Interview with Eric Saade on Hallå P3 (Sveriges Radio) - Part 1

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Hello, this is Eric Saade, today I hope you call here and talk with me,
ask me some questions and with me today is of course my fantastic sidekick Camilla Zameck.
Oh how nice to be called fantastic. What a start!
Welcome here right after the Allsång.
You could say that, yes, or immediately from the after party.
Oh, you rocked yesterday!
Now we’re going to spend the time talking with people who are curious on who you are,
but before I take the first call I have some quick ones here:
Backpack or All-inclusive?
At the moment all-inclusive.
Homemade or take away?

Snuggling or getting laid?
Eh... what? Okay, snuggling.
I’m too tired so I wouldn’t be a big shot now anyway.
0770 93 00 32 is the number to Eric Saade,
who’s practically lying on the phone already.
If you want to see this or his nice hat then it’s possible because we are live streaming. is the address, just click on "Hallå P3".
You want to see that.
You want to see that.
0770 93 00 32 is the number again.
David Guetta, Taio Cruz and Ludacris "Little Bad Girl". What a start!
You can say that we are "diggin’"! Eric Saade, the whole world knows you’re here!
We have an e-mail all the way from India!
So how many glasses do you drink a day?
Oh, it can be a lot. I don’t know exactly how many glasses.
I don’t drink from glasses, I drink from bottles, you know those 50cl ones.
When I’m on Tour, I probably drink 5-6 bottles a day.
Of course, thank you so much for your question.
Now we’ll talk on the phone in Swedish I think.
Hi! Nina.
Hi! Eric Saade here. I hope you heard something there.
Yeah, I hear you very good!
Yea, I wanted to ask: what is the funniest and nicest thing a fan has ever done for you?
Oh, that happens all the time, because I love when fans.
What should you say, when everything is about music, when they come up and say:
‘damn, I love your music’ or ‘damn, you are very good on stage’.
Instead of everything around such as private things,
whenever it is about things I really love I think that is special.
And then there are those who travel around and who have been to 45 concerts.
There are actually two girls who told me that they’ve been on 45 of my concerts
so I took them on stage to give them something back, you know.
Wow, were they happy then?
They were really happy, I think and me too because without them I’m nothing as an artist.
Nina, have you done something nice?
Yeah, I’ve actually met Eric Saade before. I think he is an incredible singer.
And I don’t mind that he probably doesn’t remember me, but I’ll remember that day.
I’m actually going to see the concert in Furuvik.
Furuvik! Alright! That will be really cool!
… radio station, but we don’t have it here.
If you come it’ll be awesome.
Awesome, then we’ll see there in Furuvik.
Take care and 1000 thanks for calling.
… take care everybody! Bye!
Bye! Nice, Nina.
I was a bit unprepared; the call came just like that!
Yeah, that’s what this show is about…
…So this will happen to you for the next hour.
Just keep calling on 0770 93 00 32.
We’ve been doing a research to find out what our listeners think of you, are you ready?
Am I going to hear it now?
Yes, you are.
Oh, now I’m ready.
Oh, good.
Yeah, he likes Zlatan, I’ve read somewhere…
I think I saw him on a meeting at "Cafe Opera", I think.
A young boy from Skåne. Very nice, very good.
He participated in Eurovision Song Contest and his name is Eric
then he has a last name which I can’t pronounce.
A person who is "Popular".
I think he is good, great performance.
He was so freaking good, it was great!
I think… I think he should have won!
If you compare with Sweden’s last performance, he made it so freaking good,
and it probably made some people to like him for getting such a good result!
I think he looks like a "DT" you know a party guy. It’s called a "Disco Turk".
He isn’t too "scared" with which I mean that he hasn’t been through that much in life.
My girlfriend’s little sister cheered for him.
He looks good.
He is straight-forward.
He is very popular among young girls.
Ah, but it’s a bit "lamb meat" over him.
How should I say… happy.
Confident, successful.
He is good at what he’s doing, talented.
I liked the "Disco Turk".
You obviously look like one.
I look like a "Disco Turk", how funny! I’ve never heard that before!
