일지매 (Iljimae) 1회

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You've got to be kidding me.
That place is impenetrable.
Yes, that's impossible. Forget it.
There's no place I can't rob.
After all, I'm Iljimae.
Out of the way!
What's going on?
I'm the ice man. It's melting.
Out of the way.
What is it?
Ice for the banquet!
I've got orders to bring the ice right away.
We have orders to turn everyone away tonight.
Wait till dawn.
Till dawn? That won't do.
The ice will melt.
And I rode all night to get here too...
Is something going on?
We're on alert.
Iljimae is supposed to rob the fort.
Why is this ice so red though?
It's frozen wild berry wine.
It's for the banquet that's for the envoys from China.
It is wine.
He's clear.
Let him through.
Yes, sir!
Take care.
Is everything okay?
Yes, not even a mouse could get through.
Close off the passage. Light the torches!
I said, bring me light!
After him! He can't be too far!
We got him!
Good job.
Iljimae, you have met your end.
So let's finally see that mug of the one and only Iljimae.
It's the one that got away. That's Iljimae!
I told you there's no place I can't rob.
After all, I'm Iljimae.
There's Iljimae!
Gyum, there are plenty of other flowers.
Yet, why do you favor apricot blossoms so much?
They're like cherry blossoms, but not as loud.
They're like pear blossoms, but not as temperamental.
I can feel their noble elegance.
No other flowers appeal to my eyes more.
Can you see that?
Yes, there's a strong red light and it is quite vibrant.
And how can you see that?
I was very ill as an infant, and I lost my eyesight.
But I developed another eye. It sees what others cannot.
And what this humble man sees is a bright sun
that will be adored by the masses.
He has seen what he should not have seen.
And I have heard what I should not have heard.
Who else knows about this?
I have not spoken to anyone...
If you feel stifled, you should get some fresh air.
Actually, I've been thinking of going to Hanyang.
Lord Sim wants to see me.
Take a look.
Gyum, did you paint that?
You put me to shame.
Dear wife, is he not better than I am?
Gyum, you deserve a treat.
What would you like? Beef jerky, your favorite?
Then what?
Allow me to go to Hanyang with Father.
That's not so hard. We'll go together.
It's a whistling bird.
There's a sign that spring is in full bloom.
That blind man's wife is nowhere to be seen.
She must've known and ran away.
Su-mak, run that way. Don't look behind.
Tell no one that your father was the blind fortuneteller.
You're the older brother.
Take care of Bong-sun.
You heard?
Yes, may heaven punish you.
Even if you shut us up...
I'm hungry. Give me some money.
The stench...
I don't have any money. Go away.
Bong-sun, are you okay?
So what if you're a nobleman's son?
I didn't mean to push her...
Beat it, you scoundrels!
How dare you mouth off to our young master...
Young Master, are you okay?
Let's go, Gyum.
Yes, Father.
My, not a stitch out of place.
And the lady wants you to drop by.
She apparently liked your last sewing job.
Did she?
Cha-dol, play here for a while. I'll be back in a bit.
Sure, Mother.
Who the heck was that?
Arrogant jerk.
That kid?
You know him?
His old man is a notorious petty thief.
They say his mother is an escaped servant.
Double-dose of the low-class genes in his veins.
And such a lowlife bumps into me and runs off?
He's a proud little jerk on top of it too.
So a lot of kids are after him.
Then we'll have to teach him...
What a filthy little jerk he is.
Everyone, there's a thief!
What is it, Young Master?
A thief stole that nobleman's thing.
Have you lost anything, sir?
I have...
Did you see the thief's face?
I saw him.
You did, young master?
Who was he?
I didn't steal anything. I don't know anything.
I heard that his father is a thief too.
I guess you can't fool your blood.
No, my father is not a thief.
I see that everyone's working hard.
So this is the famed herbal oxen gallstone?
What brings you here?
People say that someone's been smuggling in bogus gallstones.
So I came here to inspect.
We don't do that kind of thing. Feel free to look around.
I hear that smuggled items are hidden
at the bottom of the boat.
Then open it up.
Open it up...?
Go open up those crates.
What's the white stuff?
Powdered sugar.
So sweet. Melts in your mouth.
Those jerk noblemen sure are lucky.
They get to eat stuff like this.
You sure do talk a lot.
