(Batsu Game) 24h tag part 3 (subbed)

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My shoulder's getting stiff.
What about your rib?
My rib has still got a crack.
You looked fine when they came.
You've been enjoying yourself, running around.
I didn't want to be a wet blanket
Open-palm Strike
This one looks bad.
"Rescue man" arrives!
Look, he's helping us.
Good job, Rescue man. - Thank you!
Giant swing
He's huge.
5:20 p.m. (14 hours 40 minutes left)
Why me again?
You just got me a minute ago!
You okay, Hamada?
He's okay.
I'm speechless.
The hair was sore..
His balls were just lying on my face.
It touched your face?
It's hair, scratching my face.
Lukewarm raw flesh.
It wasn't exactly pleasurable for me either.
Who'd enjoy squatting on their friends face?
We were really nervous the whole time.
I don't think that's noticeable.
Every single thing made us jump.
It stayed like that constantly.
We just couldn't get used to it.
Hamada kept faking it and throwing us off.
You were the worst!
I was just making sound, right?
No, whenever we were all sitting at the table
you always made this noise.
Right! Right!
Whenever the taggers came it went "PSST",
but whenever Fujiwara came it went "Donk, Donk".
Remember that much!
"Donk, donk" and you leap!
6 p.m. (14 hours left)
10 hours have passed since the game started
Unpredictability of the attack has wiped the smiles off their faces.
(From this point on you didn't speak much. - Yea, we were just tired.)
False alarm.
Metal Ladle
That's not fair.
We can't be sure where they'll show up anymore.
"Tagger sneaks in."
(Didn't someone notice?)
(I noticed first.)
"Hamada notices him."
(Why didn't you tell us?)
Open-palm Strike
(He's too slow.)
(He's chubby.)
(He needs to pick up the pace.)
(He can't make sharp turns.)
We'll never need to worry about him anyway.
I think we should watch different directions.
That sounds good.
I'm going to watch the front stage.
I'm going to keep an eye over here. 516 00:70:56,401 --> 00:07:59,800 They decide to watch four different directions.
What about me? - That side.
Excluding the main bit? - Roughly that area.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Listen up.
Matsumoto seems to be worried about your physical well-being.
So he's arranged for you to have a massage.
I don't think any of you deserve it, but it's not my decision.
Hamada. - Yes.
Don't you have stiff shoulder?
Don't you have a stiff shoulder? - No.
Never mind then.
Matsumoto really is a saintly being.
Please come in.
A masseur called in by Matsumoto.
Does it hurt? - No, it's fine.
Is he stiff? - Yea.
Romero special
Sorry, we can't help.
(You guys were properly keeping guard.)
The Shows Chief Producer World acclaimed: Heipo
Come on then!
Are you okay?
(He didn't say a thing.)
What is he trying to achieve?
7:10 p.m. (12 hours 50 minutes left)
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Matsumoto has decided to let you degenerates eat something.
It looks good.
It's a special dinner by an excellent chef.
By his great kindness you'll get to fatten your stomachs.
Have you forgotten already?
Quit it.
Not until you say it.
Even the likes of us
get to eat
because of Mr. Matsumoto.
Thank you very much.
Dinner time
Table turning
I had more than half a steak left.
I always leave the best bit 'till last.
What a mess.
My cushion is okay.
That's the most important thing.
7:40 p.m. (12 hours 20 minutes left)
Come, gather around these manboobs!
We went a bit too far.
Matsumoto thinks you might need some energy, so I've brought you some sweets.
He really is a God among men.
You're tired, I insist.
But they're all sweaty.
They're all sticky..
C'mon, eat it.
It touched the ground.
The tissue's sticking to it!
Matsumoto really is a God among men.
He just said it twice now.
8 p.m. (12 hours left)
(We'd been sitting around for about an hour now.)
Matsumoto thinks you might be getting a bit bored.
He's going to let you watch a film.
Matsumoto's praise should be sung from every corner of the world.
I wonder if it's okay if I sleep.
Movie time
"Sea of Japan"
Why do we have to watch this film?
A 1991 film starring a young Hamada as the leader of the "Tepputai" gang.
Hamada (28)
You look so young.
1 hour 40 minutes later
Who'd have thought they'd come through the screen?
9:45 p.m. (10 hours 15 minutes left)
Still 10 painful hours left to go.
Slaps for Yamazaki
I'm gonna get you!
He's only after you, get away from us.
(Former manager of Downtown) Okamoto Akihiko
The cat legged it.
Hello everybody. - Hello.
Are you okay?
My ribs are killing me.
He was calling out "Yamazaki!". - Why only me?
It said 'Slaps for Yamazaki' on his chest.
You're still so jumpy.
You're the jumpy ones. All you guy leapt up at the same time.
We just copied your reaction. - Liar.
Come, gather around these manboobs!
Matsumoto thinks you guys are going to start to get hungry soon.
So we've prepared supper for you.
Instant Noodles courtesy of Matsumoto
You're very methodical with it.
Smells good.
They can't be serious.
They've done a crappy job.
Let's share this one.
Let's play Rock-scissors-paper to decide who eats first.
I'm first.
The fried tofu..
There's only one, and you just ate half of it.
There goes another half.
The soup's good too, though.
About done yet?
I can't stop half way. 627 00:20:17,610 --> 00:20:20:370 Don't you think you had too much?
What are you doing?
It all went back into the bowl.
Some onion went down the wrong pipe.
It's fine, really.
What's wrong?
I can't eat too fast, please don't rush me.
I wasn't rushing you.
It's gotten pretty small..
Ah, stop there.
You have to stop when you've cleared your chopsticks once.
You have to keep food on the chopsticks.
You should have told me.
Sorry. Okay, I'm taking my second run.
In that case I shouldn't have drank the soup.
Yes that's right.
Why didn't you tell me from the start?
I wouldn't have done it if you had said.
Ah, so that's how I should have drank the soup.
Is that okay?
Yea, if your lips are touching the bowl it's okay.
You have to keep it continuous.
Your turn.
Sorry, that's it.
You finished when you removed the chopsticks.
I only paused to drink the soup.
I don't want to make a fuss, but you know.
Never mind, it's fine.
You can have it.
Even though, you know, I'm your senior.
The rules are done with now, right? There's only soup left.
Sure, there are no noodles left.
What's he doing? That's not right.
He's twisting his arm around turning the bowl.
This twisting is okay?
Yes, when you twist your arm around the bowl, it's okay.
Okay, I see.
I'm done, here you go.
There's still a drop left.
You twisted it like a pro.
I'm full. - The fried tofu was tasty.
Pitching machine
That can't be good.