Хочу смеяться пять минут! (....!.,.!.) [I wanna laugh for five minutes]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Feb 10, 2012

Sup, I'm Ruslan Usachev...
I mean Stas Davidov!
Anyhow, first vid was sent by WIZARDDDD4444.
[Warning!] If you're a goose, I advice you to skip forward.
Coz what you're about to see could hurt your goosy feelings.
This all can be summed up in this top comment.
That's it, I'm out of things to say. Next vid!
Nope, can't keep quiet [weakling!]
If you watch this vid for over an hour you can find out what color is Chuck Norris's pubic hair! [always wanted to know]
If over two hours - goose's legs will obliterate.
[Nyancat is so last century]
That's what happens when a white tries to get some respect in the black hood.
So imagine you're like a regular goose.
You're walking round the hood, minding your own business, not stepping on the grass [not smoking].
Then you're suddenly surrounded by a bunch of ghetto pigeons.
Got pieces of bathrobe in their pecks - just devoured a granny.
And they're like
Heeey, got change?
And you're like
Everyday I'm shuffling.
[Severe hiphop battle]
This video symbolically depicts a goose trying to get away from Upyachka residents.
[steal, kill...]
The funniest thing is - it's just a couple of looping frames.
Amazing how shit becomes popular on the internetz.
Well, let's wait for the 10 hour version!
Coz i'm sick of pressing "replay".
And this is Horosho!
Maybe I'm wrong.
Don't judge me too severely.
It's not out of spite.
Let's just suppose...
that there's a video that can replace watching football!
It's only 5 minutes long but it's spectacular!
Oh, mine does the same.
When i throw in my two week boomerang socks!
Oh yeah, what guy threw in wasn't the Red button but some sort of battery.
What's the brand of this machine?
I want the same one! [to wash off sins]
And here you get scared for it.
Really scared.
[danger 0_0]
Oh, and that looks like one of my friends who found out that they're shooting new "Twilight" movie [Edward Cullen is sexy ;] ]
Only machines don't wet themselves from excitement.
It's because you treat washers like that, there's gonna be the rise of machines!
Washing machines! [I, Washer]
Oh I know, I know! R2D2 is having a seizure!
Hello, tech support?
My washer has destroyed its case, drum is rolling around trying to eat my cat.
It is supposed to be like that?
I wish all the washers were this loyal and spin till the very end.
[wash at all costs]
It can be only put out by the ultimate weapon - tossing of the cat!
Ok, relax people!
It wasn't a cat but some metal thingy.
Yes-yes, no need to panic.
You defenders of animals. And Steve Jobs.
You know what's missing?
Pour some concrete into it!
And this is Horosho!
Last vid was sent by Frame of Mind.
They say that there was no sex and rock'n'roll in USSR.
But by the looks of it, drugs were an OK deal.
Which is proved not only by the soviet cartoons, but also by soviet movies.
So take a deep breath, we're going into the debts of a soviet movie conscience [shrooms]
I wanna laugh for five minutes!
What actor play! What sincere emotions!
This small kid looks like a schoolie who's ready to watch new TiX video!
[the youngest padawan]
I wanna laugh for five minutes [internet-mantra]!
I wanna laugh for five minutes! [5 min]
And all this brushes to armpits system looks suspicious.
If would be more logical if he said something like
I want well brushed armpits!
This is how USSR imagined having fun in the future.
Abstract, but the director is right about a couple of things.
You get on the internet and
I wanna laugh for five minutes!
Your grandma turns on the "Broken mirror" show and
I wanna laugh for five minutes!
You come to your local dealer and...
Ok, that's saying too much.
Who showed this actor how to laugh! [young talent]
Even girls are better at imitating! [sad experience?]
Feels like there's another brush coming from the bottom of the seat.
[get me outta here, please!]
The way he's ordering this "i wanna laugh for five minutes"
Imagine this guy grew up, so he comes to a girl and
Ah, no, will have to beep it out.
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by Tarnay13.
What are you dioing in my fridge?
What are you dioing in my fridge?
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So, what do you do when you forgot to pluck your eyebrows?
When the eyebrows aren't plucked, I realize that the lawnmower is broken.
I am Mona Lisa, I have no eyebrows!
I didn't pluck my eyebrows - no tweezetrs. I think I'm gonna wear a bag tomorrow.
When I didn't pluck out my eyebrows, I wear underpants on top of the pants and go save the world))
I don't pluck my eyebrows, I gel them)