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export-oriented fox sports is drea aid that jury how are you
candidacy evidence do you think you had any thank you for coming in we're really
appreciated corn andrea of course i long beach state university forty nine
ten only comfort yes yesterday last represent i do my research the plane
pacific tonight who are a nice yes
there always a pretty good team and relax and as i mean rival
request yet tough inflation ok lesser look for that honesty yes loans gifting
you probably significant until you got your startin texas bahut doing sports
broadcasting yes could you tell me a little bit about that and
the important
the important parts of
shooting editing and producing your own stuff for yeah well i started on my
graduate from long beach state i started sending out resumes dvds
and hired an assistant called news twenty-four he stand where
and issue my own stuff i had to admit i had to produce
and basically do everything so
i worked there for a year it was a good experience but then the station shut
down it was
aka upstart station they didn't have a whole lot of money in advertising so
they just came in one day and said
we thank you guys for the effort but we're shutting down we're doin' so
i was disappointed but
you know the time i was just out of college so i knew that i still wasn't
keep trying in this wasn't the end of my road so
after that and then went to uh... box in san antonio yesen
and i was there for three years
and added the same thing i shot a edited at produced i did everything so
it was a really great experience i got to learn from the ground up
and i think that
swam and now many experiences really help me because i've learned to
appreciate all people in all different roles that i had a lot of the huge
camera round
i remember the spurs would say to me like china has your packing up
howa re you doing kazakhstan the tiny person and letting this huge camera and
tripod and practice and setting it up and checking my white balance and doing
everything that
um... i think that a mania better broadcaster today because i had to go
through all that and nothing has been handed to me
so i A
if i had to do it all again and we do at the same way
melanie just walking in the end up at fox nfl eileen head start in the same
way i started because i learned a lot and i think that
it builds a good foundation and make sure better reporter because you treat
people better
an internet makes the broadcast better because
everybody respects you've gone deal people know that you don't want audio
the camera people know you've shot
everybody knows that you kinda done your own being blue collar and they respect
you are so there's that level respect yes they see that you've done that in
your path right right and i think a lot of the players to what i was in texas
the police have starting out
being a female being taken seriously it's always a challenge credibility wise
and so i think that really helped and say wow you know she really wants this
job she really wants a species leg in a huge camera
especially in the summer in san antonio i mean with a hundred degrees and i'm
out there shooting a high school football game unlike luke perry
blocking outline of the chains moon unlike airing this big camera and then
later on i have to anchor highlights and might go in china look somewhat
presentable you know after shooting game i mean it definitely took a lot out of
me but it was worth it to you know cameraman to set up your posting
shenandoah another only time they would give me a cameraman was in the playoffs
when the spurs and make the playoffs
because at that point there so many people in town
our and there's no way that i can do like a one-man band with national media
and so much going on so then
and then on what i would cover the cowboys in the drive to dallas i would
get a cameraman the stands
so those are the only maybe two times before
to take me back to san antonio and he was
it seemed like a great experience
however it did not and as well as you may have liked however it was a blessing
in disguise writing the pink slip in san antonio becoming a right while at san
antonio and two thousand i it was march in two thousand nine and basically that
was when the economy was a really bad
and there are any four of us doing sports which is rare for a regular news
station not a sports network very windy station dot for sports reporters
at that point it is taking too much for them to keep all four of us sell because
i was the number for
or they decided to let me go and filling stations have the renowned right most of
the most in space so even coming in and had been there for three years i was
you know a rare person being the forth out of
you know four people 'cause usually like he said there's either two or three to
spur budget constraints and if it's not a sports network whitening four people
but because i was shooting and i was producing i was doing so many jobs i
think that meany valuable
for that terry shame but they let me go um... it was a blessing in disguise
because i was trying to get a better job i was sending out dvd that was really
trying to get a job so i felt like i had done all i could do there
i'd always wanted to be at the national level and i always wanted to do sports
on a bigger stage
so i wanted it is a blessing in disguise like okay well they're letting me go i'm
not quitting you know i stayed with it and sold the we'll sell off
you know tensing and now and is going to go back to l_a_ and i'm getting to try
to get a job there and as soon as i came back to l_a_ which is why i'm from
i got hired at foxsports net
if this is a blessing in disguise i mean they
saw myself in a scoop me up right away said me deaf in one eye higher you have
so much talent and we think you're gonna be huge and we're gonna bring u_n_ right
away so
it was a blessing in disguise it is that if i'd still been in san antonio i don't
know how i would've stayed there and
although i love san antonio i got so much love from the viewers there and the
players in everything
i_d_ simulate i'd need to move on it but at that point
so you got hired by thoughts before we
get to that and how that maybe they perceive you you pursued that uh...
