Libya: Clinton, Obama chose war not diplomacy. Now our Ambassador pays for their hubris

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good evening I am Alexander Hagen - this is a machine caption - so it will only help a little bit
issue you know a small medium-sized company in silicon valley previously
financial analyst of potential journalist and research engineer
uh... tonight i want to address the issue of the ambassador who was killed along with
the three diplomats
my question
do it really significance too
their deaths
what can we do in the name
of this incident two
right this wrong
what is wrong
that we had to write
and we have two different
uh... manipulated distortions reality play
one is is a group of people that produced this
video about
this loan
uh... that was deliberately designed to get people killed
and i believe that that is at the same level
as uh... uh... shouting fire in a crowded theater so much much much worse
produces these work then every case previously has resulted in hundreds or
thousands of deaths
when it was published
then your essentially committing conspiracy to commit murder
when you really such a work in such a fashion
so this is one of the story manipulated version of i really am did suggest lose
scenario because it so late so west from
the arab and muslim world the portions of it that israel
wants to drive
uh... the west away from this particular groups perspective
if they're intelligent enough to have a plan what
i've just described
you know you have a distorted view of reality is what we were doing in libya
and why
so we have not been given correct information
and um...
basically if you knew
what i have found out over the last fifteen hundred two thousand hours of
uh... you'd realize that the other white house to the media
both to cute into anymore
that's going to have potential reverberation on millions of people who
without letting you know the information
to advocate or understand whether war peace within your behalf
so man in the beginning there's a good day today and i feel i
so that they don't have the library they outbreak during their spring in
bankruptcy on february
seventeen family in two thousand eleven
uh... there is a about two hundred people killed an uprising where they
obtain weaponry
uh... but uh... with the rebels are arrested more than three thousand people
and i was supporting at the time is very puzzled help you
of the sun's these regions are giving
to the conflict
uh... and then
later on it all began much clearer
uh... but i don't know if something was wrong right down there qaddafi was
growing up back up in the bank ozzie
he had made her a cellmark souls written speeches which
well could be unisa
uh... with broader all about uh... straightening out there people in the us
here this was going in for the love colombo onto by the western rulers and
to justify it
but they were about to do
so they got u_n_ resolution nineteen seventy-three which said there is no
harm in the right side
for example there was to be no fly in fact the allies flew people back and
forth between
the of
mountains where the indigenous uh...
amazines there where people lived
and warning with g artists in the end of the
uh... the uh... series lease you know
four five different groups
that represent the opposition there was of various cities states and uh...
tribal groups in configurations at work
aligned against uh... the uh... ghadafi it align tribes and groups over general
is rodman's hate or follows of anyone leader vice versa
and uh... that they will use the last stronghold of
developing loyalists
this video of the light also
consisted of
rapidly circulating on verified rumors
gleefully again that this is like grist for something to relapse salute labview
study there
papers that were
the year
they will prove any nonsense they could get
uh... to discredit the coffee and justify the war
so basically what i want to show you may not be able to see very well side effect
the red box everywhere
survey dot the emory seventy-seven said
we were never told us that that
so withhold by federal africa actually copied it s orders
uh... that actually we were
and lead to saudi arabia his heart
causing injury
virulent form of aunty
it's warm
and um...
