifix!
Altar boy! You're the purest one here.
You don't know what I do at home...
I thought I was the purest...
The nun, no way... It can't be her. It's me.
- A pure soul can... - Find the crucifix!
I'll find it! Got a map?
This church was built over a pagan temple...
Very good, very good...
- A winged crucifix! - And when we take all the crucifixes in the world,
the world will be ours, boss!
The world will be ours-ours... The world will be only mine!
The world will be ours-ours... But actually it will be only mine!
We are close to the swamp, altar boy. This way.
Oh my, this was a corridor, now it's a swamp...
Father! You slapped a nun!
I loved it!
You don't know what he does to me...
Father, don't hit me!
- Let's go... - Who's approaching?
We're close! There can be a guardian, I bet he's an ugly hunchback...
I can't think of anything else, I want him to hit me!
Master! Master!
The nun is gone! Coward!
What? I'm on twitter!
Master, it seems there's people coming here!
- If it is the priest, the nun and the boy... - Wow, you're really quick, boss.
That's why I'm the boss! Don't let them in!
- Don't let them in! Don't let them in! - Don't let them in!
- Let them in! - I don't think they will let us in.
- I think God will help us! - Boss told me to let you in!
- I told you! - That was easy!
- Come in. - How are you? Excuse me.
- I'll throw away the flashlight... - Master! Master!
- Master! Master! - Yes, yes?
I let them in, now what?
- How come you let them in? - You told me...
That's worse than a Hannah Montana script! Send them out!
- Send them out, send them out... - Too late!
Oh my God, boss!
You didn't know, but I had your hideout's blueprints...
- I can't believe it! - It was a blueprint all along!
- They got in, they are here! - I'm here!
They will kill us and bury us right here!
- They got in! - They got in!
- They are here! - They are here!
They will kill us and bury us right here!
- We are going to die! - Die!
- We are going to die! - Die!
Should we talk about the crucifix?
My God, I said too much. I think I screwed up.
This mess I'll never fix!
Hit me too, mister...
Shut up, nun! There!
- You will burn in the fires of hell! - Can I ask you something?
Got yogurt?
Got yogurt?
You got nuts, I knew it...
The crucifix! Or I'll splash holy water on you!
I have the dumbest henchman in the planet!
- I never wanted to be your henchman! - So why did you send your resumé?
- Holy water! - No! No!
Take that! I know it's cold!
Actually I used to be just like you.
I was... A very different boy!
You looked pretty much like yourself today!
I always looked at the crucifix and the priest said "one day it shall be yours"
- and I wanted to get the crucifix, but I regret it! - Yogurt is better!
- I wish I had yogurt. - Then sing!
Yogurt... Is so tasty.
Yogurt is so pasty!
- Yogurt... - Yogurt is so tasty!
Yogurt is so pasty!
- When we got the crucifix... - Crucifix...
- We saw it was made of wood... - Made of wood...
But nothing compares to eating a yogurt, it's so good!
Yogurt is so tasty!
Yogurt... So pasty!
- Yogurt is so pasty... - Strawberry, banana...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.