The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 9

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 25, 2012

MALE SPEAKER: Right now, we are building a
dragon for The Guild.
They requested a dragon and we brought one.
So we're just setting up the apparatus.
Some of the pieces are forthcoming, and we're
figuring it out just like Legos.
BRYAN FORREST: These tubes are called Speed Rail.
They basically make up the skeleton of our dragon puppet
rig, which was made by Greg Aronowitz over at BarnYard FX
Studio for Labyrinth of Jareth, which is put on by
Sypher Arts Studio.

Her name is actually Sparkles, and she is a
frost worm in our land.
But she likes to go on vacation in the summer, not
while at LOJ.
So today, she is visiting the headquarters of The Game, the
most popular MMO--
I don't know.
I'm too tired.
I can't-- you know what I'm trying to say.
But she's one of their stars.
MALE SPEAKER: On stage, it would come out, and there
would be a rig that also breathed out, using a fire
extinguisher, like, breath of ice.
And they would do that onstage with sword fighters, and would
blow out this huge puff of smoke to
fight these sword fighters.
So we've bought it here by request of some of the
producers here at The Guild.
GREG ARONOWITZ: This is Sparkles the dragon from
Labyrinth of Jareth.
I sculpted her two years ago.
It has all these different movements so that the dragon
could actually come out and move around.
And then the team from LOJ made the neck skin and all
that stuff.
But Felicia wanted a big dragon.
We have the big dragon on the outside.
She wanted a big dragon on the inside.
And I'm like, I don't know if I can make two big
dragons for one show.
But I was like, wait a minute.
I already made a big dragon.
So I called Shawn Strider up, and I said, hey do you mind if
we borrow that back for the thing?
But they had taken it all apart after the show that was
last month because it takes up a lot of room.
Now they're trying to put it all back together so we can
shoot it tomorrow.
BRYAN FORREST: Hi, my name is Brian Forrest.
I am the dragon puppeteer.
And she is fondly known as Sparkles the Dragon.
So we have been building her for the past two days.
And we're going to finish up tonight once you guys go home,
because now we can actually hammer things.
See, we had some issues.
We're having to start and stop, playing a little
ultimate red light, green light.
But now that we can actually make some noise-- because it's
a dragon-- you have to make some noise
when putting her together.
In the morning, you will have a nice, beautiful frost worm
for your scene.
Hope you enjoy it.