I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVES (1959) [Eng subs]

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Be careful, Johnny.
Watch your back in town.
I like her, she likes me.
You're not ready to be a parent.
Settle down, or we'll have to leave Memphis.
Wherever we go, there will be white women.
If I was like you, I could go wherever I want.
Just don't go there.
Joe, the Lord said,
"Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."
Let God forgive them, I'm just a man.
Johnny's already forgiven them. I brought him up as a Christian.
Christ wasn't black!
He was a Jew. Don't forget they were an enslaved people.
We're not exactly cousins.
I'm leaving Memphis and I'll settle elsewhere.
have mercy on your children.
Lord, have mercy on your children.
Lord, relieve his heart of hatred.
Lord, have mercy on your children.
we ask for your forgiveness.
Lord, have mercy on your children.
Go away, Joe.
Go away, Joe.
I'll shoot.
You know I will, Joe.
You were forewarned and didn't do anything?
Don't do this, Joe!
If you want to find justice, hunt down the guilty.
Can't you be my friend?
I don't know how to be a friend to blacks.
I want to make a living.
I have to stay on my feet.
It's not my fault he went with a white girl.
I didn't mean to say that.
I know that's not true.
Get a hold of yourself!
It's all my fault.
I was passed out here.
I need your help, Lex.
You want me to help you?
That's why you dragged me to Mississippi!
It's just as well. I can see I'm done for.
I need your help.
I want to cross the color line.
Cross the color line?
Look at your fingernails!
They'll betray you everywhere.
Up North, they've never given me away.
Not even among friends.
I think I'll pay a visit
to Horace Chandley in Trenton.
I'm sending you this letter
with a friend from Memphis who needs work.
He's completed his studies.
His name's Joey Grant.
I must've already mentioned you.
What does he know?
You're the type to avoid.
I'll take it back.
...Of whom I've already spoken.
You can be confident in him?
How about myself?
Write what you can.
Address it.
Address it.
This is for me.
Don't go yet. I want to explain.
Don't go to Trenton.
Revenge helps no one.
It doesn't forgive anything.
Me neither. I won't forgive anything.
Listen good, Chandley.
Stan's gone away, but for you he might as well still be here.
I give the orders
and you follow them.
Come on.
We're not finished, Chandley.
Sorry, old man.
The shop's closed.
He's unable to help you.
What do you want?
A book.
Didn't you hear?
The shop's closed!
It seems to be open.
You understand, Chandley?
You bring the dough over to the drugstore.
I want it delivered before noon.
I don't know if I have free will.
That's a philosophical position that requires a lot of courage.
Ah! For pike.
Have you ever fished for pike?
In the Mississippi.
This is the first time somebody's come from Mississippi
to Trenton to find something to read.
In the old days, the shops around here were as good as those in Chicago.
These days, Trenton's dead.
Those young men in here seemed alive.
Parasites find their way to a corpse.
I guess so.
I need a job.
My name's Joey Grant.
Lex has spoken about you!
A name venerated in the North.
The one who liberated the blacks.
- You're not going out? - Pretty soon, to the drugstore.
I consider his invitation an imperative one.
Come on. It's just across the way.
What have we here?
Take to heart what I tell you.
These youngsters have the same prejudices as the old.
- I'm dying to get lucky. - A nice piece of luck.
We'd better take advantage of Stan being away a while.
What'd I tell you?
This establishment should be the least popular in town.
Only there's nowhere else to go.
I've had enough of these thugs.
Already lost most of my regulars.
This keeps up, might as well close up shop.
Stan Walker's become a giant.
You wait and see.
It'll start again, then what?
This is the only distraction Trenton has going.
The usual?
A soda.
Be a love, Chandley, introduce me.
It's up to you to introduce yourself, Charlotte.
Oh, I'd never dare.
Just wait. They'll do it.
Here they come.
- Mind? I'm gonna go play something. - Okay.
- Hello. - Hey.
Aren't we here to dance?
Stop drooling.
Treton's rituals are going to strike you as mysterious.
You'll get the hang of it. It's an initiation ritual.
The length of my stay depends on you.
That's right. I keep forgetting.
I've got your future in my hands.
Give me what you owe.
