Boys Over Flowers aka Boys Before Flowers: Full Episode 21 (Official & HD with subtitles)

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Master..Time to wake up..Master!
Time to wake up now.
You have to wake up ma-
You! What are you..
Five minutes... Let's stay like this... just for five minutes.
Even though I am holding you like this, I still can't believe you are here in front of me.
Hey Jun, I'm here!
How did this happen?
It's not easy to wake up our JunPyo,
but it seems like you've already.
What? You?
Why are you here in those clothes?
Tell me? Who did this?
Who is the one who brought you into this house ?!
It was me!
Grandmother !
Grandmother why are you here??
Long time no see..mistress
No, I shall call you President Kang now.
I still need to get used to it.
What is going on?
I hope you didn't forget.
The late president has left it in his will that my right and duty in house is tenured.
Even you, mistress, cannot undo that promise.
I don't care that you are in this house, but what about that child !
I cannot accept that she set foot in this house even for a moment.
Take her away immediately!
I can't do that.
Grandma !
I hired her out of my will,
so i can fire her when i will it.
I think this is no business of yours, mistress.
Moreover, although she lacks experience as a maid,
that's why it is not time for her to leave.
If I let her leave without proper education,
what would people say about me and this household?
What are you doing
Jandi follow me. We have a lot of work to do!
Thank you.
I didn't purposefully do it for your gratitude...
So don't misunderstand what?
I didn't do it just for JunHee's request.
While I've been away from here....
I was worried about Master Junpyo. He's a child at heart and a sensitive one at that,
and I knew that there will be a point when he'd snap.
I think Seohyun had told me something similar before.
But Master Junpyo's different now.
And I think it's because of you.
I have a great debt to this household.
I believe that the last thing I have to do before I die is to make sure that Master JunPyo will lead his life the right way.
I prided myself on my talent in judging people,
so I'm going to trust myself again.
Don't you think..we should talk?
It's pretty.
I didn't know a maid uniform could look so pretty.
Jaekyung.. I...
I know. It was probably too hard to tell me.
I know your situation. When I think about it, I can understand why you did what you did.
I'm sorry.
But still,
...before I was JunPyo's fiancee, wasn't I your friend first?
It would have been nice if you discussed it with your friend first...
I'm sorry.
But please don't misunderstand.
I won't misunderstand.
But I do have something to say.
I'm not going to give up on JunPyo
No. I'm going to try even harder from now on.
I'm going to do my best without any regrets
I just. I just wanted to tell you that, JanDi.
I'm going.
Please don't misunderstand this situation.
As you saw....
those were Grandma's doings
It's fine. Don't worry about it.
Thank you. That's why I approve of you, Jaekyung.
I will get rid of that girl (JanDi) today.
Please, don't do that.
JanDi, I think you should just leave her as she is.
And also..I have another thing to request.
We're done for today.
Thank you, everyone.
Good bye...
Why? GaEul, do you have something to say to me?
Teacher EunJae-nim
How did you and he separate?
It's me. I'm on my way now.
All right. You better not eat it all without me...
..or else I'll be really mad.
I don't want to do it...
Okay okay fine.. one time.
i'll teach you
Hello? Yi Jung.
Mmm. How are you ?
I'm great. Hey you. Don't you want to see your older brother ?
I know you're busy and all, but it'd be nice to see your face once in a while.
I'm sorry.
It sounds like you're in a good mood.
I am. If you're curious, stop by. I have someone to show you. And stories to tell, too.
Someone to show me ?
You'll probably be really shocked to see her.
And happy, too! I can't wait till you meet her, little bro!
You're... happy, right?
Yeah. I'm sorry I'm happy by myself.
Yi Jung?
Yi Jung?
Hey Monkey..
What is all this ?
Hello everyone !
I'm Ha JaeKyung. I'll be staying in this house from now on for pre-marriage preparations.
- Madam Chairman - Is it ready?
What is this about?
After discussing with Jaekyung's parents, we thought it'd be a good idea to push up the wedding date.
You are both adults, and it'd be best for both of our businesses
to continue on with the partnership if you two are already married.
How can you do this without our consent ?
I agreed with them.
Jaekyung will stay at our house until the wedding day.
She wanted to get adjusted to the air,
and get ready to be your wife.
the thought was so sweet
that her parents and I both approved.
The two to-be-married will have to shoot the Shin Hwa phone commercial together.
What ?
Who agreed to that?
The two of you together at the phone launching
were so lovely
that you two became a hot topic on the internet and magazines.
The marketing team decided that you two
could only be the best choice to advertise the phone.
Jaekyung, I'm sorry to have to make you work, but you could help us out, right ?
Of course. It's my honor.
I... I can't accept this!
Give and take.
You haven't fogotten the basics of business, right ?
"Can you come to my room for a bit?" - Jaekyung
How do i look?
It's really pretty.
Junpyo's mother gave me this.
It's over 20 years old, but I think it'll still work.
I might just wear this.