a lot of people that might be watching this interview
will be thinking you know i wasn't time in that tough spot right now breaking
between an internship in a job for a job in a job
how tough was that and how did you get through that thursday yeah i mean it was
tough i mean i knew that i at with still to keep going just like after the
houston job situation they sat back down i knew it was so they keep going i went
to san antonio and after that
and situation ended i'd use it so it's all about staying positive and i just
found out who was in charge at box and i sent them stuff and i went down there is
a through content
yeah i just didn't know you have to call in their fine you can just little when
did you say all of this person i mean you have to like call in sick is this
person still there
and so that's actually what i did and then i went down and then i'm a lot of
the b_ executives at parks has really stood behind me like the president and
umi no other people that are really high up in so i'm just blasted babel needs in
the ending you how hard i worked in san antonio and
um... they hired me but yeah i mean it's it's tough is it so competitive in so
many people want to get work
i'd just a persistent and it's one of things reid is had tunnel vision like
what i want something i'd just go after a anime vote like
jazz very diligent and persistent about it and that's how you have to be just
have to have pics skin because not everybody's gonna response united reason
to get back to you and i never raised it in a silly like you but all you need is
who's about to leave the press on the highway yet exactly on
one person's ability menu and that goes for
someone that's watching this that's just starting out but sending the small
markets and unique airline knows but then
you may get a call from now when news director and battle creek michigan in
ukraine lemon saying like it's it's a boy that
and all you need is one person to believe in you and then from there you
can just
taking from there but the key is just determination not giving up because
there are people that
started out with me they just gave up there like will know one's calling me
some disconnect on the towel and i've never been like that i've always been
no matter what it takes a minute delay and passes always been my mentality so
passes the jury away
led by the jury room
didn't i mean i don't know everything but just as ours network update dad and
i really
have a lot of pride in that
and i think i showed that day
lifting a heavy kamran doing all that stuff that i did it again showed that
and more than just
you know unlike older right
let me ask you this i mean
uh... it
obviously determination as he said and persistence of having thick skin that
was it tough being a woman monsooning this uh... this certain industries where
there are a few tough times yahoo had to deal with yeah i mean there's always
have times being a female in sports because people want to see if you're
more than a feast people want to see if you really know we're talking about so
everything you do is under accused microscope you just really can't make
so there's a lot of stress becomes about the lucky for me i love that stress
you know i and my arrival yeah cried over the stress of that kind of sad and
i look forward to that i look forward to people saying oh what is she now and
then at the end electing right she drank more staff in the
you know i mean that the kind of stuff today
i live for and that's a kind of stuff that you have to
you have to have that fire inside you to be a female sports because even though
there's a lot of them now there's a lot of us out there i mean
ten years ago there were as many and now it's just seems like my other son named
turn on a gain on the sideline it's ninety percent someone in my kids and
rarely a dying more
but still i still feel that same pressure and i still treated the same
and it'll easy just about as a lot of women out there now by still and every
game i good to every preparation
i'm very like meticulous about my preparation
when i cover n_f_l_ i'm in my hotel room the night before with punchan notes and
you know i'm just saying i don't talk to anyone turn my phone off i don't even
ten really close to my job
but i don't even accept ex from my dad and i before e_ d_
a mighty cleveland yeah exactly half exactly even still i don't understand
why minis like all of this little sunday night and on sector then but
ideas taken really seriously because of the stereotypes that are out there and
i feel like i'm doing this for the right reasons like i don't want to be an
entertainer reporter i don't want to be a news reporter i wanna be whether i a
always just wanted to be sports at least told my mom if they can't do sports all
get a regular job i'll go work at the bank although work it
pull things market
you know none saying like them if they didn't know nothing nothing wrong with
that all men the same way
there's nothing about this industry that i liked except for sports like i didn't
have any other desire to be on t_v_ unless of sports amount wells who looks
like he acts like
you know i mean if i can do sports then i'm i'm out like the civil rights for
three d_o_ did he ever consider doing that you know i will on sports radio i'd
never really took that i have a new but when i was in texas and u_n_ uh... since
i've been out here and i've been in touch
us on sports radio and i think sports radios good for
like stain on the pulse of what's going on what opinions on
are right and stuff like that so i love sports radio and i'm not opposed to that
i just haven't
it just hasn't come my way and i i think sports radios awesome
through those tough times did you have any people who
mentors that is there really was you're into you know getting over that contrary
not paying attention to those credits for that people in your life
yeah i mean
estelle adler work free espy end i mean my kill who
leads an anchor free askin is a good friend of mine and he's been a friend of
mine for six years
areas with the f_b_i_ reading writing at least at the espirito stephen a smith is
like my big brother i've known him again for six years since i started in
he's it's been very vital as far as making me now he got a haptic skin j
like when this happened in a lot of times and separate happening colonnade
he'd be like just
he's a key think that's good
had this person said this to me
enough so
he's been very instrumental in person
and has since been a good friend is helping me through it because
you know dating is not always easy when you're on t_v_ anywhere around athletes
all the time and
you know the time for some guys to really you trusting you and he would
give me a lot of advice on that
adding just being shot on the knowing that when the times right the right that
i will respect what i do
so i appreciate his
dots on all that kind of saturday
and jailed on day three
rule also breaks free sdn has been a good friend of mine too for five years
he's been really unsure men on just helping me stay positive unlike when i
was let go from san antonio he was like janice is a blessing in the sky is you
know and
people like that
do you look up to that
already successful and are at the place that you want to be
it's good to have people like that in your life as you're on your
air you know journey and stuff like that so i'm really grateful to those three
with possible sunday i have to say chris myers is another mentor to me i mean i
worked at hand for several games and he would always
can you really good unbiased and who lives i think that piece of advice you
gave you
insists uh...
