Celebrity Quitters with Bedfont Micro+ Smokelyzer

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Five heavy-smoking celebrities have vowed to kick the habit
Once and for all. “Argh, I need a cigarette!”
We followed their journey over a month as the battle to banish cigarettes from their life
It’s gonna be really difficult
I feel like I could cry any minute
I don't want a cigarette, I’m not gonna have a cigarette! I swear to God, I really feel like smoking!
I’m just dying for a fag!
it's been a really horrible
Giving up smoking, let’s face it, is not an easy thing to do.
Especially if you’ve been smoking for the best part of 20, erm 30 years.
So how many did you have? I’ve had no fags at all for 2 days
This is the proof
All the celebrity have been given a carbon monoxide tester
If that goes over 7…
I’ve had a cigarette
Today, John has scored 1
What score did you get the first time you blew into it? 22
Really polluted lungs!
30-a-day-man James decides to see how he compares
That’s better than 22! It is, yeah!
I’m actually really impressed John managed to not smoke for 2 days
everyone's been given a machine to measure the amount of carbon monoxide in their lungs
If they’re clean, they get a green light. If not, it turns red or amber
Which means that carbon monoxide is present in their system
I knew that would happen!
If I smoked, it’d be red
…if I had a cigarette, blantantly
That is passive smoking
and it doesn't take long for Waud to get back to our GP
Paul has had a carbon monoxide monitor reading
That flashed up amber
that means one of two things: Either he's been surrounded by smoker for the evening
Or he has had a cheeky drag of a cigarette
in east London, Paul is doing his daily carbon monoxide test. If the reading is red, he smoked.
If it’s green, he is smoke free.
Paul’s confidence has taken a knock after a couple of stressful days
But this morning he is back on track
Or is he?
Well, im kind of an addict
Might as well take it.
I was in a lot of pain and came home and had a cigarette
I didn’t think it’d still be… at all
Because all of yesterday I didn’t, all last night I didn’t
I swear I’ve done well and I haven’t been smoking and I haven’t bought any…
Anyway, what can I do? Alright?
But his quit-body Derek has been smoking again
This is 1.0, so that is prove that I haven’t smoked any cigarettes
in all this time, even since the last time I saw you guys
…and the proved that her evil habit is behind her
you got five seconds
Two, one…
Is that saying zero, zero, zero?
1.0 – Well there you go!
I am imprisoned by cigarettes
but while Paul talks a good game it's the CO monitor that will have the final say
I haven’t smoked! I had a couple of drags on Firday
Six is green, seven just goes into orange, so…
It’s another fail!
One drag of a cigarette 3 days ago would not give a reading like that
So I think Paul’s been smoking more than he is letting on.
Armed with her CO monitor, Chloe is now going to prove her new found strength and resilience to her biggest fans
…mom and dad
I’ve brought this breath analyser
she was terrific
Brilliant! Congratulations, I’m so proud.
And back in Dartmouth
the final blow on the CO monitor belongs to former 30-a-day-man John Burton Race
Here you go, that’s the minimum reading you can get
I remember when I blew into that just over three weeks ago and it was showing 22
Oh dear! Anyway!
That’s good. I'm proud of it, you know?