Wait... look at this too.
She says she won't give me the pearls yet.
She told me she'd give them to me when we have our first kid.
Heh- Don't you think she's getting a little ahead of herself?
But it's pretty funny to think about...
a kid that looks like Gu Junpyo and Ha Jaekyung.
Jan Di..
I have a request.
What is it?
You have to promise me that you'll do it, first.
Be my maid of honor.
It can't be anyone else.
It has to be Jandi.
You'll do it, right ? Hmm ?
action, take 1
You can't use those in the winter.
Use worms.
Its served me well over the years.Take it.
Do you want to come?
I'll leave in ten minutes.
Hey, Ji....oh, wait...
Your mom made one mean spicy fish stew.
Today is their wedding anniversary.
I still remember very clearly... that to your grandmother and putting it on...
...and her smile was so bright.
I asked what was so great about receiving that old cheap ring...
...she said, "It's the only one in the world...why wouldn't I be happy?"
I'm sorry.
I took away that kind of a mother from you.
All because of my karma.
What are you planning on doing?
I don't know either.
It feels like a bomb went off in my head and everything is scrambled...
What should I do?
What is it that I can do?
You have to find a way.
Only you can find a solution.
If this was like the past
The solution of course would be to marry her.
How is it that we have become ones who....
...question and worry about our definite solution?
It looks like we're going to end up being groomsmen...
Are you okay?
About what?
You know what.
Jandi, this time it's a real marriage.
You know that marriage is different from dating for a few days and breaking up.
That's the future of those two people.
And that's the place Junpyo's supposed to fill.
Hi, mom and dad. You guys are doing well, right?
San too?
You should be eating well! What are you going to do getting sick?!
Don't worry about me.
Please take care of your health.
Don't be so frugal and cheap either...
Buy and eat some meat, too.
Yes, grandfather?
Right now?
Oh, I'm sor-
What's going on?
Sunbae - why are you here?
Me? Grandfat-
Me too.
Excuse me. What are they doing?
The Couple Wedding Contest.
They said they'd give you a prize if you win.
You can also wear a wedding dress for free.
I said to take care of your health.
Don't try saving money.
Eat some meat too.
1st Prize: Jeju Island Travel Tickets 2nd Prize: Korean Beef set, 3rd Prize: Ance Treatment
We're bored. Want to give it a try?
Let's go.
Please smile and make a pose.
Okay. One, two...
Okay, next couple.
Okay. One...Move a little closer.
Make it more natural.
*chant* Kiss! Kiss!
Ah, Sunbae...
Excuse me, but this is a plane ticket to Jeju Island. Would you mind exchanging gifts?
Not at all.
Thank you.
Please take it.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you..Thank you.
Dear Passengers, we will be arriving shortly at Jeju International Airport.
Please stow away your tray tables and fasten your seatbelts.
Are you okay?
So, days like this really do come, huh?
Jandi came with us.
Does any of this makes sense?
Whether the monkey asked her to be the maid of honor...
or the girl that accepted it.
Who do you think is having the hardest time right now?
You came
You really came..
Thank you.
I know... that You and JunPyo really liked each other
Wait no.. Even right now. . . I don't know if you still like each other...
I'm sorry i pretended to not know.
I'm not usually like this
I was a little disloyal and cowardly towards you.
its not that...
It was because I didn't come out honestly and tell you.
you're right..
it wasn't that you didn't want to.. it was because you couldn't..
even if you had told me...
i'm sure nothing would have changed..
I... wouldn't have given up on JunPyo
I... really do like you a lot.
If someone told me to pick the two most precious people in the world to me....
I would say Gu JunPyo and Geum JanDi.
therefore... i'm really sorry.
because i made your heart ache.. but i'll make it up to you somehow
Please forgive me..
stop playing and come here
You're going to faint that way.
He actually might be trying to faint.
Are we really supposed to let him do that?
How did you end up breaking up with him?
Who knows...
how did we break up?
You asked if I confessed, right?
I did confess.
Just once...
i gathered up all my courage for 10 years worth of feelings
that i had been carrying around
It was on Valentine's day.
Believing that if we were destined, that how I truly felt would be understood...
I put everything on the line.
So how did it turn out?
I wasn't able to get it through to that person
my feelings that is
the amazing thing is..
After i did that.. My heart was completely emptied.
just like how the low tide drifts away
I thought's up to this point.
As i felt us being combed through, it was almost to the point where i felt like i could almost touch that feeling
It felt like solving a math problem that i had been working on for a very long time.
I felt it was for the better
and it didn't hurt afterwards?
I've done everything i could without any regrets
so it didn't really hurt
So Ga-Eul...keep trying until you have no regrets.
Isn't the situation too serious for you to be playing in the flower field?
isn't the situation too serious for you to be playing in the flower field?
At this age...a marriage of convenience...
it doesn't seem real
In our world
It's not something to be surprised by.
Sunbae too...
Do you accept this kind of future as well?
Who knows...
