Tutorial 1/4: Transform Windows XP to Windows 7

Uploaded by znpower on 08.11.2010

Hi... I am Zulfiqar
and I am going to tell you
how to transform your XP's looks into the new dashing looks
of Windows 7 without using any customization package.
So lets begin the first step, i.e., changing the visual style of XP.
Before that you have to download TuneUp Utilities.
You can download the trial version from its website
which is given in the list below.
Download the Windows 7 visual styler from the given link
and apply through TuneUp Styler.
For applying Windows 7 icons on Windows XP
you will be needed to download the Windows 7 icon package
which can be applied only through TuneUp Styler.
Logon Screen can also be applied through TuneUp Styler.
Now the Boot Screen... applied through TuneUp Styler.
Now this is the end of part 1 of the Video Tutorial
on how to transform your XP to 7. See ya in part 2.