Don Dracula - Full Episode 6 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Osamu Tezuka "Don Dracula"
Yes I see a beautiful woman I drool.
My heart beats I throw the feet.
Always the whole family has a split personality.
I'm ready. Me intellectual Ratio Dracula is the ratio.
I like all human beings
I like to be my friends.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise.
The mansion is a haven Nerima.
It is comfortable to live. Dr Don Paradise.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Dracula.
Dr Dr Don Don Don Don Dr Paradise Paradise.
"Terror! An evil spirit in a preparatory academy"
Screenplay: Takao Koyama
It is the sun!
Help! It is the sun!
It was a dream...
Ah I had a nightmare.
Oh! The Sun!
I love what happened?
Lgor was you. Do not scare me.
I have a horrible hangover.
Dinner is ready.
Certainly. What happened to Chocola?
He's gone to school.
Tonight will be late
has club activities research do not know why...
I hope not passionate with any investigation absurd!
Ah go down!
I drank too much brandy frozen blood.
Hello! How's everything?
Certainly the club saying lgor
is the Association of Science Fiction
Nobuhiko chaired Chocola as I said the other day.
It seems that likes Chocola Nobuhiko...
"Science Fiction Association"
We have taken our office because they lacked a classroom...
What a disappointment!
Entitled because we used it without permission.
But where work from now?
Leave them to me.
Nobuhiko Really?
No wonder the president.
In the No. 2 district is a home it was an academy.
When we leave we pass by.
- Do you agree? - Yes, very well.
Is this home.
Wow! It's pretty good.
But there is a problem.
What problem?
You must pay the owner rent.
The association fee is not covered.
If it is leave it to me.
Surely my father can help us.
Nobuhiko can you come to see my father now?
It's a bit late to visit.
You must be at night because my father is awake only at night.
Good-bye. Come quickly.
- Good-bye. - Good-bye.
Hello Miss is back.
Good night.
Pass please.
Your home has a style...very classic.
What beautiful woman I will be able to suck blood tonight?
What illusion, illusion!
I love your daughter is back together a classmate.
A classmate?
Do not understand what I said there is not any human being?
But according to her daughter have something to talk with you ..
Throw it now!
But in reality the visit is a lush and beautiful girl...
lgor prepared wine.
With how attentive you are already have a dish ready.
God forgive my sin.
L... lgor.
Chocola what does your father? Is it the president?
No. Is Earl.
Count! That is called a Karaoke snack bar near my house.
Your father owns a snack-bar?
Do not say impertinence!
Our family is a real historic nobility of Transylvania.
With the flag given by the family the most distinguished real all...
The most distinguished of all our family Dr...
Nobuhiko dad is a friend of course superior to mine.
Good night.
Lgor what happened to the girl lush and beautiful?
He is president CF Association
of which I am a member.
I'm not interested in football clubs.
It is club football but science fiction.
Investigate ET or monsters in the universe...
It's absurd. Those things do not exist.
But the O VNL...
Ugh! That is nonsense. It's absurd.
I think it is very likely exist.
Much more than the werewolf and Dracula.
An alien is more credible the werewolf and Dracula is not it?
You mean Dracula is a crazy superstition?
That... puf is a superstition.
What is it that is a superstition?
What is fiction? Dracula really exist.
A brat like you insulting the name of our lineage.
Great insolence!
Let Dad! Do not hurt to Nobuhiko.
Depart Chocola.
Oh... I will not forgive!
Immature and insolent child.
Count Dracula really exist here it is.
Chocolate is better than giving it up.
No blood will feed nothing that rude boy.
I'll look for other better to suck her blood.
I have not brought here to suck blood.
What have you done! What have you done?
It was the first friend I had.
A friend...
Let me.
Imbecile idiot! At school I'm a normal girl.
We can not do anything.
Our family has a lineage of vampires.
You better give up on him.
No I do not want! Dad I hate you.
Bat again be I live in a cave to die.
What... you say?
Chocola expected.
Wait. Let's talk. Chocola has been my fault.
I will be considered with that guy and invite him again. Do you agree?
That is not enough.
Donate money for the Science Fiction.
Will donating?
We will rent the house empty are in the neighborhood number 2.
I can not afford it.
Then I go to the cave!
So... worth. I will donate money.
- Really? - Yes.
Dad I love you.
I have to tell Nobuhiko now.
I can not with Chocola.
At the end just obeying Chocola.
It is a real padrazo.
What happens from now? Observe carefully.
So here should be an empty house.
The academy he built a building great before the season
was here three years ago.
I see. Had a field day here and moved there.
What is that light?
It seems that something strange is happening. Let's take a look.
Yes we are.
How strange! The key is not cast.
