Francis Chan, Founder of Eternity Bible College

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The purpose behind Eternity Bible College is to train people to live and die well
and the reason is is we chose that phrase because we don't see a lot of believers here
in America that are really
going out and living each day with the adventure God has called us to
We're not really living as though we're really going to die some day as though we're really going
to come into the presence of God
and typically in a Christian educational system you
you have this idea where you have this professor who imparts this head knowledge to these students
and if he imparts that knowledge well then you 've succeeded but
at Eternity our thought is
that Scripture teaches in James that if you're just a hearer of the word even though you get it intellectually
you're deceiving yourself unless you actually do something with it. And so our desire
is to give the education make sure these students understand the Word of God but also that they apply it because
knowledge on it's own is only going to lead to pride
unless there's a love behind it unless there's a passion
where we would take the Word of God and say you know what this has changed my heart
and I want to do something with it it's going to affect my life
then we feel like we have failed. Some of the faults we've seen in Christian educational systems is that
sometimes we we get these students in a
really almost in a bubble where they are
are just around other believers and they just talk theology with other believers
which is a great thing and is an important thing and we have that here but
but sometimes if you're in that environment too long and you end up graduating and suddenly you
don't know how to relate to the world outside of you you don't know how to talk to people who don't
believe in Jesus who
who can't stand the name of Jesus
and so we want to keep them in these environments where not only are they fellowshipping with Christians
but now they're also in the world
taking risks sharing their faith doing some things that are uncomfortable
to them and it requires some faith
but also another thing is this college indebtedness we wanted to create a place where
students wouldn't have to get into debt
in order to get a Christian education
I feel like that
Christian education is almost reserved for the elite here in America where unless you're rich
or unless you're willing to get into enough debt
you're not going to get a good bible education and we want to change that.
We want students to get an education graduate debt free
and if they feel like the day after graduation they want to go on the mission field
we want to enable them to do that
so they can just go out and do whatever God has called them to
and so we subsidize it pretty heavily with the church because the church has this vision
to put out those types of leaders
The other thing is sometimes we can learn from professors who aren't necessarily out in the world doing things themselves by faith and and this is a tough one because
we want men who are educated
and to really explain the Word of God
but we're also really careful in choosing faculty and in looking at their lifestyles and saying
you know what is this person an example can they truly disciple these students or is it just mere head knowledge
that their going to transfer
from one person to the next
and so
I love what God has done
at Eternity Bible College Our hope is that anyone
who wants a bible education
could apply to a college like this
and actually receive an education
but not only that but be challenged in their faith.