Why I Love Atheist Day

Uploaded by ericparrey on 24.03.2010

This video is meant for comedic purposes only. It is not meant to change your views, but
if it does, you were going to change them eventually anyways.
Reasons why I love Atheist Day and being an Atheist
Because it's on April Fools day.
Because of all the sales.
Since it's the atheism season, I'd like to celebrate all week because one day just isn't
Because the word holiday means holy day and Atheist day isn't a holiday.
Atheist pride day makes me proud to live in a country that allows freedom of religion,
which includes to be free of religion, even though the government puts the word god on
everything. There should be a four dollar bill that says In Darwin We Trust.
Because of all the decorations.
Because people tend to believe that if someone believes differently then you that you're
a fool, so April fools day is the perfect day for Atheist day. Believers can call Atheists
fools, Atheists can call believers fools, and people can fool people with fake dog doo
all on the same day.
Because it's the perfect day to give my opinion about how the word atheist isn't an appropriate
word because it defines someone by their lack of something else. A lack of theism. I'm not
lacking anything. I think the term should be more positive and rather then focus on
the absence of belief be called factist to focus on the presence of fact.
Isn't not like people who don't believe in unicorns are called A-unicornists.
Because I know all the other atheists in the world are looking up at the stars and the
moon tonight and thinking, yep, there are the stars and the moon.
Because atheists only get molested by family members and strangers, unlike alter boys.
Because when an atheist looks at a guy with a beard, they don't think he looks like Jesus.
Because atheists don't think when someone says "Oh My God" that it's an expression.
It's sounds like over compensation to me. It's not like atheists say "Oh My Nothing".
It's because atheists don't need to make up expressions for things that don't exist.
Because atheists don't have any competition. Religions argue about which is the true God.
It's not like atheists argue with other atheists to what degree there isn't a god.
Because of Bill Maher, David Cross, Howard Stern, George Carlin and many, many more.