LITTLE MICHAEL JACKSON (12year-old Turkish Boy)

Uploaded by genghis1905 on 14.12.2009


Hey! How old are you?
I-I-I'm 12 years old.
I get it.
What's your name?
Kaan Baybag.
Kaan. Are you excited?
No-No! I'm a stutterer.
Uh-huh. (Applause)
-Do you go to school? -Uh-huh. -Which grade?
7th Grade.
How well are you doing at school?
Very good for now!
What're you gonna do tonight?
Michael Jackson Dance!
But, you can talk more fluently when you're not excited, right?
Is it like this when you're excited?
Right now. i'm excited as i saw you.
-Now relax, make yourself home. -ok You have your friends here and you're gonna show off! -ok.
crowd: One more time! One more time!...
-The best M. Jackson I've ever seen! -Thank you so much!!
-I wanna say something. I'm sorry but I-I-unbelieveable. Firstly, I applauded standing!
-I'm throwing. Keep it!
I think this is not a copy of M. Jackson. This is a re-make of his dance. This is not copy, This is a render!
-They completely said what i feel. You were super!
-What're you gonna do in the next stage?
-I'll dance M. Jackson again. But with a different song.
-And moves'll be different. right? But whatever you do, it'll be super you're gifted!
-Look. Everybody loves you! (cheers!)
-I say "YES" -YES -YES here.
-I wanna say HI to my friends, teachers and all!
-I've nothing to say! Nothing! I watched in admiration!
-We can't wait to see you in the 2nd stage!