A dollar for a tip?
You don't say.
That one's going to be an artist.
That's one way of putting it.
- Ladykiller David, huh? - Cut it out, you two.
Not until we settle this.
Remind me what I'm paying for.
Making a move on my sister.
You've got to pay me for turning a blind eye.
Then I'd better pay you, too.
Can't have both of them.
Tough choice.
I still can't decide.
What'll it be?
An electric duel.
- Okay. - No!
Mona! Music!
Who'd have thought you'd walk right into
a scene so Trentonian?
Don't start that. It's dangerous. Mr. Walker wouldn't want you to...
Mr. Walker's gone away!
Let go of me!
Tell them, Janet!
Go ahead, Sonny.
Do it.
Stand by...
Let's go!
Fifteen seconds.
A tough act to follow, David.
No! I'm begging you!
Don't do it!
Don't do it!
Let me go!
Let me go.
Let me go! I can't take it!
Let me go.
If you refuse, you'll never leave.
Stand by...
Here we go!
I think the show's over.
Let's split. It's getting messy here.
Tomorrow, I'm going fishing. Interested in coming along?
I'd have to pay up, otherwise.
- Let me do that. - I'm doing it.
Shit man!
We'll get up early.
My income used to be more comfortable,
but since this mess with Walker I haven't been able to turn a profit.
Did Lex tell you about him?
He never spoke much of Walker.
- You could crash through to the ground. - I should have warned you.
I rigged it up with scotch tape.
Isn't it dangerous?
I get a kick out of danger.
Life goes by so fast.
Good night, Mr. Grant.
Haven't you anything to say?
Like to whip it out of me?
Don't act stupid.
Aren't you going to apologize?
For still being alive?
I beg your pardon.
It was my fault...
My name's Lizbeth Shannon.
Joey Grant.
You've an uncanny knack for running into strangers.
Mr. Grant and I were getting to know each other.
Seems to be a shady character.
This is no good what you're doing out here, Miss Lizbeth!
I promised Mrs. Shannon I'd look after you.
I hate that, Harrison.
I don't like being watched.
If Granny wants to keep her niggers busy, let 'em look after the house!
I've got to be more careful.
I was thinking I should come and look for some books tomorrow.
Perhaps, I'd better come by myself.
You're always welcome, Lizbeth.
Does that sound okay, Mr. Grant?
That's one delightful girl.
She's richer than anyone around.
Once Stan Walker's married her,
he'll own all of Trenton.
Then she's bought like anything else he owns.
I'm very sorry, Miss Lizbeth,
but I'm obliged to tell Mrs. Shannon.
My poor Harrison,
What is there left to tell her?
Who was this young man out fishing with Chandley?
See, Harrison. There's hardly more to tell.
Granny, picture him:
He's a friend of Chandley's, too.
Handsome as a snapdragon.
You've found another boy in Trenton? You've got some luck.
Back when, my Chandley was a handsome boy, too.
which Thomas didn't like, at all.
Can't make Miss Lizbeth do as she ought, ma'am.
- Try as one might. - Don't worry.
Stan Walker's gonna take good care of that himself.
Granny? Don't you need a book?
- I'm going to the bookstore tomorrow. - To get something to read to Stan.
There can only be one reason:
Lizbeth Shannon was caught short of breath?
Be still my heart!
I need to see this Joey Grant!
Sylvia! Cover up!
A daughter of the gentry shouldn't allow the sun
- to touch her skin. - Mmm, hmm.
Nothing will bite for at least three hours.
The aristocracy of Trenton is based on raised eyebrows.
Should a Shannon get called up for war,
he'd raise an eyebrow and get a reprieve.
- Did you serve in Korea? - I did a nice tour in the army.
I was already out before the Korean War.
And, today, Trenton's marching to death.
Stan Walker won't allow the Queen of Tennessee, Shannon Walker, to get away.
If he could become King Eyebrow, he'd soon sacrifice Lizbeth Shannon.
To be married for such reasons, poor Lizbeth...
- So pure, so sincere... - You keep telling me!
You could become a bookseller to make a living.
Looks like a storm's coming.
Hey, Joe!
You need anything, phone me. I won't be going anywhere.
