Narrow Dwellings 01 2/5 Eng Sub

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If I'm able to get in, then you have to let me go
Okay, Okay. As long as you can get in. which parent wouldn't want their child to be good
There's no reason not go to a good school
But I'm telling you, focus on your study. exam will happen soon
you're making her nervous
enough for today, go
little thing
Haizhao, do you know what time it is?
Do you still want go to college? Reading trash novels at time? you wonna kill me?
Civil Studies
Look, this kid
It's late now, you should go to sleep
you should kill yourself for it, even for college exams. You should study tomorrow
Next time read it outside, don't damage your eyes.
sleep, little thing, sleep
So, did she go to sleep?
She did, there's no light in her room
Who knows what she is thinking
See I'm right, she just want to go to Haiping's school. Then stay with her
Without this factor, she wouldn't be so excited. With her grade, she's better than the schools here
What do you think?
you really want her to leave?
whatelse could I do?
Haizhao is more worrisome than Haiping
Haiping's alway daring and brave, acting like a tomboy. And know to protect the family and her sister
So I okay with her leaving
Haizhao is like a sheep, also following Haiping without her own ideas
So it's would better if she could stay with us, live a simple life here
She isn't the type to do great things
You can't kept a grown woman! If she really wants to leave, we can't stop her
Half a year later
you got the tickets and money?
Listen to your sister, okay
Call us for anything
It's almost time, we'll be late
Sis, look, so many lights, look!
much brighter than backhome
of course
I had it before, even back home
But Pastéis de Natas here are much better
What's Pastéis de Natas?
Is This the same type of Chicken we raised?
you're an idiot
Is that the Oriental Pearl Tower, look!
Sis, do you like big cities or small towns?
Of course, big cities. There is nothing back home.
Where do you prefer?
I miss home, and my parents
No ambition, what's back home?
Where I am, where is your home
Remember I raised. We share the same bed. I even went to PTA meetings for you. Homesick...
I miss my friends too
Let me ask you, does YOUR home it have Museums?
Does your home have concerts?
Does your home have Oriental Pearl Tower?
Does your home have Isetan? (a Japanese retail store)
So it has nothing, what's to miss?
You'll have more friends here anyways. So stay in my home here.
You aren't married right? Did he propose?
-He did -Yes
But you're not married, it doesn't count
Why you're calling it your home? Isn't my home still your home
Alright, I tell mom. You're living with Suchun
Hey, watch it. call me brother
Even though I'm living with your sister, we didn't do anything together
It's only to save money. When we buy a new house, we'll leave a room for you
Okay, Bro. So you did nothing with these?
You wonna die!
What is this? May be the landlord left it
Enough you!
Haizhai, in no time I will have a big house here. Our home
What others have, I'll have too
Four years later (if this is not Shanghai, I don't what is..)
Who is it?
Let go, you meat eating rabbit
Hey, Hey, it's undercooked
Hey, what do you know. Anymore, it'll be overcooked. Wash your hands
Once you get Hep B, no one would want you
Use chopstick, give me the bag
I heard back in the day
The Soviets think is beef stew potatoes served everyday, then communism is achieved
So did we achieve it here?
Yeah right....Old-Li lives down stairs
Yeah, I saw him today, how could he take a shower there?
How uncivilized, the bath house cost only 5 yuan
Only 5 yuan? What do you know?
5 yuan to their family, is a day's meal. They won't used it to take a bath
Do you know, their old-grandma eat the leftover grabage from the vegitable market
-Rally? -So I say, kids these days, don't know hard is it out there
Sis, the kid will soon understand!
I'm ready to graduate, I can't even see the shadow of a job
Mom is telling that, she contacted a bank back home. The job seemed good, should I just go back?
Of course not, you're here for 4 years!
Take it slowly, you can't stave in my place
Sis, you always told me "one must live in big city". But you been here for years, yet you still have nothing here
Moving from job to job, but never able to take off
You said before, back home doen't have Isetan, Pearl tower and Museums