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>> >>DWANE: Revised budget and we'll talk with the four leading s candidates who want
the Mayor's job. Also tonight the San Diego school board finalizes
its lay off list for next year. One f out of five teachers is getting a pink
slip. The nation's top nuclear regulators say san
Onofre may point to problems with nuclear safety rules.
KPBS evening edition starts now. >> >>DWANE: I'm Dwane Brown.
San Diego petition budget revision look as lot better tonight than it did even a month
ago. That's when Mayor Jerry sanders projected a 10,019,000,000 dollar surplus over the next
nine years and a balanced budget. City services even more such as street paving
and library hours to pre recession levels and wants to hire more police officers and
fire fighter in July when the new fiscal year begins.
>> >>: We've put an additional $8.3ハmillions that council requested into infrastructure
projects. We'll increase the city's allocation to arts
and cultures programs once again requested by the council by five percent which means
an increase in about 300,000 dollars. >> >>DWANE: The city has made reforms over
the past several years from managed competition to out sourcing information technology to
the merging of departments and reductions in management.
The head of the San Diego citizen's review board on police practices is firing tonight
at a grand jury reported described an atmosphere of fear and intimidation where internal officers
interfered and board members bullied each other.
Jim Casey with the review board says the report is full of accusations without factual support.
He says the CRV is continually trying to improve it sf.
San Diego unified trustees have finalized pink slips for more than 1500 teachers last
night's four to one vote came after a rally outside the meeting by teachers. The lay offs
would take affect on Juneハ30th. School officials hope jobs can be saved by
concessions of the teacher's union. The chairman of the nuclear regulatory commission
says problems at san Onofre could prompt changes in safety rules. The north county plant has
been off line since January because of problems with tubes inside its steam generators.
The tubes are wearing out more quickly than expected and investigators are trying to determine
whether design changes are to blame. Some at the NRC say the problems could have
been avoided if they were reviewed more thoroughly. The review mas process may need to be changed.
Roof top solar systems, the state public utilities commission is considering a way the utilities
measure solar power can feed the grid. Erik Anderson joins us from the news center.
What is the state public utility commission considering?
>> >>: What the panel is considering is changing how net metering is measured.
What net metering is when customers generate electricity and sell it back to the grid.
They send power to the grid during the day pull power from the night.
The CPC allowed roof top solar customers to sell extra power but it but a limit on the
amount of power limited by those net reading customers.
They wanted to see how the power grid would handle that.
The limit was 5ハpercent of the peek power limited.
Measure not measuring that accurately and wants to keep that 5ハpercent cap in change
but change the way the net measure reading. Doubling the amount of power generated by
roof top solar systems. >> >>DWANE: What's the big picture for solar
use in California? >> >>: San Diego enjoy enjoys the distinction
of being the # 1 solar city in California. More solar power is created here than any
oarlgt California count eavment that said, solar still only counts for a GAGABYTE of
the state's power. Percentage of power coming from the sun about
1 and a half percent, the change in metering could push that up to around 3ハpercent.
>> >>DWANE: KPBS reporter Erik Anderson. It was a home welcome homecoming for more
than 6,000 sailor whose returned to San Diego. The Carl Vincent strike group spent six months
in the middle east. Friends and family greeted crew from the U.S.
S.Carl Vinson, their mission took place duringa time of increased tension with Iran.
The sailors also took part in exercises with sing u pore, brit expn Australia.
About 26% of all jobs in San Diego kowbt county are tied to military and the navy plans to
add several thousand more. Election day less than two weeks away tonight.
We bring you an envision special profiling the four major candidates for San Diego Mayor.
Here's Amita Sharma. >> >>AMITA: Good evening, I'm Amita Sharma.
San Diego Republican council member Carl DeMaio has maintain ad high profile since being elected
in 2008. He's now vying to be San Diego's next Mayor.
That would mean leading the city employees he often rails against.
As part of our SEARe ons the race for Mayor, Katie Orr has this profile.
>> >>: I'm Carl DeMaio your council member here.
>> >>: It's a Sunday morning and city councilman and may oirl candidate Carl DeMaio is walking
the neighborhoods of Rancho Bernardo. No staff members hovering nearby.
DeMaio says hello to people on the street and makes chit chat with those who open their
doors. The 37 year old DeMaio says spending his weekends
walking the city doesn't seem like a big deal to him.
It's just part of his nature. He moved from San Diego from the Washington
D.C. area in 2001. He's been in a committed relationship bewith
publisher Jonathan hail. He made millions from the sale, DeMaio says
he wanted to in his words focus on fixing San Diego's financial problems.
He maintains he has no political ambitions beyond becoming the city's Mayor.
>> >>: If we can fix the city of San Diego government, the sky's the lim frt San Diego
and that's what I'm really excited about. So I think it's a no brainer, San Diego offers
the best quality of life and has the greatest potential if we can get our city government
to match the other strengths that our community has.
>> >>: DeMaio's friendlier earnest side is different from the per persona he presents
at San Diego city council meetings. His aggressive questioning can be seen here
with Fred mass. >> >>: I'm asking a simple question.
Who in the office of the Mayor did you speak with?
>> >>: I have nothing to hide here. >> >>: Then answer the question.
>> >>: The ans answer is I'm not to answer the question.
