How to make Kimbap [Korean Sushi]

Uploaded by KFoodAddict on 20.11.2011

Hello, this is Chloe from K FoodAddict.
I've been staying in Australia for almost 1 year
and I'm going back to Korea very soon.
So today, I will have a farewell party with my friends at the park.
I'm gonna make Kimbap for my friends.
Hopefully they will like it!
First of all, I'm going to cut all the ingredients into a half cm thin strips.
So first, carrot.
And ham,you can find this kind of ham for Kimbap in Korean grocery store.
Or simply, you can use spam.
And we have imitated crab stick.
It's quite thick, so cut it in half.
You can buy long crab sticks in Korean grocery store.
Set aside.
And cucumber.
Just take the edges, both sides.
And first,
Slice the skin, like this.
The reason why we only use the skin is
as you can see, the inside of cucumber is very watery and soft to use.
Cut it into strip like the other ingredients.
And it's yellow pickled radish.
I bought pre-cut radish
So it's already ready to use.
Set aside.
This much.
We're gonna egg strips.
So prepare 3 eggs.
Crack the eggs into a bowl.
Oil the pan.
And pour the egg mixture into a little bit thick.
Fry on both sides until golden brown.
Egg is done.
Place on the chopping board.
And cut into strip like the other ingredients.
Then we're gonna fry ham, imitated crab and carrot.
You don't need to use oil, as it's quick frying.
Next, let's prepare the rice.
Use short of medium grain rice.
So it's sticky enough.
So put around 3 cups of steamed rice in a big bowl.
It's enough.
Season with salt, little bit of salt.
And 1 teaspoon of sesame oil.
(Oh, sesame seeds as well!)
And mix it.
Taste some rice.
If you need more salt, you can add a little bit more.
Pretty good.
We're gonna roll Kimbap.
And it's Bamboo sushi mat.
It's the most important kitchen tool in the recipe.
Put first.
And place the seaweed laver on the mat.
And take a handful of rice.
Spread it all around the laver.
Very thinly.
You can use hands.
If it's stuck on you hands,
You can use cold water.
Just wet your hands so you can continue.
All right.
And put the ingredients.
I like putting hard ingredients first on the bottom.
So when I roll up, the shape is stable.
And put ingredients a little bit on this side.
So that you can roll it all the way.
That's a lot of ingredients!
roll it.
And squeeze gently to make sure the shape.
Ta-da. It's done!
So brush a little bit of sesame oil over the Kimbap.
And cut into thumb sized pieces.
Ohhh look at the color.
It's so beautiful.
Hang on.
And sprinkle a little of sesame seeds on the top.
for a garnish.
Yep, now it's finished! (Clang-Clang-Clang)
yum yum yum
Thanks for watching. Gam Sa Ham Ni Da ('Thank you ' in Korean)