Simple Smoothies: Weight Loss | HealthiNation

Uploaded by HealthiNation on 24.02.2012

Hi, I'm Amy Hendel. In this video we are exploring the smoothie as a useful tool in weight loss.
If you make smoothies that are low-calorie and nutrient-rich, they can be a healthy alternative
to meals on the run. Just be mindful that liquid calories do add up quickly. But they
can also deliver a terrific nutritious band for your energy buck when you're trying to
lose weight. So for this smoothie you're need skim milk, a banana, some soft tofu, vanilla
yogurt, blueberries and strawberries, and some ice cubes and crushed ice.
- When making smoothies in a weight loss program, be sure to carefully measure ingredients.
Don’t throw in any additional “tidbits,” because you need to be calorie conscious - those
extra calories really add up quickly. And excess calories equal weight gain.
- Also beware of most commercial smoothies. Many of them are loaded with calories and
lots of processed ingredients. Be sure to check the calorie count…the wrong one can
be as much a large bowl of pasta. So lets get started with the ingredients. We're putting
in the skim milk and we are also going to use fat free yogurt and that to help keep
calories down and to avoid saturated fat – both good ideas if you’re trying to shed pounds
- And remember that liquid calories are not as filling as calories that come from “whole
foods”.  So when you do add high-fiber foods like bananas and berries to smoothies,
that can make them more filling.
- And…bananas are also rich in potassium and support a healthy blood pressure.
- Now, I love plain tofu but plain tofu often puts people off, it’s a great food to “hide”
in smoothies because it’s chock full of protein, and offers a variety of healthful
- And in fact, the protein from tofu and yogurt in this recipe is really gonna help make you
feel full and its going to build strong muscles. And frankly when you’re satiated, you’re
less likely to reach for less healthy snack foods.
- I also love strawberries. What I really love about strawberries is they are really
low in calories, they are also rich in Vitamin C. And that may have anti-inflammatory properties
that help to protect against chronic diseases like heart disease. 
-Now, blueberries. This is an interesting one because they’re actually really purple,
and they’re another food with amazing health benefits. They’re loaded with fiber and
they’re also very high in antioxidants… and that may help to slow aging and prevent
- Now, it would great if all of your food was organic, but that can get a little expensive.
So, if you’re on budget at least consider buying organic strawberries and blueberries.
They’re part of the “Dirty Dozen. That’s a list of the top 12 foods with the highest
pesticide residue.
-When it comes to fruits like oranges, we typically don’t eat the peel so buying organic
is not quite as critical because the pesticides used in farming are mostly concentrated in
the peel in fruits and vegetables. But, if you’re going to use orange zest, then you
do want to use organic.
-Here we go with the blend… and let’s give it a little time because we want all
of those ingredients to mix up. I know that losing weight can be oh so challenging, so
a smoothie like this can offer good taste, and a calorie conscious, nutritious meal option.
So, here’s to your health.