Garam Masala (2005) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 10

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Well? Haven't you guys finished fighting yet?
We've made peace! Let's go and eat dinner somewhere in peace
what made you change your mind? - But you said you wanted to eat out!
Let's go! - But I said that...
only to stop you from fighting! Forget it, darling. Please!
No way! We're eating out!
But you said you'd do as I say! - And that's what we'll really do
All I want is... - The rice and curry is ready
Listen to me, will you? - Who asked you to make rice and curry?
We planned to go to a restaurant and...
the curry and rice was his idea! He keeps hogging on it!
You're going to bloat like a rhino! How much are you going to eat?
I'll have only cheese-pakodas. - I've thrown that away
Threw it away? What for?
Because of him! He asked him to! - I said I don't want it...
throw it away!
Our table is already booked. So let's go and eat. Please!
Throw it all away
All right. I'll go and change
Step aside
what happened...? - Gases! Smelly burps!
Must be acidity! I'll go and fetch the medicine!
Where are my clothes? And you...?
You're still standing here? I'm not going inside!
Can't you walk a bit faster? - couldn't wear the clothes, could I?
Drink this. It's a little bitter but it'll drive away the gases
Thank you. - I'll take a shower
You think you're watching a movie here? Get on with your work!
No movie, it's a farce!
Why are you taking a medicine? - For him. He has gas problems
Hey no... - drink it up! In one gulp!
He's going to lose all his gas. - How's this dress?
Now go and call the elevator up while I finish talking to him
But you guys just don't seem to finish chatting!
Please, please! - Okay, I'll get the lift up...
but I won't wait another minute. - Okay, okay!
She's looking so ravishing! - Never mind!
Before I return with deepti, take Sweety out somewhere!
Will she go out with me? - Think she's your sister-in-law!
My fiancée, after all! She'll surely go with you!
Mac, you haven't left yet? Please go and come back soon!
What will I do all alone...? - My love!
She's back, she's back... take to your heels!
I've had this lovely dream of a house in the city of flowers
I won the first prize for this song! - Do you really sing?
Of course! Do you like songs? - Yes, I do
So let's go to a place where they play great music
we'll have also dinner there. What say you?
But Mac will be coming back. - I don't think he's coming back
I haven't seen a heartless man like him in all my life!
How could he go away to the office...
...leaving behind such a lovely fiancée?
Had I been in his shoes and a fire had broken out in my office...
I still wouldn't leave you and go anywhere!
I don't know whether what I'm doing is right... but do it, I must
I want to take you out to dinner
You're taking such good care of me. - So you're coming, aren't you?
How can I refuse someone who has such a large heart?
Thank you. - I'll be ready in a moment
Bye! - Hey...
where are you off to? - Who the hell are you to question me?
But you said it was child's play for you!
That the children are so grown up, I had no idea
Before this game becomes...
...even more diabolic, I must leave. Out of my way!
Mac's coming back. Please stay! - Tell Mac that I have left!
What are you doing here? - This is where I stay
what's there to be surprised about? - Out of my way, I say
don't desert this ship! Lt'll sink!
Sunk or ripped apart, I don't care!
Get out of my way! - Let him go, if he wants to
There's no use having him here anyway! -
who the hell are you to throw me out?
You're right! - Who are you to order me around?
Try doing it where it works! Let me see who throws me out!
She boards an aircraft a few times and throws her weight around!
Where's Mac? - I've no idea
I told him my flight - timing had changed.
He must surely have forgotten
wrong! Wrong of him to forget!
Had I girlfriend like you, I'd never have forgotten
I didn't know you had a girlfriend. - No, I don't have a girlfriend
The doors to my heart are still open for her
Is there anything to eat?
Did you say something? I didn't hear a word
can I have something to eat? - How about a boiled elephant's egg?
He's out of his mind! know what? Let's go and eat at a restaurant
As you wish. At least I won't have to see that old fossil's face!