he knows download really be workaholic any singer is sometimes
just stop and enjoy the journey
and i'm one of those people that cycle came wins an extremely xanax that like
what do i need to know if he's likely to do the job just relax you know like
you know let's go out to dinner with our crew
then you know i'm are too many fanatics in a little bit where they sending us
next week then just so
like i'm sometimes i like a robot arm dialed in and i want to make sure i do
the job and i think you just said
you know what you'll enjoy it even more if you just take it all and then win
minnesota we cover the vikings you did a great job now learning ability
this is this is how it goes so it is the lead back
kinda persona really went off on me and it seems like it helps you that because
of the afternoon your appear in your trying to
yes recently yes and
yahoo unplugged lovin yeah i mean sometimes i all even wake up and often
complains that i'll be like okay remember like we're exposing job back
improvements line and is giving him as an example i covered the skins a couple
times so
uh... i'll just thinkin things in the like okay let you know i just because i
love this job so much and i just love
what i do so i think sometimes i liken over a perfectionist and i think that
was good yeah i think that the chris assays recycling it was his demeanor is
very easy going he's very laid back an axis
all a part of
who he is and why he submitted his job so
i'm grateful to him as a lot of very dynamic to he covers of time yet he
ask our lead a a lot of stuff that he is one of the big people f box that
you know is has its hands and so many different pot so i really admire him and
i hope i get set work within the next year
how important is that i mean we talked about you know shooting your own stand
losing your own stuff but knowing all these other things and whether it is
writing about for his role in nascar right along with
not just the three major sport white america isn't that important matter yeah
it's a great plane it's very very important to know
all sports and i think
that's the biggest thing that i tell people ask me and i girls are coming up
for whatever i say make sure you know all sports kosovo's worries on just
maybe basketball or football or whatever but you should know soccer you should
know hockey boxing ask our
everything you know because
in each year more than asset when you know warren you can go work for this
steen you can go do this
i mean like soccer i feel like that makes
dot has really added a lot to my career because
not a lot of people know about soccer and there's not a lot of women of color
black see i think i'm the only want to be out of units covering soccer and i
it puts me in a good position to really stand out and it's because i know the
sport inside and out in the trust me to be out there
and so i think stuff like that
really helps you stand out because in the business of so many people
yet they think okay how many to separate myself from all these other people that
are out there because that's what it's all about about trainer just
separate yourself make a name for yourself and show that your dad because
there's so many other people that are on and you know we're also very versatile i
mean even covered a lot of sports for fox in uh... you told me that you would
love to do like the prime time d yes the news yet off yet
and what is it like during the half-time uh... like running for walker of back
from the locker room at tell me about that
yes an internal interesting on i'll admit i mean i get offline dislike ok
knowing that i don't have that much time you get my sound by singular and
locally and they know football so well that a lot of my questions to coaches
and you know some people will be like a coach what it was a kid second
with me i'm like hey you guys were running the place action
light i uh... i didn't detailed in it and so
it makes it just that much more fun you just get that deeply coaches in the fire
back at me and then before you know it
you're standing there in there like let's go today and then i like things
that i spoke to coach shanahan and you know so you just gotta roll with it but
it's an adrenaline rush because you don't have that much time to prepare
and that's about life teeny and he's got to be ready to go you can just stand
there hurts like when they come these gotta go camille have all day that
to sit there and go through it it's just he's had a talk in the best thing
about being lied to me is that i can just be myself
cuz i had one of those people that i just need the person you see here is the
person see on dot the best thing about being alive is a really captures
who that person really is cuz you dot
back at your life you know
it's a sad ticket say that it's and develop skill you know i'm still i mean
i fell i must add a solid point i'm a perfectionist and always watching my
staff training it better so
i'm one of those people that's i'd never satisfied but i never feel like i'm
always trying to get better and i it sounds like you being a little hard
understand no magnesium and
well i just could seek everything just because i just
like cheapest-ever very seriously and i know how blessed i am i know i've worked
hard to get here but i know
how hard it is to get these jobs
so it's one of those things where i just don't wanna ever
settling tuesday complacent because it's like icelandic shan state
in the next email
yall doing it
and that is the actually i think in the mix
worthless and where you can uh... and this could even go to me as well patni
knowledge from u what is the best piece of advice you could give
eight young professional trying to make it in this world could be networking
whom to be something else what would you say yellow solitaire very professional
i think you come across as yourself and that's the first thing i tell someone is
just be yourself
don't try to sit there milega hello we're hearing if that's not how you
talking and i'm saying wait just be yourself thanking you
you've done that in a very professional way
and i think
that's the first thing is really center south beat yourself second thing is
uh... unfortunately when i got as the business i didn't know anyone i had this
to send our reels the old-school blue collar way
but uh...