"Dude... "The club...
- Ah! It has closed! - Do not scare me...
The stairs creak...
No! What is that?
I can not anymore!
Love here is your clothes.
- How is Chocola? - You just go to school.
... The strange death of police remains shrouded in mystery.
Last night about two and a half morning in a nearby street
High School Matsutani in Takadanobaba...
I am told that in two days will light.
Until then be with the oil lamp.
According to the Morning News before this house last night...
Two policemen were killed. I get chills...
The house will have nothing to do.
A moment.
What? What Chocola?
I have a strange feeling.
There seems to be someone else apart from us.
Chocola not start thinking things rarely do you. Nothing happens.
Yes there is a presence.
What is that?
What happens?
There is something black there.
Ah is a mouse.
This mouse is setting us.
Brilla visited by the mouse.
Is not shining.
Chocola're hallucinating.
Don Dracula.
Don Dracula.
I am sure that the house something.
I can feel chills.
I think it's an evil spirit.
An evil spirit?
Why a former academy I would be possessed by him?
Daddy please find out what it is.
Absurd. The quickest solution is to leave the association.
No I do not want!
Chocola as you're stuck in something so mean as science fiction
- Have hallucinations. - Why is science fiction mean?
Shut up!
Ignoring your ancestry your historical lineage
you've got a common practice.
While not let science fiction do not lend a hand.
And I ask no more.
Chocola juicy sirloin steak will stay cold blood.
I do not want steak!
Chocola's too late. You can leave earlier if you want.
Nothing happens stand a good night.
Chocola, you really are strange.
In addition Nobuhiko
I have a feeling that this house There is an evil spirit.
Do you still insist on that? Nobody lives here more than a mouse.
I have thirst.
I'll buy a juice machine. Wait here.
Nobuhiko beware.
What is apprehensive Chocola.
How strange! It is still early to run out of oil.
Has spent the wick?
Who shakes the table?
Who's there?
Nobuhiko can not die.
Get Well Nobuhiko.
God, please save it.
Nobuhiko has been seriously injured because of the spirit.
Are you still with that?
Not that. Surely there is something in that house.
Forget that boy and insolent.
Chocola if you do not return home soon dawn.
Dad I hate you. I'll do it alone.
Is in a difficult age.
It seems attracted by Nobuhiko but he should be too.
Nobuhiko avenge me.
Chocola has not returned.
Go already three! Lgor prepare me float.
Come appears! Who has hurt Nobuhiko?
I know you're hiding somewhere in this room.
As I am the daughter of a vampire, I quickly realized,
that this was the work of a petty mind.
Where are you? Get It Now
Lgor hurry. We must return with Chocola before dawn.
Arre arre!
Arre come! Arre!
Where are you? Show yourself once and for all!
Have finally appeared.
This is not just a bad spirit.
I'm drowning!
Chocola where are you?
Hurry Love.
Soon begin to dawn!
Chocola where are you?
This shoe is Chocola.
Chocola father has come to save!
Daddy help me.
It is the voice of Chocola.
It was you eh?
Where have you hidden Chocola? Bring it to me right now.
This is not an evil spirit but a simple power-rooted resentment.
Furthermore, this bitterness is gone in the body of the mouse.
I'm here.
I've been locked in this book.
What do you say?
I can not open it.
Can not... do not go away this force...
Oh! Who are you?
Everyone has a kid face.
Of course this was an academy.
You are the grievances of the boys who came to this academy.
Now fall.
An academy school is where children spend a lot of energy.
You are the energy body solidified right?
And you had entered into this mouse.
This mouse is possessed!
Now you had possessed the body is dead.
Instead, come on. I accept that.
Hurry. Within no dawn!
The sun will come out!
No matter what happens to me
provided that Chocola is saved.
That again.
Starts working as the protagonist of a film.
Well... Now!
My body soon will become ashes.
And you with me disappearances of this world.
Chocola... Dad will just that you are safe and sound.
Chocola goodbye.
Lgor what Dad? What happened to Dad?
Has been done to save her ashes...
Dad for me...
Miss it fails to return home soon
You will also become ashes.
It is my father's ear.
Congratulations Dad!
Chocola what happened? I have risen?
With your ear I've regenerated by cloning.
Cloning? What is that?
If you read science fiction would know. And if you read a little?
I can not!
With the voices of Kenji Utsumi Saeko Shimazu Kaneta Kimotsuki
Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
My beloved father is a vampire.
His black coat is sober of good taste right?
Their sharp teeth are cool Right?
Is the number one in this world and in the hereafter.
He is the king of the night a superstar.
Don Dracula Dr Dr Don Don Don Dr...
Don Dracula.
Hates garlic and the cross.
My father is a vampire.