Leaving a Cult: Does God Exist?

Uploaded by MEAndersFit on 29.08.2011

I explain my process of questioning God's existence.  Did I brashly "forsake God" because
of other Christians, or did the evidence for God fail to measure up?
Readers:  Have you ever tested your belief system against the opposition?  Did you find
any validity in the other side?  How did you reconcile the differences?
For those of you who may have been following my personal journey, I review the book today,
God is Not Great, by Christopher Hitchens. Listening to God is Not Great via CD, I could
not pause the book long enough to catch up on my other favorite podcasts.  I was captivated
by the arguments brought to the forefront by Hitchens.  His scholarly manner laces
his intellectual objections to religion, which are solidified in reason and world history.
I could not explain the book better than the chapter-by-chapter synopsis listed below. 
If you are interested in the authenticity of religion and its effect upon modern culture,
I would highly recommend this book. As for my personal belief system, I became
more grounded in the truth based upon poignant evidence from secular scholars, scientists,
apologists, and like-minded freethinkers.  Hitchens provided another viewpoint for my
budding worldview.