Os Barbixas - Improvável - Frases (com Bruno Motta e Fábio Rabin)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 06.01.2010

What is the "Whose Line" Game? Anderson and Rabin, come here.
I'll give them two sentences each, from this box.
They are sentences that you wrote and they never saw before.
Help yourself, Rabin. Two sentences. Don't look.
Two sentences they never saw and will keep in their pockets.
During the scene, they have to pick the sentences, read them,
and use in the scene, no matter what you have written.
The scene must go on, and they have to make sense with the sentence.
Who here has come to Improvável before, always wanted to take part
but never did? You, dressed in black, stand up.
You will tell me something to wear!
- Bra? - Bra.
And you will tell me a fruit.
- Grape. - Grape.
Bra and grape, that's what we will have on the "Whose Line" Game,
starting... Now!
I don't know if you know me, son,
but I won the Miss Sour Grape contest.
- 1948! - Oh! That will be great in my article!
Do you want some porridge?
I swear I don't wanna know what this is, but...
- I have some right here! - No, you don't have to!
In my bra! From 1914!
Gosh, it's just like an egyptian relic!
- In my time we used to have chest hair... - Huh...
Crocodiles are animals who live in lakes.
And where do you live, ma'am?
In my home!
My home!
My home!
I have to go now...
Ma'am, this door is locked...
I have to get out...
You are in my dungeon!
And now I will reveal myself.
I am Count Dracula.
Whew, if you still didn't get it.
I could swear I was going to do something with the old lady.
It's much cooler with you, sir,
I always liked your stories, Count Dracula.
After all, olives give bad breath.
And that woman smelled like olive water.
She was you, sir! Sorry, I didn't mean to offend.
I want out...!
If you think olives give you bad breath...
You still haven't seen what really gives bad breath...
I've been trying to stop drinking for some time!
For a long time!
Count Dracula, there are alternatives to blood!
I'm not Count Dracula, I'm Joe!
When I drink some booze I go crazy!
I start pretending I'm an old lady...
Pretending I'm Dracula...
I want some booze, man!
You ain't getting out before buying me some booze!
Hey, Joe, I'll buy you some booze...
I'll buy you some booze...
Buy me!
I'll buy you some booze...
- Joe, I will talk without looking at you, okay? - Talk!
I'll buy you some booze, but you will owe me one after that!
And I will charge you by saying:
I forgot to put my eye drops.
You use dope too, right?
Yeah! Positive!
Really... Wasn't the "Quick Change" Game really good?