uh... and it's now they're shutting it down the of people in libya's throats
uh... by destroying their
uh... trying to bring libraries extensive personal these
desecrating graves having i'd roman statues
all of the store
it causes a reason to paris
who are in the islamists and will be a
who were basically contrary allosaurus where
any percent
of the uh... the rebels although you might want to look at these rocks out a
bit differently
as the state has brought
of a show why i think that he broke out
when he made a decision to putting u_n_ making separate sa nineteen
seventy-three resolution to
create a cease-fire allies of the week parts
the background is
we were never told a number of cartons which
using standards that you requested that
feel about the facts there's not in disgust
was about to be described
so he's advertise parts of the body
star artist people condition
as obviously a very high and precondition
a period reconditioned
that is that not to encourage peace but absolute
uh... obedience and surrender and crossed rations
as you still may be killed in jail
uh... lar
your destruction
uh... solo
cdr uh... several colors
rising us through
leave you tonight that cannot be there to ask you go in fact
helping you begin negotiations with some he's gone
uh... and
this product into the ballots
conquest has had two options for the u_s_ character
one nineteen seventy three
was enacted
and instead of choosing the path of peace
which is well you're not consultant for us
uh... european write-up they're headed up a resected you'd have to be
uh... pieces no against
and you can all start or anything more
but this was not right
uh... anybody says it was
is full of it
uh... but the funny thing is in there i thought these people were evolve but i
think a lot actually believe their own
uh... by it
so the question is
the decision to go into more and more is created
oracle back
and and so i will go through the boat articles
so first of all of you should have any doubt
that the libyans were ready to negotiate
elections immediately bites you and as you know i'm still on
uh... last year
five months before is that bad playing for now
scarred kids
one can
blacks and store or
there were reformers such as a possible
in libya prior to this uprising
but let's not get conaway for ourselves
yuki question
this is evidence that we probably could have tried peace
and uh... i imagine we didn't
and the south african protesters outside saying for the best of my mind he said
used the west is bloodthirsty it'll really understand violence
the mother's day and diplomacy
and um... endorsed it seemed to be the case
uh... the mission uh... probably end up killing on thirty thousand libyans let
me as a population of new york city
said today that is one nine eleven your
uh... and that's uh... there's also ten thousand people being l
without charges
many of which are being tortured
there is a uh... v beginning of muscling of women after women
legal you can always and research analyst
ago about the job of video
we do the military response to a diplomatic problem
you'd hear ironically alternately was the diplomats who died
the state of art under clinton has adopted a very aggressive stance is
chewing diplomacy provide oats in pakistan and afghanistan syria
palestine lebanon libya
what that evidence or ignorance and also ironically
is that eww himself came to power a bloodless coup coop
when for us to achieve this change nearly destroyed their country
those are the w_i_c_ just broke it ticket in nineteen sixty-nine apparently
end of the uh... at king's quarters and demanded he abdicated and he did so
of in this incredibly seems to be a excerpt roosevelt was the youngest
sister below is the republican ticket seventy-five the drove literacy at
sharply every metrical
libya was not a poor country it was a police state uh...
uh... i would
hazard each day
this small prison population quarter of the u_s_ incarceration rate
will the west
ever take responsibility for the consequences of its
diplomacy free
humanitarian intervention
how is dropping bombs humanitarian
how is the big lie i have a hypothetical massacre in being bossy it might have
taken place justification the events that have transpired
in actual fact
the uh...
passing of u_n_ resolution nine seventy three is
is not really the issue the issue is the abuse of the resolution the ideal
hauling hostility to the edge of bankruptcy is a separate issue one can
but this issue is one of taking of resolution to side
to lead the peace and forcing it to go to war
so who made this decision
and did they realize that that will that will include destabilizing oliver north
africa with all kinda like group stimulated with weapons
of that warrants came turned out of
uh... libya
who were
actually that warrants were
look good dot we have more broad-based support than people think
because actually
uh... the two parties were not even in my list them
prototyping units and all of these other guys down here and the southwest
were broken up the
practically except for the forwarding here they were
heading up the line went after the nato intervention
this area was a not at all like to get out the
and you're going well with you
eyes holding out
it turns out the people who
held at the airport is always a girl were in fact been about the loyalists e
penetrated intelligence services
undone bombs
and uh... many of these uh... ethnic
complex inside libya
are deliberately being dumbbell
we don't get to know withered about the loyalist
uh... nobody with actual training
yes examine this information and say
of these people are traditionally allied
will get out the aircrew where nobody notes suggest two different tribes and
so it we have to go out and spread this information off it's just
because they did the key bedrock issue
uh... for the libyan singer
uh... for us to believe going to be a regardless of your feelings are
uh... which ten out of ten arab countries all pros and called a gallup
which didn't even bother to bolivia
uh... but um...