I better open these crates. Get me a tool.
Feel free to look. It's all been approved.
I hit the jackpot.
How much are these things a piece?
I better get some of this for Cha-dol.
Royal troops...?
Here you go.
Open them up.
Someone's already here. And you're here too?
What do you mean?
Over there...
He was there.
Where did he disappear off to?
Did he vanish into the sky?
I mean it. My father is not a thief!
Be quiet and just come along!
You're here.
Cha-dol is in some serious trouble.
What kind of trouble?
But I didn't do it.
What is it, Young Master?
Let me see the child's hands.
Take a look at this trinket. There's some white powder.
What do you think that is?
I'm not sure.
Have a taste.
It's sweet.
It's from a dried persimmon.
The sugar from the persimmon turns into white powder.
So that's why it tastes sweet.
Father, your hands.
See, there's no powder on my father's hands.
Neither my father's nor this child's hands
have powder on them.
So how is it that the trinket has powder on it?
I'm not sure...
Ask that young master to show you his hands.
Gyum, how did you...
It's nothing big.
I just happened to see him eating a persimmon earlier.
Let this innocent child go.
Yes, master.
Thank you, young master.
Your name...?
My name is Yi Gyum.
And your name, master?
I'm Yi Won-ho.
I'll repay your kindness one day.
You needn't do that.
Just grow up to be a special person.
That will suffice.
Right, Gyum?
Yes, Father.
No, I'll be sure to repay you one day.
What happened? Are you okay?
The nobleman and the young master saved me.
Is he your son?
Let's go, Cha-dol.
Mother, what is it?
Nothing... I'm just a little dizzy.
Do you like it?
Yes, it's very good.
You are precious.
You're not picky.
You can even enjoy this kind of food.
How can you stick up for such a lowlife?
You came all this way to show your anger?
It is noblemen like you who muddy up the social order.
The social order?
Young master, if you are of noble birth,
you should act accordingly.
Your son disgraced me in front of a lowlife commoner.
You scoundrel! Such nonsense!
Are you not ashamed of what you've done?
All noblemen are not the same.
Do you know who I am?
Byun Sik is my father!
Byun Sik?
Go tell your father that you ran into Yi Won-ho.
Yes, I'll do so. You better be prepared.
Gyum has grown.
He was a baby when I last saw him.
It's been some 8 years since I last saw you.
Is that right, you heartless man?
Do you enjoy being a hermit?
An idle life has its moments.
Yes, these days, I envy you.
A statesman's path isn't an easy one.
I've noticed that the masses are demoralized.
The Chinese invasion was more than a few years ago.
Yet the scars of war remain.
Look where serving the Ming so blindly put us.
When you think about it,
Prince Gwanghae did a great balancing act,
pleasing both the Ming and the Qing.
You must watch what you say.
Anyway, I need your advice regarding His Majesty.
What about?
Ever since General Yi Gwal's rebellion,
the reformists have tried to overthrow King Injo.
Everyone is engaged in a power struggle.
And to feel a sense of security,
His Majesty has surrounded himself
with the likes of Byun Sik and Yi Gyung-jun.
I fear that those traitorous villains may influence
the good-natured king in his political decisions.
Byun Sik...
I have always told you to read your master's mind.
If my mind veers to the right, then go right.
If it veers to the left, go left.
And then dig that hole.
Yes, son.
What happened to your face?
Where did it happen?
Who did this to my precious son's face?
Son of a man named Yi Won-ho. Please punish him.
Yi Won-ho...?
This is from Song...
And this is from Hwang...
It's amber.
There's a bug inside this thing!
These are very rare.
Maybe I'll have a trinket made from it.
You're giving me a headache.
Sit down, please. The sky isn't falling.
How can I sit down? My life is at stake here!
Who's this Yi Won-ho,
and why does he have you worked up?
He's not even a high-ranking official.
Why you dimwitted woman! Keep your trap shut!
That scoundrel and His Majesty...
His Majesty?
His Majesty...
What about His Majesty!
His Majesty worships the ground he walks on!
You're pathetic...
You dimwit.
His Majesty owes him so much.
He was instrumental in His Majesty's
dethroning of Prince Gwanghae.
And Si-wan messed with such a man?
So what happens to us now?
We're not going to play dead.
I'm Byun Sik after all.