But what a fantastic man who came up with that! I find that really funny.
Anything else you recognized?
Nah, I just think it’s fun that people have a good vision of who I am.
Even if most of them probably aren’t big fans.
So that was "Hearts in the Air" by me and J-Son.
He’s actually a fantastic rapper who is also a very good friend.
You’ll hear a bit more of him later.
Cool! What a hit that one!
Thank you so much!
You could say it swung here! Webcams vibrated! 0770 93 00 32 is the number,
call if you want to talk to Eric Saade today.
And it’s ringing already! Ringing as hell!
Hi! My name is Isabella and I’m ten years old
and I wonder how it is to be as popular in Sweden as you are?
Hi Isabella! How cool! I... I think it is very funny that people enjoy what I do,
my music, my performances and all. Being popular isn’t the biggest thing
but what means the most to me is that people like what I do.
This is a dream for me to be able to do all this.
I wouldn’t be able to do is if people didn’t bought my CDs
or went to my concerts and supported me.
I think you're very good.
Thank you so much.
Isabella, are you satisfied with that answer?
How good. Isabella, thank you so much for calling to Eric.
Thanks! Bye!
Bye-bye! This is with being popular; does it ‘raised to your head’?
No, it never raises to my head. You can never get used to it.
You can never get to a situation where you get used to it
because you have to work really hard all the time.
In every performance you have to work hard for them to like it,
then for them it’s like a proof that you are working hard.
And this is how I grew up as I got signed when I was 15
and it took me 4 years before something happened and then I worked really hard
so I probably will never let it get to my head
because I know how hard someone must work.
Hi, Eric Saade. My name is Peter Wolodarski, I was in the Hallå P3 yesterday.
I have a question for you. If you were Sweden's Prime Minister for a day, what would you do?
Clever question from yesterday's show Peter Wolodarski.
Oh, what a question! Soft! Eee… I would… I would abolish the Jamtelagen,
not because of the law itself, I will talk about that later,
but because someone must get to be who he is and get to do what he wants
and never try to adapt his actions to everybody's else taste.
Exciting, but one more on the phone!
Hi! What's your name?
My name is Sebastian!
Hi! Do you have a question to Eric?
Eee... yes!
‘Yes’. Soft.
What's the question then?
You're the best.
What did you say?
That he is the best.
That he is the best!
Thank you so much.
... owns.
What did you say?
he owns.
He owns. What compliments Eric!
Thank you so much Sebastian!
How old are you?
5, eh? How cool!
Do you want to say something more?
Do you want to say something more?
Eee... yea.
Be my guest.
That he is awesome! That he is awesome.
Alright. You're absolutely fantastic so I hope we will see in the summer in some concert.
All the best and thanks for calling!
Thanks thanks!
Bye bye.
Bye! Wonderful!
Call Eric on 0770 93 00 32 all you have to do is contact us. Just do it.
Lily Allen with “Fuck You” here in Hallå P3 today again with Eric Saade.
Hey, before I mentioned this about Jamtelagen…
Yesterday I performed in "Allssång på Skansen". The crowd was just fantastic.
There were over 25.000 people there and everyone was jumping and dancing.
It felt like one big party and everyone liked what they saw.
I myself felt that I’d done my greatest TV-performance so far in my life,
even if I have a long time left to live. And then you wake up they day after.
You might read the news or read comments and then you start to think
about what are those comments really about.
For example, me as a person,
I am what I am and when you get a comment about your sunglasses,
your jacket or shirt, and the focus is about those things,
and you get written down because of what you wear.
Is that really how Sweden should be? Shouldn’t you be able to be who you are?
I’m always myself.
I wear blue sunglasses because I love to wear blue sunglasses when I go out.
Then people can stare on them but it’s boring to read things like that
in the news the day after. You must get to be who you are.
You must get to stick out and I think people should dare to do that more and more often.
I’ll grow with time of course and I will develop.
I’ll go my way just like someone else would often.
Why would it be fun if everyone went the same way?
The only people who allow me to be who I am are my fans.
So thank you so very much for allowing me to be who I am.
Now “Om sanningen ska fram” is the next song.