you as you see here we have the work follow their where leg towards debt up
the after nato intervention which drove them to be sympathetic with them whereas
previously they were against him in the still justice civil metal matter
many people when i read about you and i went from a
uh... political crisis to his foreign military intervention prices tarhuna
they were the ones that actually captured the tripoli airport is
suspected of having been grove's bombings
uh... from the loyalists point-of-view
um... then of course he got up and sears various people in south here
uh... sirico vincent tripoli dot that way
uh... so there is still support for that
uh... that a sympathy and the defeat of the islamist elections or through the
when the prairie parties who was involved in this uprising pressure
alienated from qaddafi take
as much to work to go over
you know they're aspect with the remnants of libyan independent by a
uh... libya independent writing crew
uh... were islamic extremists
uh... reasonable bittu bitter civil war in libya and uh...
signals on
uh... release them
and uh... then they headed up by radically at killing his father or
certainly enabling it
so this has been the document have been maintaining
on world back
of this decision and militarized rather than
uh... treat diplomatically
uh... the uh... u_n_ nineteen seventy three
which quick over
i hope this thing laurier as this tree here peace
ethnicity chose conquest
as to whether the consequences of that so
in terms of background i described here
uh... that libya
but you can get to it
well let's just say had died level august real up one item the air
sensei u_n_ resolution
mister i have posted on my part of the up with the link in the article
so this is a human development of libya clinic is green
itni agencies they baseline value in development
exceeds all countries in africa
everything's that statistics about this time
that same uh... page will be a conflict until you guess google that
and at about that pager are downloads
so um...
so in terms of above blow back
first of all we were not surprised many civilians were bombed in libya
sears by nato separate extensive billions
was a joke and sears
uh... no-fly zone we flew there
um... the rebels around
in fourth in the arms embargo qatar asana land troops and weaponry yet so
much of it that
some contrarian don't let me know tranship to syria along with a lottery
libya radicals
have gone to syria to fight
bent on flights
uh... asset freeze
uh... designations
panel of experts
uh... so uh... the uh...
u_n_ resolution indicated that we were supposed to have the
african union talk today about the
and uh... his son was ready to allow elections in the constitution many in
his inner circle ready to do this they had a highly growing economy
other than this uh... or they were facing things having to worry well for
the elderly disarm voluntarily
so then we have the media uh... report all this nonsense about rape and the
yatra and heavy weapons use on civilians
which actually did occur in abu selling but it was a revels foreign governments
about the loyalists and it's in the new york times
then though the strikes by nato uh... which drove sympathies against this
intervention that i was opposed in the arab world nato actually literally
killed let me and t_v_ people
solis contributes to uh... impression of us in russia and india
and africa and south america
that we are pretty dangerous people
that's for sure
uh... and then uh... we have the decentralization overall northern africa
in this article there's predicted potentially hundreds of thousands of bad
guys are very fragile
communities in mali and working at all about
uh... and huge refugee are already near refugee status and other priority and
uh... so approaching these people in the state was that they could actually be
so they could cause mass deaths
so uh... i have a uh... many pages will back the indian government central
government leadership were involved in the mall ocean national sufi shrines
from the fifteen hundreds
now how can you tell me that war is better than peace
when you have the government now believable this
and um... and and have a saudi arabian qatar libelous to impose laws usergroup
uh... what is all about this
a lot of you know that products
uh... because of suspicions that they might have been
uh... mercenaries but the black sea were lynched were basically workers at the
about a million extra quasi ex-patriot people as workers in libya
the destruction of temple too
uh... the
equal dot what else can we say
a lot of attacks in libya
so i don't wish any worse for the libyans but the question is
who introduced this
decision to use war instead of peace
who have information
they should have been discussed
uh... that indicated we had all these respected sir accelerating
beautiful al-qaeda recruiting realm
in libya and in the same time this uh... funneling emissary destabilizing serious
serious parent lazard shiite says iraq
and we need you fall
and now iraq's shiite leadership has been a wonderful iran's it's serious
because of
soon the extremists
so this is the end of the park too