Wrap up that amber.
I'm not going.
Si-wan, you have to go.
Son, go beg for forgiveness so your father can live.
I don't want to.
It's not a crime to pull a prank on a thief's son.
No, it's not!
No one says it's a crime.
However, messing with Yi Won-ho is a problem.
No, I'm not going!
Dear, go by yourself.
Oh, man!
Why don't you come?
If you apologize on your brother's behalf,
you'll melt the man's heart like the spring snow.
No, Mother.
If it's okay, I'll go ask for forgiveness.
My precious girl, where did you come from?
Yes, come.
Is Father really a thief?
Who told you such nonsense?
Your father is a great man.
I knew it.
And that nobleman I met earlier seemed like a great man too.
And the young master too.
He seemed really special.
Young Master, how can you wash a lowly servant's feet...
Don't you ever say that around me again.
To me, you're special. The most special in this world...
You're special. The most special in this world.
That was some ten years ago.
You have a child who looks just like you.
You're doing well.
Yes, you deserve to be happy.
What are you thinking about?
You have some guests.
Please forgive my brother.
And why are you the one asking for forgiveness?
After hearing what happened, Father gave him a whipping.
His legs are so swollen,
he's in no shape to make the trip.
He asked me to ask for forgiveness on his behalf.
And that is why I'm here.
You are precocious.
You have a precious daughter.
My son wasn't blameless either.
Anyway, your son's face has been scarred...
No, not a problem.
Kids are supposed to fight at that age...
Eun-chae, wait outside.
Yes, Father.
It's not much, but I ask for your generosity.
I'm very close to His Majesty. Please keep this from him...
If you look closely, you can see a bug.
The value of a amber depends on
whether it has a bug or not...
What do you think you're doing!
Who are you?
Sorry, the birds sounded so nice.
I just wanted to get closer...
Can you hear them better?
What's the name of that bird?
Whistling bird.
Whistling bird?
It really sounds as if it's whistling.
But they have a really sad story.
Sad? How?
They only show up when apricot blossoms bloom,
and then they can never leave the blossoms.
Well, there's a really sad reason...
Eun-chae, let's go.
Do you remember?
To celebrate the rebellion's success,
we washed our swords in this river.
Yes, it's already been some ten years.
If we hadn't overthrown Prince Gwanghae,
this nation wouldn't be in such poor shape.
Gwanghae was right, wasn't he?
Staying neutral between the Ming and the Qing was correct.
Then the invasion wouldn't have happened,
and the people's spirits wouldn't be so low.
Yes, you're right.
We mustn't forget our vow to fight for the people of Joseon.
Please keep our mission alive.
I can always count on my brother to speak the truth.
This is why blood matters.
In three days, around midnight,
we'll eliminate those traitors who want
Gwanghae to reclaim the throne.
Include Yi Won-ho's name among them.
Yi Won-ho...?
Name him as the head traitor.
I understand.
Son of a thief!
Beat it! My father's not a thief!
Why, you scoundrels...
Beat it!
I'll split your heads open...
You're not a thief, are you?
What son of a gun told you such smack?
I'm sorry.
For what?
For everything.
I'm sorry.
I'm ignorant. I'm poor.
I can't even buy you a good meal.
I'm sorry for everything.
It's okay. I like you the most in this whole wide world.
You do?
Yes, you're my little mutt.
I'm going to become a special person and take care of you.
A special person?
Yes, this nobleman told me yesterday.
To grow up into a special person.
But how do I grow up to be a special person?
You'll have to study like heck.
All I have to do is study?
Yes, study like heck and pass the civil exam.
Then you'll be a special person.
In other words, you'll be a nobleman.
One second...
You want to go to school?
School? Really?
Yes, I'll send you to a great school.
Yes, my little mutt.
I won't let you turn out like me.
Even if I have to sell this body of mine...
I'll raise you to be special.
I said, stop.
I can do this.
I won't slack off.
I'll keep working till my body breaks in half.
Yes, my lord.
Get me a guy who can climb walls.
Yes, my lord.
I've made a vow to not steal ever again.
If I ever do it again, I'll cut this wrist off.
Swe-dol, you've made the right decision!
But there's nothing I can do.
Nobody will hire me.
I promised Cha-dol that I'd send him to school.
I don't know where I'll find the money.
