Events Management at Bournemouth University

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>> Mary Beth Gouthro PHD, Course leader: The Events Management degree is four year sandwich
degree. Our students learn theory as well as some practical elements. They also have
some underpinning from a finance and economics perspectives as well. In the second year they
do a range of things that develop both their theory and practical skills, from a research
perspective, working with people and the management of an event. Of course, then the third year
is the placement year. A minimum 40 week placement, and then in the final year they concentrate
on their dissertation, strategy and leadership and international events management.
>> Faye Hayward: I’m working for an event s company which are based in London. My initial
job was to do the Christmas parties for two venues both in London and I was kind of working
with them to set up the venues, meeting clients, showing them around the venue, and then during
December we put on the parties. So I worked at the venues and managed them. During my
placement year I’ve had lecturers come and visit me. And I’ve been back to Uni for
a mid season seminar and learned loads about the final year. You’re kind of always in
the know.
>> Jo Routledge, Events Management Graduate: The most important aspect of my four years
at Bournemouth University was me getting my placement year because it definitely gives
a headstart in already having a years experience on your CV.
>> Faye Hayward: I think if you speak to anyone about their placement year, they would say
they have definitely more prepared for work now after doing this year.
>> Simon Mitchell: One of the real benefits for us is hiring a student from Bournemouth
is their placement year is in their third year as opposed to the second year on many
other degrees. I think that extra year gaining experience and learning about events really
stands them in much better stead to come into the workplace and have a real understanding
about what they are doing, and for us that’s great as in theory they only go back to University
for one more year and then potentially they come back to work for us.
>> Mary Beth Gouthro PHD: We have what we call SIPS, that‘s our placement database.
The students have access to that to search from a range of different employers where
they can find work within the field.
>> Jo Routledge: I’ve got several exciting things I’m working on at the moment. I have
got an opening night for a West End show that I’m planning, a large dinner for an Olympic
supplier, and what I’m actually working on today is a large Harry Potter themed event
which is going to be at the Tower of London.
>> Mary Beth Gouthro PHD: One of the key strengths of the Events Management course at Bournemouth
Uni is the balance of both industry and academic perspective that the staff bring to the course.
>> Faye Hayward: I found that the academics are really really helpful. They are all based
on site so that you know that if you ever need any help at all you can just pop along
and see them. I wouldn’t change going to Bournemouth for the world. I’ve met such
amazing people and yeah.