Mahabharat - Episode 58

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Relationships are strange things
Often dictated by temptation
There's a difference between temptation and penance
Penance means separating the soul from the body's needs
Temptation means compulsive acquisition of things
Temptation and penance are ...
... the two currents of this story
Dhritirashtra represents love for his son while ...
... Bhishma represents filial love
Queen Sudeshna is trapped in her brother's love
She has erred by sending Draupadi to Keechak ...
... without thinking about the result
Temptation rarely thinks of the result
This is not Draupadi going to Keechak's palace ...
... but the result of Sudeshna's temptation
Hail Commander!
Come Sairandhri
l have come to fetch wine for the King
You are yourself a rare wine
Today l shall drink from your eyes
You cannot run away and hide from me in Virat
Where will you go?
Save me, O King!
What are you doing here?
l wanted fuel for the kitchen
Then go out and fetch it
But remember!
Every leaf of the tree that protects you is respectful
Now go!
The citizens are like your children O King
Wearing the crown implies the responsibility ...
... of protecting the citizens
The throne on which you are seated ...
... is a sacred place
l am a helpless woman
Protect me
l accuse Commander Keechak ...
... of trying to molest me ...
... and that, too, in the King's presence
The King himself ...
... is witness to the act ...
... as are the other courtiers
The blood on my blameless lips is also a witness ...
... to my humiliation
Will you punish Commander Keechak ...
... on this evidence?
O King of Matsya!
Or, like the King of Hastinapur, will you ...
... quietly accept a woman's humiliation ?
O Keechak ! This is shameful behaviour
Don't think that ...
... my tormentor can escape alive
By Lord Shiva, that's impossible
l am the wife of those brave warriors ...
... whose name strikes terror...
... in the heart of all warriors
My husbands give before being asked ...
... so as to avoid embarrassment
O King of Matsya!
Is that the only penalty you can award him?
A mere scolding for his shameful behaviour?
O Sairandhri ! Maybe your divine husbands ...
... are unable to protect you at this juncture
Remember Forgiveness is the best Religion
Forgiveness is Truth and Piety
Forgiveness is Penance and Religion
Your husbands do know about your humiliation
Let them take action
Now go to the Queen and help her ...
... because that is your duty
Kank ! Today l realised how wise you are ...
... because l did not know how to answer her
Had Kank not spoken in between ...
... and had you thought of an answer ...
... you would still not be able to stop me
What happened?
Don't pretend, my queen
You had sent me to your brother
Yes. l am to blame
My brother's love had made me helpless ...
... and l forgot that a woman's honour ...
... is more valuable then a brother's love
lf you wish ...
... l will have him punished for his crime
That will not soothe my humiliation
Keechak has not only insulted me ...
... but also my powerful husbands
He will not live for another day
Prepare for his funeral because he will not live ...
... to see tomorrow's sunrise
l will not curse him ...
... because he is unworthy of my curse
l am informing you of his death
Till l see his corpse l will not wipe this blood
Nor will l have a bath and change my clothes
These are harsh words Sairandhri
l am using these harsh words because ...
... l do not know harsher words than these
Forgiveness is Piety and Truth
Forgiveness is Divine, Sairandhri
Forgive my brother
lf you can place yourself in my position ...
... and order me to forgive him ...
... then l will forgive that evil man
Can you order me ?
lf not, then get ready ...
... to weep over your brother's corpse
No Sairandhri !
How can you sleep so peacefully ...
... O great warrior ...
... when your wife has been humiliated ?
Are you living or dead ?
Had Elder Brother not stopped me ...
... in the royal court ...
... l would have killed Keechak on the spot
Your brother is an expert at preventing ...
... but he is unable to stop his hands from playing Dice
l want to ask you just one question :
Are you going to watch my humiliation quietly ?
And tolerate it ?
O Son of Kunti ! Give me one reason ...
... to go on living?
lf you wish that l go on living ...
... then kill him like an elephant ...
... would crush a rat
How dare he molest your wife
lf he lives to see tomorrow's sunrise ...
... then I’ll not live to see the Sunset
Try to understand my sorrow, O Bhim!
This is the sorrow ...
... of Draupadi, the queen of the Pandavas
Look at my brave husbands!
They are bowed by the enormous weight ...
... of Yuddhistir's Dice ...
... drowned in a sea of humiliation
Listen to me ...
No! Today you listen to me
l am the woman ...
... whose five husbands swore by the Fire God ...
... to protect her
What happened to the oath?
Shame on my strength
Shame on Arjun's bow
lf we are to fulfil our vows ...
... regarding Duryodhan and Dushasan ...
... then our exile must be successful
That is why Brother stopped me
Do you want to say that ...
... you will not avenge my humiliation?
lf you want Keechak dead by sunrise ...
... then he will be dead by then
Tell Keechak that you are in love with him ...
... but you are afraid of your husbands
Ask him to meet you at the Dance Hall at night
I’ll kill him there
Now go ...
... before someone sees you with me
The mirror of my eyes ...
... reflects the face of my handsome beloved
O my beloved!
Why did you stop?
You are a proficient singer
O warrior ! Why are you pursuing me thus
My husbands cannot hurt you ...
... but they will kill me
That is the reason why ...
... l dare not even smile at you
Even now someone may be spying on us
They'll know about us
Don't be afraid. I’ll kill them
Listen to what my heart says
We can meet on the sly
No one should know about our love
lf you agree only then can l be yours
I’ll do anything to attain you
Then tonight ! At the Dance Hall
I’ll be waiting for you
How touching is this darkened silence
In a moment our union will bring light ...
