Champions 2010: Secretary Bill Hazel - Opening Remarks

Uploaded by vadrs on 21.11.2010

It's a pleasure and indeed and honor to also introduce our next speaker, who's bringing us
greetings from the Governor's office. I've had the good fortune to the last nine months to
work with Dr. Bill Hazel
the current Secretary of Health and Human Resources
and have been incredibly impressed with each time I come to see him, with the zeal,
the caring and the expertise that he brings to health care.
I must say that I do lose sleep with him occassionally,
because he has been
the orthopedic surgeon for the Washington Redskins in the past, and
every Sunday all I do is just get... irritated
I cleaned that up substantially. [Laughter]
I have this fear
that the skins are going to call him back into duty becuase they need all the help
they can get.
Secretary Bill Hazel [Applause]
Thank you Jim.
The Redskins aren't getting me back I couldn't take it. [Laughter]
I bring greetings from Governor McDonnell.
Our lapel pins of the governor's office say - does anyone know what they say?
commonwealth of opportunity
"Commonwealth of Opportunity" ... "Commonwealth of Opportunity".
I think that most of you know
that we've had enormous focus on economic development and jobs, and job creation.
The dignity of work
the ability to be self-sufficientm
so important.
And i'd like to congratulate you here today those of you who have been clients the program
who are now employed
those of you who've trained them
set the programs
and those of you who have given these folks the opportunity to have
real lives just like all of us - is so important.
And I very much appreciate what you do, the governor appreciates it, and I want to thank you.
Bill, I'd like to thank you and Dominion for a sponsoring this event and recognizing
the importance of the work here that we do
with the DRS and DBVI and Deaf and Hard of Hearing,
trying to get people into places where they can be successful.