Deaf Funniest Video!

Uploaded by SindriDeaf on 25.09.2009

Wow! Cochlear Implants!
Hey, hey.
Wowww, I was watching TV. I saw that many
deaf people have CI. Do you think I should get one?
(scoffs) Why? Please don’t!
Uh? (giggles) Awesome!
Hey hey!
Wow, look at this!
And how do you feel?
Cool and awesome!
I want play, too.
(thinking) Oops.
I don't understand why does my twin brother
want to have implants! What a butthead.
Yes, he is thinking like a child. Childish!
Yeah, it is annoying!
Hey hey! See this!
What happened to you?
Plfft, it is awesome! (giggles)
Guess where is Sindir, my twin brother, now?
I don’t know.
He is in hospital. You know what happened?
No, what?
He fell on his first implant and again on his second!
Oh, he is stupid!
CI isn't worth it.
Oh, yeah, I know.
Wait, who is that woman?
Wow, that is a sexy woman!
And who is the guy with him?
Huh! That is your brother.
Hi, here is my new implant. See that now I can talk.
(gibberish) I wuv tou
(mouths) Help me.
She just said she loves me, too.
Hmm, he can actually score a sexy woman.
Because of his implant!
See you later, I am going home.
Seecha later.
So CI is worth it...?
Thank you for watching! Subtitles by Sigríður V. Jóhannsdóttir