What to eat to lose weight (part 2)

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What to eat to lose weight
what they see techniques
to lose weight proxy
oregon part one and i was a lot to the is you need to avoid first and foremost
and now this presentation
we have a look at
what these you should be eating to lose weight and thoughtful support behind is
actually the same passes the senate to keep on my knees before applying online
groups so outside of the presentation now
particularly easy if you don't have any five main dot blots what'll section if
there's ever seek a few more
but to make it simple for the moment if you
uh... most of these five which many don't talk about it anymore you can be
doing really well
first of all kind of uh... kind of knows what you're set
or the feed the visual intra-party families were expected to have fosse
easily it's got to be natural known processed foods
so the stuff that we're both tweak
which you talked about in a minute
i don't see vietnam process there's not gonna containing the toxins know lots of
stuff that we need to get rid of just the best thing that's that's number what
is going to be natural
non processed
number two we think that our emphasize high-protein low carbohydrate snow this
hands down
is the best for weight loss uh... high-protein wilkie things like a meat
eg says those things that most males
and low carbohydrate should be the non-starter colors in our request
estimate a says that sort of thing
and more of an emphasis on uh... non-stop chico behave good colleges
which of these things like uh... although that's a little different us
was like tomatoes broccoli kale spinach all the stuff is really packed full of
nutrients as the ones that we may set
high-protein low colleges
nexus and we need to start to reassess the use of healthy fats not these
polyunsaturated fats know these uh... all these nominees passivity caught by
which focus on using healthy thoughts run news that's going to talk about in a
jimeopezo offset kokomo an extra virgin olive oil
that you know they're going to help us with more body fat
number four
also insists upon high-protein snacks as well so
uh... not being court rule uh... when the muffins go around at work that
something we always behind proteins that somehow
things are not steeds
uh... bonus or something to reconnect with that
with minimal amounts of fruits
analysts or something
and then as i said in the five set for monday twentieth clean or to see the
mineral water or though too poor to the heart rate the body
elastin the spot much more quicker
says apartment dot on staff at four oh boy it all starts
we're gonna do now is about to get a show you something at that moment show
all the people how much you know that you print this out as well
it's the
actual fluke and all the food pyramid violation because it to all my weight
loss courses and a training programs
says the country revolution a revolution diana sound
it in a panic because
approximate starts with
the foods that econnect
they're going to be the biggest portions on your pleasure to be the biggest port
of utah and it goes up to the top two things that we need slightly less also
blessed are the parliament's remember this is a diet all
uh... passable less focal point loss to getting rid of politics but this is all
too long but also unprovoked regeneration saw this in the content of
our nutrition
this is going to be
really goofy and this can it get you really
nice and help the people in this
first of all artists a this one here is more district the time i use is called
p_m_p_a_ attack mode
which is something like that all my guys do what we got it
uh... when we go for a period of time for a uh... then off you've done uh... a
period of time on this and we've got the results you want then we don't sell
moment since my cell and that's more than eighty
so i don't think that's going to stay on the suicide of the sea reliving the
moslem world to me too
want to go to every now and then but remember when you're trying to lose
weight and these forty-five needs to be
really strict and a hundred sensitive sierra program he should ideally for
doing something about this p
sony works mike tyson obscene people raise up to fifteen thousand mime format
so m
it really works in a you're lucky to have it to that
so well that is going to be vegetables this is going to be the thing that you
can be eating at most meals now it should be non-starter species into the
deep red rice pasta potatoes had to take to some sort of thing
it's gonna be non-stop she was like broccoli kale spinach carrots tomatoes
all that sort of thing though inkatha hiatus this is gonna have to get much of
his laila but also give the all the nutritional bmc oxen's is available in
the end of actual such trying as many times as you can and ideally teaching
this tomahawk if your place a remote up for them and they should be two to three
times a day and loves it breakfast leader german officials but unit for
lunch and dinner absolutely
and if you can get a bit of edge in the morning to moscow but um...
