Australia Pacific Technical College

Uploaded by AusAIDvideo on 04.11.2009

I'm Julie Kean,
country manager of the Australia-Pacific Technical College
here in Samoa.
We've been pleased to be able to respond
to the needs of the Samoan people after the tsunami.
In particular, we've been doing food preparation
for staff at the hospital here in Apia.
The hospital kitchen is able to cater for the patients in the hospital,
but they're having difficulty
catering for all the additional medical staff who are here.
So our specialist cookery teachers
and our cookery students and our hospitality students
have been preparing and delivering food at the hospital all this week
and will continue until Saturday.
WOMAN: As trainers, we had a meeting and decided
that we couldn't just do classes as normal at the moment.
So, we wanted to do something that would help the students
feel like they were helping the relief effort over here.
So that's why we've incorporated our commercial kitchen
into doing 250 meals a day for the hospital,
and now we're also doing food for Victim...Support...
What is it? Victim Support as well. Yeah. Yeah.
So the main reason is to help,
and to help our students feel like they're helping their own community.
When they first came in, they were all quite flat and low.
But the moment they were told
that they were going to be doing the cooking for the hospital,
straightaway you could see them spark up somehow,
and they got straight into it
and they have worked so hard it's been quite unbelievable.
Cooking is very, very good therapy,
and it really has helped them keep focused.
They're coming to school, and it's also helping their families
and it's helping their community and their villages.
My name is Joshua,
from the island kingdom of Tonga.
I'm here for...doing the commercial cookery at the APTC.
And what we're doing here, I'm happy to do this help,
because the Australian Government are helping me out with the study.
Um, the process we're doing here -
refilling the packs, making them up -
we are happy to help.