- You should get a car to take you. - Oh, no.
I'll be back in time for Mass.
Don't let yourself be photographed.
He wants to take them to force you to forget her, and run you out of town.
Stan Walker expects to rule alone.
Long as the rich girl allows it.
Leaving Chandley? If you go, Trenton will be without culture.
Thank goodness Joe Grant's here to take charge.
Pay up, Chandley.
It's true, what I've been hearing?
Were you told you could leave the bookstore by Stan?
You've heard wrong.
Come on. I need to talk to you.
Let's go!
A spider.
I don't trust 'em.
You're entitled to your opinion.
So is Stan Walker.
About what?
Did you fill him in?
He's a quick learner.
Seems you'll need to fill out a supplementary application.
No need, Chandley.
There's a man here who's the boss of everyone in town.
Even the Shannons.
Stan Walker!
Thanks to whom...
To us...
Watch the birdie!
Oh, these Trenton nights.
Flirting with a playgirl.
Looking to become a daddy with a club waitress?
Stan's main squeeze with a black singer.
Where's the boss?
No. Stan doesn't bother with this place.
What's your problem?
These photos aren't for sale.
Private collection?
- A souvenir album? - I'm not buying.
- Her family will know you're no good. - What a racket.
You'll be chased out of Trenton by four o'clock.
What for?
Staining the moral decency.
You've made yourself quite clear.
That doesn't bother him. Joe isn't prejudiced.
Least he's in your corner.
Show your respect to Stan,
otherwise he'll tell everyone everything you're up to.
Seems he's nothing, but a coward.
I'm telling you otherwise.
What were you told about him by Lex?
I haven't seen enough of him to note such small details.
Spare me your lectures.
Save them for this fat chicken.
Come on, gang. We're off to the lake.
Aren't you going along?
I'll be just fine, right here.
You'd be better somewhere else.
Got somewhere better to suggest?
Doesn't that turn you on?
I love it.
Hope I'm not bothering you?
Not at all, Miss Wick.
I've come to look for the latest crime novel.
I can't find the one I'm looking for.
"The Dangling Dagger"
in the suspense collection.
Here it is!
The crime novel's a tough genre, but we catch on with careful observation.
You're a nice boy, Mr. Grant.
- Except you smoke too much. - I don't smoke, ma'am.
Your evasions don't fool me!
Your fingernails are yellowed with nicotine!

Shouldn't you be closing up shop?
It's late.
You're handsome, Joe.
You've shoulders like a black boxer.
You're hurting me.
Where's Virginia?
You're going to get a headache from listening to that music.
You've got me figured out, Miss Wick.
So, Miss Shannon.
You, too? Heading for the bookshop?
- Yeah. - I knew it.
The whole town is waiting for that boy to open this morning.
What do you need?
I'd like to buy some books.
What kind of books?
I'll usually find them.
You don't know me, Mr. Grant. My name's Sylvia Shannon.
I'm told you know all the girls in Trenton.
I'd better know them.
You're already open?
I placed it this week.
It's my vice... this addiction to musicals.
- I used to be a chaplain for my church. - Yes. Mr. Chandley told me that.
That's just as well.
Today's youth enjoy nothing except the niggers' music.
Me, I love the niggers!
They make the best servants.
You have a leak?
It's the shower.
Where are the towels?
I don't see anything I like today, Mr. Grant.
You're very nice.
You'll go over well in Trenton.
One quality leaves an impressesion like no other:
- Discretion. - Exactly.
See you soon, ma'am.
What's keeping you?
You'd better go find out.
Take it and get out.
That should be enough to wear for you.
No, Joe.
You know what they say,
Running a successful business involves a few complications.
You should know that's crude.
I wouldn't want to compromise your honor.
Getting a little jealous?
A girl only has to take off her gloves to sweep a man off his feet.
My jacket?
Good morning, Miss Shannon.
Have you found what you want to read?
Oh, yes!
See you later, Mr. Grant.
Shouldn't you be going, Lizbeth?
I didn't want you to walk in on this scene.
Stay in Trenton, and more friendly overtures should follow.
It's your opinion that matters.
Not Trenton's.
My grandmother's prepared her book order.
Tell me what you're thinking about me.
