Honduras marcha

Uploaded by DrArmistead on 08.06.2012

In Honduras, dozens of media workers celebrated Journalist Day by...
...leading a march against violence and for freedom of expression.
Among the participants was the widow of journalist Alfredo Villatoro,
who was kidnapped and killed more than a week ago in Tegucigalpa.
Angie Sandoval gives us more details.
In one of the world's most violent countries, people made an appeal...
...for peace and an end to impunity.
We demand freedom of expression and a free press in Honduras.
Today, thousands of Hondurans marched in Tegucigalpa to commemorate...
...the 23 journalists murdered since Porfirio Lobo came to power in 2009.
Noted journalist Alfredo Villatoro is the most recent victim of the violence.
His widow, Karla Villatoro, explains:
We are asking Hondurans to stand up, to ensure that my husband's blood...
...will be a rallying cry for the press to unite.
In its annual human rights report, the U.S. State Department cited...
...serious corruption problems within the Honduran police and judiciary.
Villatoro's body was discovered on May 15, dressed in the uniform....
...of a Honduran elite police unit, six days after he was kidnapped.
In Honduras, there have been many incidents of police corruption,
of police involvement in gang-related vendettas.
The police are becoming a uniformed hit squad for the drug gangs.
The violence not only muzzles the press; it is also causing more and...
...more Hondurans to expatriate.
Miami has become one of their refuges.
Gilma Sánchez arrived in Miami three years ago with her two daughters.
We insist that the Honduran gov't take immediate steps to eradicate...
the rampant criminality.
In Honduras, the journalists promise to continue their struggle...
...to expose the truth.
There is no respect, no democracy, and the gov't is a travesty.
No repect for their life,
They are dead because the Honduran gov't did not protect their life.
Nor any respect for the life of their country.
In Miami, Angie Sandoval, Telemundo