Deaf Reykjavik - Part 6 - Haukur - Árbæjarsafn

Uploaded by Lilienfilme on 02.10.2010


Hi, my name is Haukur Vilhjámsson and I would like to show you Árbæjarsafn.
It´s a place where historical buildings from Reykjavik and other cities are brought to and displayed.
Inside the houses you can see what the "old times" where like.
I love this place because I grew up in Ábæjar, close to this place, and I often came here.

This map shows Ábæjarsafn and all its different houses.
The white building over there is an old Doctors house brought from Reykjaviks city centre.
It was the largest doctors house in Reykjavik.

When I was a kid I used to eat these sweets.
Tasting them today reminds me of my childhood.
They aren´t sold anymore these days, but they are so tasty.
You can buy them in this shop, nowhere else. Just here - which is very nice.

I really love the church behind me, because in 1977 at the age of 14 I recieved my confirmation there.
Today you can´t be married or confirmed there anymore.
I was the last one who got confirmed there.

Thse houses were built here in Árbæjarsafn.
They aren´t moved to this place, but built right here on this spot and have been here ever since.
It was home to a whole family, a couple, grandparents, parents..
Upstairs are the bedrooms, in the back the living room, the dinner room
and over there the stable for cows, horses and sheep,
that all shared one stable.
This is the last house that has been built in this icelandic manner.
It´s the last of its kind. All other houses were built in a different way than this. This was the last one built like that.

This is a Café.
The cakes that are sold here are baked according to old recepies.
I love this place because in 2004 we celebrated the scandinavian deaf cultural party here.
The parental association helped preparing the barbecue and food.
We had typical icelandic food with lamm meat and stuff like that. It was sonderful.

So, here in Árbæjarsafn you can see and experience a lot of old stuff.
Unfortunately we weren´t able to get into the houses to day.
If you would like to have a look, the best time for a visit is in the summer time.
Then you can have a real good look at the old times here.