I've no right to judge you, Mr. Grant.
I say you do have the right.
You must listen...
Don't say anything.
Never fear, Stan's coming here.
- Where from? - Where else? The milk station.
What else is up for today?
I'm special advisor to the sister in charge.
- Try to be serious. - Oh, cut the crap.
He'll be happy if we just pretend to listen to him.
Got anything to drink?
Maybe in the cabin. I'll go look.
You forgot about that!
That's not for you.
You'll pay!
Go ahead, hit me!
Come on! I called you here.
I'm pitiless, too.
Been enjoying your freedom?
Better enjoy it while it lasts.
I sure have, Stan.
Listen up!
You have any news?
I keep getting phonecalls about Joey Grant.
What did they say?
Trenton is mine!
You've known that. What happened?
Go back to the party, and don't say you've seen me.
Let's go! You deserve a badge for courage.
I'll let you know when I need a replacement.
Generally, in these tales, a woman winds up getting enslaved.
He stands uncontested while we wait for somebody to show him what a real man is.
For me, it's enough to hold my rifle.
- In keeping with your theory. - Ah! They're easy to shoot.
Yet, I never get to do it.
The big game interests me...
the law forbids its slaughter.
It'd be quite a shot.
With this rifle!
Stan Walker!
You're clipped in the shoulder.
Right between the eyes!
The drugstore manager!
The sneeky critter!
No. Not you.
I like you too much.
All their corpses littering the streets?
Trenton in revolution!
What keeps me from wringing their necks?
That'd be stupid. Taking them down will require a more subtle noose.
I've waited here, longing for such a scene with you.
Where are the others?
Far away, getting drunk.
Come on.
I know a place where nobody goes.
My castle, where Beauty sleeps.
The pirate's house.
Right there.
Tie that rope around the neck.
When it drops,
you've got a guy hanging to dry.
Just like that!
When I think about it, I tremble.
It's a huge turn-on!
You're beautiful.
Your skin is so white.
If you want, you can strangle me.
That's not for you to wear!
Go back to Trenton and get off with Joey Grant.
Go find him and bring him to me!
Soon as he came,
he was the big guy in town.
I've got something to show you.
Get down.
Get down!
Who's your boss here?
He's the only one you know to follow?
You dropped the ball so quickly nobody noticed.
What happened in the mean time?
Trenton has fallen into revolt!
What are you waiting for?
Bring Joe Grant to me!
You want to see me?
I already know you.
Your friends have told me about you.
Joey Grant.
I've heard a lot about you.
Never mind whether you think you know me.
You're from Memphis?
There was lot's of talk in Memphis last week
A black got lynched for raping a white girl.
Haven't you heard about that?
I left Memphis months ago.
They don't like blacks much down South, huh?
That's why they run... anybody who happens to be a nigger.
It's swarming with them here.
That makes for
sweat, idleness,
and death.
And women? What do they lead to? Other than their greediness.
Money troubles?
Southern men have their prejudices.
Have I lost you?
He's sure strange, that Joey.
Wonder where he came from...
Sir! There's been an accident.
Who'd have thought I'd run into you again.
We'd better not do it so often. Stan Walker won't marry you.
Don't worry.
Stan has too much going on to notice your existence.
You must know, his sob-song about how to buy his boat, needs a girl
who'll love and marry him.
At what price did your family sell you, Miss Shannon?
You're ignoble!
Or should I be asking, at what heir?
Your price fell short.
She certainly estimated me higher.
It's clear where his interest lies.
All too clear.
I sure hope your marriage to Stan Walker
will reward what's been invested.
This is what goes on every day!
How am I to do business?
How am I supposed to cut hair?
You knew I'd come.
I wasn't expecting an apology.
You're too horrible to make one.
Every time we see each other somebody gets hurt.
I only regret I heard those words you spoke about me this afternoon.
It's been impossible, Joe.
You'd better forget about me.
I'm hot on the trail of that story of a dead black guy, mister.
And for the moment, I'm at a complete loss.
He's ignoring us.
You think?
Perhaps, I haven't adequately explained what I'm after.
I don't like this kind of stuff.
It always runs out of control.
Come on.
- You can do better than me, Joe. - No!