with the v_h_s_ tape
not listening dvds on
through you know it's moving back once they might
at one eight
display somewhere i mean there's some people that know someone in
i know a couple of women that were like a receptionist said in as four station
they were just thrown on in there you go but for me
i've just always had to do it the hard way i remember going to the post office
in every week antique reels and they'd be like what you're back
panicking but in the light you've already sent out thirty in your back
and that it's like whatever it took i was gonna do anything
determination is kiefer people starting out because
it's hard you know it's a start out not everybody's gonna like your real not
every minute signed a lease personal sometimes are looking for a guy
sometimes they're looking for a blind then you're not blind you know it's just
you just have to go with it and know that again like i said before all it
takes is one
all it takes is one person like you but that determination is is key
and keep working on your car
do you know it is never get like satisfied always
you know let me ask you one more thing that i that i just thought i would
suggest that you sent the tape like maybe thirty times there's a needed
resides in different places are not a soccer registered
tensei different markets and
and if i didn't hear anything i just go back on the internet
and look under different websites like t_v_ jobs dot com in different beings
where you can look inside go every monday check it out
get maintains together make some copies in monday afternoon post office let me
ask you this how often would you follow up with them if you do the didn't
respond to you were the responded very shrewd ally
canned sound
i kind i would just let it go
and other
areas i would be applied to see how badly one of them yet
isla depending on the market sizing depending on what the job
uh... because there was a couple that i sent to list like
part-time sports part-time news in some of those i mean i want to i don't like
news edges like sports
by still sense just because you never know i mean it could be my big break in
somatic hear from them i just kind of let it go
but a couple of places i really wanted to to go
tully dirty miller callin sometimes they just you know are missing u dear john
letter like a thanks for trying but me one in different directions
unattended say hey you know i like to you but
um... were looking for somebody that's a little bit more seriousness medicine has
much personality i mean it's
you just never you don't know who's seen it and what they're looking for knots
wages have to send a bunch out cuz eventually it's going to hit with
right inside when i got hired in taxes four times they were like yours that we
were looking for
you're different there's nobody like in this market you know you're talking
so i was the right fit for that market but maybe someone else wimpy such issues
don't now use
center now
few ever considered doing like either
okay album new now i can be sports powell do now hitting all sell some
stuff if i can do sports now kodiak i never
it wanted to do that and there's people you know they did that nothing and stand
for me i just only wanted to do sports and if i can't do it then i was going to
go and
were given a gore sounds like you've been idea
i did that was determined into the you know it's it's a little bit about i mean
it's it's may dot only says luck occurs when opportunity meets preparation so
when you're ready
now opportunity comes that's when you going
you know you can make it happen but it's definitely a tough business and that's
why this work so hard
and cheap everything the same may know footballs and one sport in america
bounding soccer now and i cheat bad
just his you know i love the and i've seen it just is as high as i would cheat
football or even if i was doing minor league teams and i would see baptist and
i think the key is
treating at the same presenting kris myers and always taken some of our games
we have a lot of yours and other games like he was only two like ten percent a
and he'd say what we so they do the job no matter foreseen by
forty percent fifty percent tempers and that's the thing no matter what you do i
would say
each year with the steam level respect
doesn't matter who became doesn't he know always gotta bring it forth it's
the n_f_l_ exactly exactly if they could be hearings in the field it's still
hasn't actually cover icd cover etc bagaimana
anti it doesn't matter especially at a fallon mean it was it's it was the
biggest contract in my career
air and i was west to be there and i look forward to next season
very thank you so much for coming home soon
and that i've learned a ton i hope everyone else has learned two things are
and if you can't follow her onto a very well enter it here on c_n_n_ eighty if
you want to do and i'm still really but it is great about responding to people
begins on answering this
dancing you to para chocolate amicably secret handshake everyone
and lissy wants you
when ok clients to you
and in town again irina explore and explode rigging jab in the building