Baby Shower Gift Ideas : Where to Buy Baby Shower Gifts

Uploaded by expertvillage on 15.04.2008

Welcome to Expert Village. I'm Gretchen Soares and today we're going to do how to shop for
a baby shower gift. The first step in shopping for a baby shower gift is to make sure you
pick a store that's going to have enough choices of what you want in different categories that
you have a fair selection to choose from. You don't want to go to a store that specializes
in just one item, because if nothing strikes your fancy, you're off to yet another store.
I like to maximize my time and do as much shopping in a small or in a localized store
as I can without going to a million different stores. The other thing I like to do, and
this is just personal, but I like to support local businesses. Pick out a local store in
your hometown or where you're shopping to stop from versus a large retailer that is
nationwide. You're going to get a much personal gift, more personalized gift, and you?re going
to support your local community which is always great. When picking a store, I enjoy going
to a store that has a selection that would have hats and shoes and blankets and maybe
some clothing or some diaper bags, something for the mom and something for the child, so
that you have a selection to pick from. If the shower you're going to is for a close
personal friend or you're more in support of the mother, you're going to want a gift
that reflects the mother's personality and that the mother is going to enjoy. Whereas
if the shower is for your grandchild or niece or nephew, where you're going to be really
bonded for the child, then you're going to want a gift that is more reflective of the
child or maybe your relationship with the child.