Only in Reel Life - Will & Grace

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ERIKA: Have you ever been watching a TV show and you see
the character and then you see where they live, and you're
like, something is awry in Scotland.
Something does not make sense.
And that is why we are going to profile iconic sitcom
We are actually on our way right now to the real life
Grace Adler's apartment to see how a real interior designer
and Grace Adler wannabe would actually be living, in this
segment of "Only In Reel Life," on INSpaces.
So at the opening of "Will and Grace," she may have lost her
fiance, but she totally wins in the long run, when she gets
to move into her best friend and very successful lawyer
Will's two-bedroom, crazy sick Upper West Side apartment.
Huge kitchen, reading nook, fireplace, living room--
the works.
But if Grace Adler didn't have her best friend Will's
apartment to move into, which is sickly stunning, she'd
probably living a lot like my friend Megan Dunloe.
How are you?
MEGAN: Good.
I'm good, how are you?
Thanks for coming out to Brooklyn.
ERIKA: Well, it was a trek.
I'm not going to lie.
So you are an interior designer.
MEGAN: I am.
ERIKA: And you also have red hair.
MEGAN: I do.
And it's natural.
ERIKA: Really?
Right now, we're on par with Debra Messing.
ERIKA: Are you Jewish?
MEGAN: I'm Catholic.
MEGAN: Which is quite the opposite, but--
ERIKA: So you're 50% Grace Adler.
MEGAN: Yeah.
ERIKA: So how did you find this space?
MEGAN: Finding this space was one of the most stressful
things I've done in the last few years.
Found this.
It was a sub-letter.
Unfortunately, I have not put my teeth into this living room
or the kitchen yet.
But I'm working on it.
ERIKA: You mean to tell me this lovely
pillow isn't yours?
MEGAN: What pillow?
ERIKA: What personal touches have you been able to put on
the apartment?
MEGAN: Well, I have my cute, itty bitty bar cart over here
with a punch of lime green.
And my industry's a little stressful, so I have to have a
cute place to go have my cocktail at
the end of the day.
ERIKA: Beginning of the day, middle of the day.
MEGAN: End of the day.
Any time of the day.
Not me.
And then I have my bedroom, which is my cozy little haven.
Which I can rest in and relax in.
So let's go see your space.
MEGAN: Fantastic.
ERIKA: Come on.
MEGAN: Welcome.
What do people say when they come from your living room to
your bedroom?
MEGAN: Oh my God.
ERIKA: OK, so tell me about this room.
MEGAN: All of my inspiration stems from my favorite books--
"Pride and Prejudice," "Emma." Jane
Austen's my favorite author.
I like a lot of neoclassical.
I like French.
These events are actually some French portraits that my mom
found at an estate sale in the middle of Pennsylvania.
This is my ghost chair.
There are several chairs within the interior design
industry that are iconic.
This is one of them.
I found my apartment on Craigslist, I found my chair
on Craigslist.
I found that one and another one.
I had to take them both by myself because it was like 10
o'clock at night.
And I didn't want to set one on the street in the chances
that another crazy interior designer would steal one.
So it was a beast to get here, but I love it.
ERIKA: So what about these?
MEGAN: Those are my guys.
They have such character.
I think they add a little something to my room, which is
heavily French and English.
They add an exotic flair to it.
So this is one of my proudest moments in my bedroom because
I put my own sweat, blood, and tears into it.
This is my headboard I proudly can say that I made by myself.
ERIKA: No you did not.
MEGAN: I did.
Isn't it pretty?
ERIKA: Oh my God.
MEGAN: Pinterest DIY.
I bought a piece of plywood from Home Depot.
The egg mattress cover.
ERIKA: Like the styrofoamy kind of--
MEGAN: Yeah, it makes your bed comfy.
And then I went staple gun crazy on the other side.
ERIKA: Can I see?
Can I touch?
MEGAN: Please.
ERIKA: Oh my God.
MEGAN: Nice, right?
ERIKA: This is incredible.
So what is this moment happening over here?
MEGAN: I paint to relax.
And I paint in my tulip chair.
My tulip chair is actually the other half of that purchase
with the ghost chair.
ERIKA: You did not get an original tulip chair--
MEGAN: I did.
ERIKA: --on Craigslist.
So similarly to Grace, who sort of moved into this very
masculine man's apartment, she didn't get to really inject
any of her own style.
MEGAN: It's frustrating when you don't get to make your own
stamp on things.
Because as a designer, you're always analyzing everything.
Your home is your safe haven.
To always be analyzing in your safe haven is difficult.
ERIKA: So if Grace Adler didn't have Will, she'd
probably, if she was lucky, be living in an amazing spot just
like this one.
But this is "Reel Life." See you guys.
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