Recipe - Chilagada Dumpa Gulab Jamun (Sweet Potato fritters) Recipe With English Subtitles

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Hi! Welcome to Aha Emi Ruchi
What are you going to cook for us today? Chilakada Dumpa Gulab Jamun
Ingredients required for Chilagada Dumpa Gulab Jamun
Sweet Potatoes, Milk, Sugar, Maida Flour, Food Essence & Oil
First boil some sweet potatoes and keep them aside
Now peel the skin of boiled potatoes and mash them
Heat the pan and add one kilogram of sugar in it
Now add some water in to the pan & let it cook for a while
Add some milk in to the mashed sweet potatoes & mix them well
Now add two spoons of maida flour into the bowl & mix them well
Now apply some ghee to the hands & make a small round shaped balls out of mashed sweet potato mix
Heat some oil in a pan for deep fry
Now add the round shaped sweet potato balls into the pan
Now let them fry until they turn into golden brown in colour
Add some food essence into the boiling sugar water & mix it well
Now add the fried sweet potato balls into the sugar syrup
Now soak the fried sweet potato balls in the sugar syrup for ten minutes
Now take the sweet potato balls with sugar syrup into a serving bowl