School of ROK - Rokenbok's Invisible Grid

Uploaded by Rokenbok on 07.08.2012

Hi, and welcome to the school. I’m your headmaster, Noah ROKs.
If you don't know, the School of ROK is a place where we build, play, build and explore
the fantastically fun construction and remote control toy system, Rokenbok.
Today, I want to talk about foundation for the entire Rokenbok system, Construction.
See the cool thing about building with Rokenbok. . . Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Hold-up there, Noah. I’m from the city planning office, and before you start building anything,
I need to see a your plans.
Plans! But I built with my ROK plans yesterday.
Today I was just going tostart building. . . Thems the rules, you can’t just go building all willy nilly without
Well, it’s great that Rokenbok always comes with plans,
But, the fact that you can build amazing things without plans is what makes Rokenbok construction so special.
You see, every single building piece is designed so that I can experiment and build whatever I want.
Let me show you.
All right.
But make it quick. I start with an idea for what I want to build. Let’s say a warehouse.
And because all of my pieces are uniform, and follow the same invisible grid,
I can easily make what I imagine come to life.
Whoa! That’s great!! What elase can you build? Anything you want!
A train stations, an airport, a factory. . . Great! Let's get to work.
Hey, why don’t you check out this movie while the City Planner and I start building.
The following customer movie was created by Kyle from Cleveland Ohio.
Oh, what a wonderful city we built.
Yepp, and we did the whole thing just using our imaginations.
Duck and Cover!
No, it’s okay. It’s just my friend Mr. Science Guy.
I’ll see you later Mr. City Planner.
Okay, see you.
Hey Mr. Science Guy!
Hello Noah. I heard you were talking about Rokenbok Construction today,
and I wanted to share something that I discovered.
You see, Rokenbok
has an invisible grid!
Mr. Sceince Guy, you know
Rokenbok is not invisible, right?
I know that silly boy, but
What I discovered is that the Rokenbok engineers
use a secret formula to make it easier for the children to make their own inventions.
This means that with Rokenbok it’s easier for children to make their own ideas come to life.
That success leads to more building, and even more learning. Wow, that’s amazing Mr. Science Guy.
I never thought about it that way.
Ahh... ahh
Once again, you never cease to amaze.
Thanks, Mr. Science guy.
Ah, you are too kind.
Well, I hope you had as much fun building with Rokenbok as I did today.
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Until next time,
keep on ROK’n.
This adventure brought to you by ROK Works Construction and Action Set.
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