to treat sounds that
and with the vegetables ideal panic and best if locally grown so i'll see the
organic is going to
that's the reason is fish it is not an extended the toxins or as little as
uh... and it is likely creditors things that's going to be more nutrition in it
festival your pledge to cut
coffee 'em uh... puppet play festival is on it
for the high nutrition odense yeltsin since staying on the carbohydrates
next another ingredient outright meets fish or expelled is going to be two to
three times that
the weight loss like dat
every mail to try to keep that protein high and is that the reason for this is
to help you go to the muscle t_v_ uh... energized by the day also protein is
uh... the the best for you to keep youthful and sas satisfied service it's
hard to three different accent
idea every milk meat fish excellence the protein and done with ideally free range
and organic uh... astronaut more nutrition in it
and um... and lets the toxins and also if you can get prospect meat and uh...
uh... did with me and the excitement than that i see that
cigarettes was about faith and that you need special export from it
try to get up to three times that
we're gonna clear campbell things like animal fats coconut oil
uh... also that sort of thing
uh... of other things sound but that supports a poly on such a fuss aren't
really that good few axo and they go transit when you cooked my percent heat
so pocono limbo it is absolutely ideal
the cooking uh... more of the things that we're doing and uh... extracts
resonable ideally doug cook with it when it goes over sent the that
it can make and damaging to stop wreckage from police
uh... using extra virgin olive oil on your cell is interesting is that side
next time with the snacks so as far as snacking does
uh... high-protein snacks banning tee times a day
message sees a problem in the best one stop but ideally is going to be relied
on flavor to see how they collect
celtic bones with all these other chemicals increasing obviously i feel
kinda keep em
person but it's going to be really good for snacks as well so f do that one in
moderation nicer not to must it does contain a lot of sugar
ideal campaign season
uh... vertigo board as well as puppet shows would not boxes as well
uh... city united
increasing that protein that
differs from avocados always natural greek yogurt not the flavored stuff
though so it's really really good for snacking in between the mails
because somebody got things i have some spices they're going to go
with the mills made more interesting
the did the trick too
getting the news right when your when it runs lease rent roll twenty five is that
being able to to cut properly
and and and experimenting lost if you have some spice to making things really
says ideally fresh on organic
uh... that's the best
and uh...
then from that sensible intelligences or the state
if you really tried on his way
uh... you are gonna want a little bit of a tree here and that's out
of bolo tie because they were my programs in sunny works is that
dark chocolate which is seventy percent click on outputs
uh... mea culpa pieces and you can often mail
to stick it in that
a feeling of having some
except just to recap and so if you live chippy could only beschloss joyce have
meat fish
or accepting them to keep that protein higher
healthy fats the cooking an old salads uh... high-protein sax
at uh... in between the mails
and that you can prove
prove overtime minerals for getting in
all the facts
like uh... not boxes other colors always touch agree cover things up
was that has inspired satisfaction organic and if you can add untold
doctoral seventy percent operas
now what is that if you remember this is an attack knives
if you can
uh... want to go on some instance mo dot t such see some really good point loss
results like a
lack of michael listed box office twenty eight days
then hugo wants her man since march is that eighty percent
assailant eighty-percent accurate at twenty percent not unit
uh... other things he consulted she seems like a
rice potatoes scanner that sort of thing
as far as the process case goes
and uh... and all of us dot then you know that's up to you if you are not in
a guarantee optic done this for a long talk
uh... bodies tomorrow
it has such good white house was in a drawer support pat buchanan feels so
good anyway that
insights into these other things that they know what color
so that's how i do the third time i saw it to him like i said to have people
plus fifteen pounds in a month
performance of the thing
on this i don't see drinking clean mineral filtered water
and green and have a tease
uh... coffee should sell the body thoughts you pops around
criminality is a good missiles the trying to help foul-ups
well it's about fifty pounds of body let's see if you were a lot
a hundred pounds
that says to me to set up the candidate you can do the math on that