Not in here! That room, over there! - Why not...?
This room's in a mess. Needs to be cleaned up
Go and change in that room quickly. - Okay
Hurry up... quick!
Sam, which restaurant are we going to? - Wherever you say.
Whose bag is this? - This... is my bag!
I carry my stuff in this bag. A comb, ear-buds, talcum powder...
In a lady's bag? - No, it's not a lady's bag
It's a lady's and gents' bag which looks like a lady's bag!
It's nice, isn't it? - Never mind. How's my dress?
You look amazing! - What if I carried a scarf?
No, you don't need a scarf! You're looking great anyway!
Just wait. I'll show you
Shall we...? - I'm raring to go. Let's get going
why are you carrying my bag? - This bag... is it yours?
I was admiring its beauty
And whose bag is this...? - This one? This is mine, too!
I thought this bag was that one and that one was this one...
so I picked that one up. But this one is mine...
and that one is your bag! Let's go!
What confusion!
I ask for the last time. Who wants to eat and who doesn't?
What do you want to eat, or what don't you want to eat!
I am ready.
Listen to me... Sam!
No cheap snacks here. Get lost! - Hang on, will you?
Sam... - You can't go in
You take me for a beggar? I have a car out there!
I can't let you in! Go!
Stop troubling us or I'll call more security.
I wouldn't even pee in your hotel!
Do you have a mobile phone?
I'll have to call the airport to tell them I'm here
Sorry, I forgot to carry it. - That's okay
Let's call from the reception
If I haven't the right to go into my own room...
...I don't want to live there!
Why are you pushing me...? Okay, do it on your feet
Excuse me, can I make a call please? - Wait please.
Pooja! Let's go to another hotel! - But what for?
Don't you think this place is stinking?
I can't smell anything. - No? I knew you had caught a cold!
Nothing's wrong with me. Stay here, I'll make the call and return
don't you trust me? Me?
Every time a plane flies overhead I wonder when...
when my Sweety will arrive. I mean, my deepti!
Deepti! Hear me out, please!
What the hell are you doing here? - And what are you doing here?
Of the thousands of restaurants in town, is this where you had to come?
Yes, of the thousands of restaurants in town... this where you had to come?
I'll smash your face! You imitate me? - What the hell are you doing?
I'd have gone elsewhere if you had told me you're coming here!
When's this mess going to come to an end!
So where's Sweety? - Not Sweety. Pooja
pooja! Where did she spring from? - I was leaving the house...
and she just breezed in! So I brought her here
And where is Sweety? - Sweety's at home
why did you leave her at home? - As if I could bring them together!
So where's Sweety now? - I told you, she's at home!
I mean, where's pooja? - Pooja's making a phone call
Making a phone call?
I get it. I'm done for. My game is up
How did I get myself into this?
Hey! They don't know each other
Oh yes! Thank God!
Here's what we'll do. I'll take deepti home
Before I can get there, tell Mambo to dump Sweety in some other room
Okay... but how? - How would I know!
Must I explain everything? Tell the old man to think of a way!
I don't know! Ask him to do it! He'll find a way out!
Where are they...? Where's deepti?
And where's pooja? - Look for her!
I'll go and find my curse! And listen...
don't let her go home. - Okay
what happened...? - Sorry!
Open the door!
He's going to get butchered today!
Chhotu, fetch the car!
keep going! Step on it!
Driver, follow that car. Quick!
Pooja! Stop there!
Move it, driver. - Hey, wait there!
Move it, I say! - Hey wait...
Okay, pooja. I'm coming. - C'mon in. Hurry up!
What are you up to?
Terribly insensitive of you to dump me and go back home!
I saw Mac there. - Pooja, my heart craves your love...
and you're running after Mac?
A man who ignored you, despite hearing your voice?
That's because... - I understand! Oh yes, I do
No one in the world values true love
The one I always see, the one closest to my heart...