Never say that.
I never would have, probably ever.
I want you to know everything.
Before you arrived in Trenton,
everything was simple for me.
I wanted to have money...
to marry Stan...
to go on living in this town where I was born.
Now, I'm going to need more courage.
Goodbye, Joe.
I thought you liked that.
I love being kissed.
But not by you.
By Joey Grant?
You weren't invited to sit down.
Thought I'd lay down and wait for my burial.
Joey Grant's nothing like you.
You're right about that.
The guy we're talking about could spend his whole life trying to dress like me.
Maybe this idea was made too rashly,
but our parents have decided you'll marry me next month.
Why are you hiding your eyes from me today?
I love making you look at me.
You're a wild beast, Lizbeth.
It'll be my pleasure to tame you.
You can't imagine what I have in store for you.
In our bedroom, I hope I'll find you on the bed
like a purring little pussy.
Stan Walker!
No one told me you were visiting.
Pardon me, Mrs. Shannon.
I was just so eager to see Lizbeth again.
Being patient is essential virtue in life.
Don't you see that, sir?
You really ought to know better.
In the future, Mrs. Shannon, I will only visit with your permission.
Well put.
Broad daylight and it seems you're asleep!
I've given you that umbrella so you can shield me from the sun!
I wasn't sleeping, ma'am.
Give me that umbrella and then go get lost!
Sometimes he's so fresh!
Come over here.
That trip to the bookstore has made you sullen.
I'd have thought you'd have perked up seeing Stan Walker.
I don't want to marry Stan, Nan.
I can't do it!
At your age, you imagine there's a Prince Charming out there.
I didn't want to marry your grandfather, either.
You're holding out for a great love, like a romantic!
I remember!
Oh, yes. Chandley!
Isn't that funny?
That man could talk! As if mere words could lead to happiness.
Thus the books that he sells.
I'd never be happy with Stan.
You were happy with Grandfather.
I certainly hope you'll find happiness with Stan Walker.
Especially when it comes to his requirements for pleasure.
Help me up.
Go fetch Harrison.
You're prone to such folly due to young love.
Try to be good.
I need to get there, right away.
We're going to Trenton. We'll leave right away.
Very well, ma'am.
There's no one there, ma'am.
We'll wait for him, Harrison.
Where are you going?
You're always running off!
Hello, Mr. Drugstore. You have candy, don't you?
- Aw... give me a piece! - Just a piece!
Come on!
Everyone's remarking about your presence.
Messing with Stan Walker can only lead to more trouble.
Excuse me.
What has made you so sad?
That's a strange thing to be.
Aw... come on!
There you go.
What do you say?
It wasn't anything. You're beside yourself?
For what?
Attitudes of people change fast here, don't they, Mrs. Shannon?
Don't be sarcastic, Horace!
It's you I've come to see.
It's been forty years since we last visited, Virginia.
That was a long time for me to make you wait.
Do I dare ask my question, again?
You still hold a place in my heart.
I can guess what you're after.
That Joey Grant,
he's seduced the whole town.
Seems you're confused again.
You could have taken me, if I hadn't been taken already.
I'm pleased to see you again, Virginia.
Don't make me wait so long for your next visit.
- Go ahead, Harrison. - Yessum.
Wasn't my fault, Mr. Grant. Those brats were in my way.
It's been more than an hour I've been waiting for you.
I've come to bid farewell.
Leaving Trenton, Miss Shannon?
Certainly not.
And you?
What is this?
Lizbeth and Stan have decided to get married in a month.
You'll have nothing more to do here.
Stan won't put up with your presence, any more.
Trenton's been sleepy for so long.
when I telegraphed Stan to tell him about you,
I never imagined it would unleash a veritable revolution.
we're having a reception this evening
to make the formal wedding announcement.
If it would amuse you,
you could come.
Your invitation, sir?
But I need your invitation, sir.
Go away.
Sir, entrance is restricted.
I'm astonished to see you here, Mr. Grant.
The Shannons don't usually invite shopkeepers.
Aren't workers welcome in this house?
Good evening, Joe.
We weren't expecting you so soon.
Granny can't wait to meet you.
She'll want to talk to you right away.
You shouldn't have come, Joe.