But he's not even your real kid.
Just do a decent job.
A decent job?
He may not be my blood,
but I held him when he was born.
So he might as well be my kid.
You're a servant, and you're out and about?
Go to the house I tell you to and bury this in the yard.
And once you do that, I'll give you twice that amount.
All I have to do is bury this...?
I heard that his father is a thief too.
Son of a thief!
Isn't this blood?
What could it mean...?
This is suspicious.
This isn't something ordinary.
So did you bury it?
Did you get caught?
I'm ignorant, so I don't understand a word of it...
But I do know the difference
between black ink and red blood...
I'm just going to show myself out.
Please find someone else.
What's going on...?
Please let me through.
You scoundrel!
You must have a death wish!
You thought that I'd just let you go back?
Teach this scoundrel a lesson.
Yes, master.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go...
He was loitering outside the gate.
What are you doing here?
My lord.
Please! Let my son go, please.
Lock him up in the storage.
Okay, I'll do it.
I'll go bury it.
Let him out.
My arm...
His arm's been pulled out of socket.
Oh, no...
He won't be able to climb walls.
Excuse me then... And my son...
But I can't just let you go.
You saw the contents of the scroll.
Should you blow, it'll put me in a bind.
No, I won't say a thing! I'll sew up my lips.
Don't kill him! I'll do it instead!
Spare my father! I'll do it!
I'll go bury it!
If you get caught, your father is a dead man.
You hold your father's fate in your hands.
Got that?
Who are you? What are you doing here?
My lord.
How did it go?
It was successful.
And the boy?
He's in the shed with his father.
When they fall asleep, get rid of them both.
It's impossible to keep a child silent.
If the word gets out, all this will have been in vain.
What brings you here at this hour?
It's urgent!
Swe-dol and Cha-dol are about to die!
Spare their lives.
Please, spare them!
What's with the ruckus?
Please, spare them.
Who's this?
That petty thief's wife?
How tawdry...
Aren't you...?
So that's your son?
My lord, please...
Spare my husband and son.
Cursed wretch.
How did you become a thief's wife?
Your husband was caught climbing the walls of my house.
So cut out the ruckus and leave.
That child...
You really don't recognize that child?
What was that? Say that again.
Have you forgotten?
Ten years ago...
That night...
No, I haven't forgotten.
Will you kill your own child?
What are you doing...?
Did you not covet me when you came to my master's?
Did you not ask him to let me be your concubine?
Have me as your concubine.
I will give you my flesh.
Young master, do you see?
What I'm doing while I carry your child?
I'm not going.
I'm going to live here with you, Mother and Father.
Heed my words.
You are of noble birth.
Am I really that nobleman's son?
Yes, you are Lord Byun Sik's son.
So do not ever associate with the lowly born.
Even if you should run into me, ignore me.
You are special. You will be special.
Now that he knows that you're not his real son,
he doesn't ever want to see you again.
It's for the best...
Rather than having a thief for a father,
he'll be a nobleman...
I see you!
I can see you!
I'm sorry, my son...
Yeon, you must've been so frightened.
No, Mother.
But there's nothing missing. Why did he break in?
There are many young beggars these days.
Perhaps, he was looking for something to eat.
I had them fill up the hole.
If he breaks in again, I won't let him get away.
Father, teach me sword fighting.
Sword fighting?
Yes, so I can protect my family from thieves.
And you're going to catch thieves?
And protect your family?
Letting one's guard down means death.
If it were a real sword, you'd already be slain.
You coward.
Letting one's guard down means death.
You just taught me that.
Okay, I accept defeat.
What is a sword in your opinion?
There are two kinds of swords.
A murderous sword which kills lives.
And a vibrant sword which saves lives.
I wish that you will never have to wield a sword.
But if you must, I hope that you'll do it for good.
A vibrant sword which will save lives.
Do you understand?
Yes, Father.
My son is all grown up.
I can sleep at night now.
Dear, the apricot blossoms look especially beautiful today.
I get this strange feeling that I'll never
see such a sight again.
You must stay still inside here.
Don't make a sound.
This is an amulet.
It'll protect you from evil.
Even if something happens to me, you must live.
Promise me that you'll live.
Yes, Father.
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Save me...
I'll protect you.
I'll never let you go.
My child...
I'll never forget...