... in which you will see me in a new form
l am eagerly waiting to embrace you
What's stopping you?
l was waiting for this moment
O how l waited for this moment!
You ...
Even l was waiting for this moment
l have honoured your oath
He will not see tomorrow's Sunrise
Keechak lost his life ...
... because he played with fire
Draupadi's tears ...
... have got back their honour
Why this light?
This chain of lamps!
Greetings Grandsire
Welcome Shakuni !
You need not get up to welcome me
Please be seated
Please sit
l was returning from Gandhari ...
... when l saw your palace all lit up
Today is not the Festival of Lights
l was tired of the darkness ...
... so l lit these lamps
These lamps have such a short life
Who knows? A gust of wind may come ...
... and blow them all out ...
... leaving the palace in darkness
But as long as they are there...
... let us enjoy their beauty
They must be countless!
l have not counted them ...
... but there are 105 lamps in this room ...
... and 105 lamps burning in my heart
My heart wishes that ...
... this night never ends ...
... and these lamps never burn out
Why are you worried?
lf the years of exile are over, so be it!
Like the years, the Pandavas will be finished by next year
l am not worried about the exile
l am worried about the failure of my spies
Spies are important for Administration
lf they fail and ...
... and are unable to find anyone ...
... it will be impossible to protect the nation
The Administration cannot remain subservient
As the future King of Hastinapur l wish to know ...
... where the nation's five enemies are
Who has given them refuge and endangered himself ?
Why be afraid of the Pandavas ?
Nakul and Sahadev are children
In any case, my 99 brothers can take care of them
Yuddhistir is caught in the web of Ethics
He is helpless
That leaves Arjun and Bhim
Bhim has spent 13 years in exile ...
... whereas l have studied mace warfare
As for Arjun, how can he win against you ?
Uncle Vidur is right
A King should keep watch on not only his enemies ...
... but also his ministers and guards
What can l do about my spies...
... who could not even find my enemies ?
That is what worries me, my friend
Looks like you have brought bad news
You decide after hearing the news
Father has just been told that ...
... Commander Keechak of Matsya has been killed
Keechak killed ? Impossible
Impossible !
But why ?
Only six warriors have the strength to kill him
Krishna's elder brother Balram, Grandsire Bhishma ...
... Sage Drona, yourself....
... myself and Bhim
Then who killed him ?
Very good question !
Balram did not kill him
Nor did Grandsire or Sage Drona
Neither you nor l killed him
The warrior who killed him is the one we are searching
Congratulate me. l have found their hiding place
Come ! Let's attack Matsya
It must be punished for hiding the Pandavas
l am always ready to fight the Pandavas ...
... but to attack we must take the King's permission
l don't think Grandsire or Vidur will allow us to attack
Don't forget that Uncle Vidur, Sage Drona ...
... and Grandsire receive State salaries
They cannot oppose the King or the State
They are bound by duty and loyalty
They feel that the king is God's representative
They will not oppose the king
So, the decision is in the King's hands
And the King is in my hands
Don't be so sure about your father Duryodhan
He only listens to himself
Then shouldn't we try to find them?
lf we did not want to do that ...
... why would we have sent them in exile?
Why can't you speak straight, Uncle ?
Because this is not the era for straight speaking
Now, one has to speak by implication
lf you want to survive, learn this art
Say something but it should mean something else
Grandsire Bhishma always speaks the truth ...
... and so do Sage Drona ...
... and Family Sage Kripa
Then why are they all quiet?
Tell me, O King of Anga?
Truth is only the pleasure of Sages
One should only do what is profitable
And your advantage lies in Duryodhan's profit
You are a great warrior, Karna
Preserve your strength ...
... till l call upon you and say:
Come now Karna. Raise your bow and string it
l agree with Duryodhan
We must attack Matsya
The Pandavas will not bear to see an attack ...
... on the land of their refuge
They will even break their anonymity ...
... to defend it
Even it they win ...
... they will have to go in exile again
All right !
I’ll ask for father's permission
Why are you always in a hurry?
lf either Grandsire or Vidur realise ...
... you want to attack Matsya to break their anonymity ...
... they will not allow it to happen
Then I’ll attack without father's permission
No! Never make that mistake
A Crown Prince cannot oppose his King
So, tell the King only half the truth
Tell him that after Keechak's death ...
... Matsya has been orphaned
Tell him Matsya is keen ...
... to merge with Hastinapur
Even Grandsire cannot oppose that
But we are friendly with Matsya
We want to surprise them
We have heard that King Sukarma of Trikat ...
... will attack Matsya very soon
lf Matsya merges with Hastinapur before that ...
... Sukarma will dare not attack
Duryodhan is right
How can l be satisfied with an inheritance ?
The Warrior Code demands l increase my lands
The Warrior Code demands a lot of other things
Which means you have decided...
... to reject all my proposals
Should l accept all your conspiracies?
Should l accept Draupadi's disrobing ?
Think of the strange proposals you come up with
l have stopped sleeping after the Dice game
What if my ancestors ask me questions in my dreams?
What answer will l give them ?
lf you want to conquer Matsya then let's go
l am a servant of Hastinapur's flag
I’ll have to go wherever it goes
Grandsire Bhishma trembles ...
... with his every thought
Duryodhan's evil deeds ...
... are inviting death and destruction