You're still free. You have to decide.
I'm Stan's.
I've fallen in love with you.
Love cannot be denied.
I knew you'd accept my invitation.
I was looking everywhere for you.
This reception is terribly boring.
Let's go amuse ourselves at my place.
Right away. I'll show you the way.
A whiskey sour.
Watch where you're going!
Mother of God! Go!
- Go on! Go on! - Better watch where you're going.
- Get up! - I'm bombed.
- There's not much farther to go. - Go ahead. Go ahead.
He's too drunk!
Step aside!
Step aside. Clear the way, David!
Whiskey sour! Pour him another.
She's up for grabs.
You don't need any more tonight.
- Yoohoo! - Yoohoo!
- Take a seat. Take a shot!
- There you go. Who'll take a shot at her?
There! Throw caution to the wind.
There! There! Go on. She's waiting!
Watch out!
You're stepping out of turn.
I'm afraid Joe's my guest.
I'll leave Joe to you. I'll just have to wait.
I thought you could use one.
Let's go, David!
Don't drink so fast! We have all night.
Who's next?
All right. Let's go.
You're not the type Lizbeth usually goes for.
Stan... she got him. And he bought her.
Believing, all the while, he's free.
Come back. Just about!
There we go. Almost!
But once he's had her long enough...
he'll cut her loose and send her marching.
Ho! ho! Look out!
What do you want, Miss Shannon?
Damn! Watch your step! Watch your step.
Kiss me, Joe.
Mind the line!
Go ahead... go ahead.
Go ahead. You're halfway there.
Go! You're halfway...
Man down!
I'm drunk.
What do you want from me?
You must be joking, David.
You abandon Janet on the perch, someone's bound to come knocking.
I'll count.
- Two! - Two!
- Three! - Three!
I'll find another.
- Come on. Another shot! - I'm wasted!
Not wasted enough, it seems!
Come on. Give it a shot! What a prize!
You're trying to get me drunk.
She'll always love you, Joe.
But what she's reserved for Stan...
has proven stronger.
You're not bothered?
With another girl, that'd be fine.
But with me, nothing would be held back.
And you?
What are you up to?
I'm seizing the opportunity.
Hey! David's sobering up!
I could go for another. I'm game.
May I?
May I?
I think I'd play well with Joe.
Oh, no. Not with Mr. Grant. This guy's a ladykiller.
He killed Lizbeth, for example.
You resent the fact that Liz has taken Stan.
Not at all.
You're hungry for more shame.
You think this might satisfy your craving.
This fish wants to hook me!
No! No.
You're jealous of Liz.
And that's what's driving you.
Knowing she'll have him soon,
you want your turn.
- That's not true! - That's what you're looking for!
You have to have Stan.
Whatever the price!
That's not true. It's you I want.
No. You don't want me.
You're only after mischief.
That's what you want.
No, Joe!
Nobody else! I want you, Joe!
Oh, Joe! No! It's you I want.
It's you...
No! Oh!
No! No!
No, Joe! No.
Joe, I need you.
Shouldn't that be Stan?
- You have to listen to me. - Too late.
Your sister's got my number, and there's nothing left for anyone else.
Forgive me.
- I guess I was wrong. - Me, too.
No, Joe!
Bow wow wow!
Joey Grant!
I want to talk to you.
I don't like seeing you upset.
When anybody's troubled, I feel sorry for him.
But I also have my worries.
Know anything about that?
It's nothing, but stupid folly.
To endure all this, at the same time.
It's great being Trenton's boss,
but that only makes me a shopkeeper.
You'll be married in two months.
I had to get myself hitched to get my inheritance.
To make babies.
You're Shannon Walker's lapdog.
Where are you taking me?
Where I get my confidence.
Here you have it. My hideaway.
Cool, huh?
Have you messed around with any Europeans?
No, no, no. No, no, no.
Since I assured you before we're not prejudiced,
a blonde won't do, at all.
It's cool.
Whatever you want, they've got it here.
The latest arrivals.
Hope you don't mind if they cry.
They haven't been taken yet.
What do you say?
This one will go with Joey Grant.
I think it'll be her finest hour.
Why not? I've bought her for you.
Where's he going?