Whether it's this kind of future or that kind of future
neither one looks too different from the other
How can you be so irresponsible about your one and only life?..
Because you're like this, no one can stay by your side.
Now that you know about my family and my weaknesses...
Is that why you're acting as if you knew everything?
Why on earth didn't you come to see her?
On the Valentine day 3 years ago
it's getting cold. we should go inside.
today might be your last chance..
if you want to hang onto him..
there's no time.
Ever since i got to know you, I hoped for
only one thing.
That you'll become happy
and won't cry anymore.
Like the first time we met
smiling brightly.
When tomorrow passes, you might not smile anymore.
That scares me.
Please don't worry..
I can smile.
i will smile.
Because Senior...
Is watching over me.
I think i got hit by the wind a lot..
my eyes are salty.
I'm okay.
My tears so used to be wiped away by you Sunbae..
that's why they keep stupidly falling like this
whoa, you surprised me!
What are you doing?!
Who says I'm doing something?
this girl really..
There's no use glaring at me like that.
Because starting from tomorrow you're mine.
Yours?! Who's yours?
Stop whining and come downstairs.
The adults are waiting.
Starting tomorrow, we're really going to be one family.
I guess so.
Shinhwa and JK
And for our children's happiness, let's make a toast.
What are you doing hiding in here?
When did you come?
There's no need to tell anyone
Since I'm not here for your wedding.
I know. Aren't I pathetic?
Goo JunPyo.
I'm asking how far you're willing to take this?
How far does that need to be?
Family, Shinhwa Group.
And even Gu Junpyo, your name.
I wasn't able to.
When I threw everything away
What would Gu Junhui become?
To live my life as a nobody, and only being known as one man's woman
I didn't have the courage to do that.
From that one incident that i was a coward for...
it played its toll on me and made things hard.
I thought I could forget it. But I couldn't.
Are you still apologetic to that person?
No. It's not him I feel sorry towards...
It's to whom I thought would always be genuine and justified
20 year old Gu JunHee.
Little brother. No matter what you decide to do....
I'm going to understand.
And no matter what you do, or where you do it
You'll always be the little brother Gu Jun Pyo
that I love... and it'll never change.
JiHoo. Just say it.
To me, you're my brother.
In the past and even in the future.
But sometimes I think ...
You would probably live well without me.
But what will I do without you?
Could you be...
You're not asking me to help you run away tomorrow
Are you?
Hit me just once.
This isn't a joke.
I have to take a hit from you.
JoonPyo . . .
JanDi . . .
I can't let her go.
Which one do you think is better?
This one or this one?
They're all pretty.
You can't say that.
You have to tell the bride one hundred percent coldly and truthfully as the BFF of the bride.
If you say you like them all, it doesn't help.
but, all of them really are pretty.
I have something to say.
Ah, ah.
Do you, bride, Ha JaeKyung, take groom, Goo JoonPyo.
As your husband, in times of happiness and sadness
As long as you both shall live?
Yes, I do.
Do you, groom Goo JoonPyo take bride Ha JaeKyung as your wife
In sickness and in health
And love each other as long as you both shall live?
I can't.
I can't do it.
Goo JoonPyo.
This is just for fun.
Why are you so serious?
I'm not joking, Monkey.
No . . .
Ha JaeKyung,
We can't get married.
I'm sorry.
If sorry was enough . . .
...then why are there laws and why are there police?
There's a girl I love,
The first since I was born.
And until the day I die,
she's the only one.
do you still want to marry me?...
Are you out of your mind?
I know. That girl is Geum JanDi.
But . . .
I want you and I want to continue.
It might be funny, but I like you because you're single-minded.
Because you're a man who knows how to love properly,
I like you more.
The fact that it's Geum JanDi,
I can endure it.
I know you won't forget her easily.
I will wait.
If I wait and see . . .
next time,
there might be a chance for me.
That you will love me like you love her.
Ha Jaekyung
That's all I need.
It's worth the investment for me.
Goo JunPyo
Forgive me.
I don't want to.
Listen well.
We are going to be husband and wife in this place tomorrow.
No matter what,
until the day we die
we're going to promise to love each other.
Even though you are pleading with me to forgive you,
there's nothing for me to forgive.
It's late already.
They begged me to go to bed early tonight so my make-up will take tomorrow.
I'll be going first.
It's almost time
You'd better come out.
I have a favor to ask
What's it?
Please break my arm!
There's no time
With your skill, you can do it in one blow.
Are you serious?
What are you doing right now ?
Don't worry about it. Go outside.
Is that all you could come up with?
If that is the only way to stop the wedding,
then it's better if you just go ahead with it.
Geum JanDi
You're a coward!
You're not being dignified in front of anyone.
You're not facing it, you're just running away!
If you run away like this
someday, it might happen again.
Then tell me not to do it!
Tell me not to go!
Say something!
- We have to shoot it again. - Do I have to go up there?
Wait a minute!
Did I fall asleep? Did you shoot that?