Update from Yorkey's Knob Beach, QLD, Australia

Uploaded by raamdev on 11.08.2012

Hey everyone!
So, I am here on Yorkey's Knob
In uh, just north of Cairns, Australia
on the northeast coast of the continent.
and I thought I'd do a quick video to show you guys where I am and
also just mention a few updates from this past month or so,
I'm thinking I might do videos like this every week, or once every two weeks,
once a fortnight as they say here in Australia,
so let me know if you guys think this is a good idea, if you'd like to see where I am more often
and I might even just recap the things I published from the previous week
uh, so one of the updates... a couple of the updates to my site...
I have a new travels page, and the travels page shows you where I am currently
and where I've been and there's also travel maps for
the previous two years, for 2010 and 2011
That map is always updated as I travel, so you can always see where I am and where I've been, on there...
On that same page is a travel schedule, and the schedule uses the same calendar that I use on my laptop for planning,
so you can actually get an idea of where I'm thinking of going next and um,
and where I've been.
I'm gonna be in Tasmania for a few days next month, early next month
and then I'll be going to Thailand for about a month, in September.
The other thing that is new on my site is that I have a running activity page,
and the running activity page shows you all of my most recent runs,
and those are also plotted on a map.
The other major update is that I changed the pricing structure for my journal, so
now you can subscribe yearly for $40/year, or
monthly at $7/month,
There's also a one-time donation option where if you donate at least $7 you'll receive
one month of access to the Journal, and the Archives, and also the Notes.
I just realized after a lot of thought that the pricing structure of just a monthly subscription
wasn't something that I would like to see if I was coming to my own site to subscribe, so
it now feels a lot more in align with what I feel, um,
is the best way to offer a subscription.
And the other big thing, um, two big things that happened this past week,
I made a uh, I set a new personal record for my running,
I've been training a lot for that, um,
setting my sights on an ultramarathon, which is uh, a 100-mile ultramarathon, which is um,
160 km, and um, my first major step towards that goal
my first major step towards that goal, my first major milestone, will be a marathon in October,
October 20th... or 21st... 21st, that I'll be running, and
I was originally going to do a half-marathon, but I changed it to a full marathon because I realized if I'm shooting
an ultramarathon hopefully before my next birthday in April,
I should be able to do a marathon by October.
So, my new personal running record of 11 miles, or 18 km, I did it entirely barefoot, um...
it was definitely challenging, but I feel that when I'm running barefoot, on the, on the bare earth,
that, I actually get a strange energy from that connection,
that seems to allow me to keep going.
And even after the 11-miles, I was certainly sore,
I started to feel pain in my left achilles tendon and my right hip flexor,
but I definitely could have kept going, you know, if I needed to.
so yeah, the other thing is uh, NASA landed the Mars Curiosity Rover on Mars earlier this week and
I recorded NASA TV on my laptop, as well as the uh,
the computer simulation that uses uh, Eyes on the Solar System it's called,
that was using live telemetry data to show you exactly where the rover was as it was landing
and that video has received uh, today I checked and it's over 1.1 or 1.2 millon views
so um, no credit to me obviously, that was all NASA, but I think that's uh,
that's pretty awesome that over a million people got to relive that experience, I've watched it several times myself.
So if you haven't seen that yet, I suggest definitely checking it out.
And yeah, so I think that's about it. I don't want this video to run too long.
If you guys like this idea of me doing a regular update,
and um, just showing you where I am, let me know.
I'll leave you with a few more shots of the beach here. It's extremely windy, as I'm sure you heard,
it's pretty popular for kite surfing, but unfortunately it's just past 5:00, so all the kite surfers have gone in, so you're not going to see any out there, but um
There's also airplanes that fly over every, fifteen minutes or so,
heading to the Cairns airport, so, it's pretty awesome getting to see both uh, kite surfers and airplanes along the beach here
pretty much every single day.