Where'd he go?
Who's out there?
I'm warning you, I'll shoot.
He must have heard us coming.
Now, I only care about what he knows.
Make Chandley give it up to save himself.
If he won't spill his guts, we'll spill his.
Mr. Walker.
Couldn't it wait until morning to invite me to join your games?
Bring him here.
Who's Joe Grant?
Haven't you had time to get to know him, and ask him yourself?
- Lex sent him to me. - And?
He was born in Memphis.
That's all I know.
Tomorrow, they're gonna find poor Chandley's body floating in the lake.
Too bad.
Stop! I'm still talking!
He's a negro who wants to cross the color line.
He's the brother of the one they strung up.
That'll do. Let's go.
The Shannon residence!
I need to speak with old Mrs. Shannon.
Bring her here and make it snappy.
I'm gonna have to get rid of this filthy beast myself.
- Maybe she wanted to... - That's up to my father.
Go find Lizbeth for me.
Thank you, Horace.
I'll get it cleared up by tomorrow.
Close the door.
I'd like to speak to you about Joey Grant.
Liz! Come back!
Tell me.
Do you know who you are holding?
A nigger!
- A nigger. - I know, Joe!
They strung up my brother because he loved a white woman.
I'm sorry.
You, too. You love a white woman.
I would avenge him,
if I killed you.
If we're happy together,
he's avenged.
We must get away from here, Joe.
We can't stay in Trenton any more.
Wait for me here in a half hour.
In front by the gates.
Hold me!
No, Stan. Not tonight. I want to be alone.
Piece of shit!
You know what you've slept with?
With a nigger!
- No. That's not true... - With a nigger!
Joe Grant!
A Memphis nigger!
What you've done with him is shameful.
He swore he'd have a white girl and you've accomodated him.
Then that nigger must not... have touched you at all?
Stan! Stan, I didn't know!
- If you had, would you have consented? - No.
Then it amounts to force.
He raped you.
Yes, Stan. Yes.
You know what that deserves?
Say it.
Say it!
He should die.
Whenever a black rapes a white girl,
the one that did it always gets acquited.
Help yourself.
My eyes deceiving me?
Joe Grant's about to leave Trenton which only proves this is a wicked town.
This is fine thanks for the trouble your presence in Trenton has brought me.
With all of their pretentious airs,
the people here go on making mockery a way of life.
I've been repaid in one week for everything I've lost in twenty years.
It only takes one nigger to drown all of Trenton in its shame!
Lex sure has some brilliant ideas.
You're talking out of turn, Mr. Chandley.
I guess the pure Lizbeth Shannon had no idea, either?
No, no. Not at all.
If you'd only seen their faces when I told them about you.
How your brother got strung up for raping a white girl.
No... Joe. No.
Don't do anything stupid. They're coming after you.
I could help you get across the border.
You still have a chance.
Hurry, Joe! You're in danger! I'll explain everything to you!
- Mr. Walker, tell this man to leave. - Joe Grant has murdered Chandley.
He's kidnapped Sylvia Shannon.
Probably to ransom her.
Go on. Hit the road.
The rest of you! Split!
Give me your gun!
Let's go after him, before it's too late.
Why would you choose Trenton to avenge yourself?
When we didn't do anything to you?
How can you believe that I'd want to go away with you?
As long as I avenge him.
You're going to pay for what you've done.
I was just sitting there, when I was taken...
- by a nigger! - Don't you forget it!
I won't forget anything!
Keep to your own kind!
I won't let a nigger go around saying I slept with him.
In the South, when a nigger sleeps with a white woman,
we put him down like a rabid dog!
I've wounded him!
Don't move. I'll go find him.
Kill him, Stan. Kill him!
Kill him.
Too late, Liz.
Chandley and Stan are dead.
Let me go.
Stay with me, Johnny.
We must be close to the border, Joe.
After that, we'll be smiling pretty.
Remind me.
We've left where?
They're... they're not going to lynch you again, Johnny.
stay with me.
You're surrounded, Joe Grant.
Don't move!
Put up your hands!
You're surrounded, Joe Grant.
Don't move!
Put up your hands!
You're surrounded, Joe Grant.
Don't move.
Put up your hands!