>> >>: I'm not sure that's sufficient. I appreciate the fact you are leaving the
agency, submitting your resignation, I believe the public deserves to know answers to simple
questions. >> >>: Sil city works oppose d DeMaio's desire
to put some city's services out to bid motors approved the idea of out sourcing services
in 2006. Likely, their biggest battle is going on right
now. DeMaio lead the charge to get a pension reform
measure on the June ballot. >> >>: They want to see an end to the city's
pension crisis. >> >>: It would freeze current city worker
pay for five yaries and eliminate pensioniesfor most new hires replacing them with 401k.
DeMaio says he won't apologize to the union who don't like his tactics and says he'll
continue to use them if elected Mayor. >> >>: If I can't get the council to stand
up to the laisher unions and do the right thing, then I will turn to the public and
intrust in their hands the fiscal reform agenda our city needs to implement.
>> >>: He brissals at being call ad polarizing figure.
>> >>: Let's really define what people are talking about.
When I opposed the sale tax increase, they said it was polarizing, but 62% ofer San Diegans
agree would me that raising taxes in the middle of a bad economy without reform of city finances
was an awful idea. When I proposed pension reform, the government
unions called it polarizing and yet our pension ballot measure supported by over 70% of San
Diegans and we broke records in collecting signatures to qualify ininitiative.
>> >>: DeMaio insists he's not out to hurt the futures of city employees but thinks current
labor contracts are. DeMaio says his business experience will allow
him to lead city employees effectively. >> >>: My goal for the city work force is
the following: I know they're not going to like the labor contract to trim the salaries
and benefits down with the local labor market. My secret hope is that after a year of me
being Mayor, they will recognize and privately admit they're bebing given the best management,
training and support they've had in decade said.
>> >>: Speaking to broaden his appeal, DeMaio is putting out plans to create more jobs in
San Diego, promote volunteerism, and fix the roadses, awl always a popular subject with
motor sivmentd you still don'tハ >> >>: DeMaio says he's ready to take office
with the plan to fix San Diego. It's a plan he'll work to sell to voters even
if it's one howt house at a time. >> >>AMITA: Going into the primary DeMaio
and congressman bob Filner were often mentioned as the two candidates to make it in n to a
November run off, Nathan Fletcher announced he was leaving the Republican party and running
as an independent candidate. The move boosted his name recognition and
he and Filner appear to be battling it out for the second run off spot.
Fletcher still faces an up hill climb, running against three of the city's political heavy
weights. >> >>: The sun is just coming up in little
Italy, but on this Wednesday morning assemblyman Nathan flech sr already hard at work.
Fletcher is a devotee of cross fit ademanding work out that focuses on stretching, weight
lifting and shorter intense bursts of cardio. The married father of two boys says he'll
often give up an hour of sleep to get in a g work out.
>> >>: My mental health and physical health are closely aligned.
So it's a great stress y leaf, I have more energy during the day.
I also like to kult competitive nature of this work out.
>> >>: Fletcher has a focused kawnsz traigz vmentd the same concentration he'll need to
bring to the Mayor's race if he wants to come out on top.
Fletcher faces competitor whose have high name recognition.
While he shares his name with San Diego's wealthy Fletcher family, he's not related
to them. His opponents are steeched in local politics.
Fletcher has spend spent his time in office in Sacramento.
He was first elected to the assembly in 2008. Prior to his election, the 35 year old spent
10 years in the Marines includeinga tour in the SUNI triangle region of Iraq.
He's the youngest candidate in the race. >> >>: I think our experience is our greatest
asset. I've lead men in combat, we've made a life
and death decision into direct enemy fire, demonstrated ability to lead and challenge
in difficult environments and demonstrated an environment to grasp complex and difficult
issues, build those coalitions that are necessary to achieve important things.
>> >>: Fletcher cites his u tibility to work across party lines.
Several pieces of legislation have made him better known in San Diego.
Perhaps his most high profile because Chelsea's law which increases pent penaltyiesfor violent
sex offenders. It was named after Chelsea king who was raped
and murdered wie a sex offender in 2010. Fletcher says king's parents proached him
about authoring legislation which passed unanimously in the senate.
Governor Arnold shu warts sign td into law. Fletcher author ad state bill that allowed
more tax money to be diverted for downtown San Diego redevelopment.
The city council had been gun considering the issue on its on Fletcher makes no apologies
for the bill. >> >>: If I have the teupt to go and get billions
of dollars for infrastructure which is crumbling, provide more money for our city and schools
and let San Diegans keep their money, I'll do it every single day.
>> >>: Despite that entry into local San Diego politics, Fletcher stresses he's the man to
guide the city into a new political era. >> >>: Our city has been through an awful
duk decade. I think this election offers an opportunity
to close that chapter on San Diego and really open a new one about what is the city we want
to bring. That does require it a new Mayor, it require
as new vision and a new energy anew generation of leadership.
>> >>: Flech sr weighing in on hot local topics as wevment he supports the pension reform
measure that would replace pension for 401ks for most city hires vmentd he wants to stream
like bureaucracy, and he says city government should be more involved with local schools
which he calls an economic and moral issue. Fletcher says local businesses are telling
him they need a better skilled work force. >> >>: The meeting with a group of executives
at Qualcomm, they said we have hundreds of jobs open today and thousands of applicants.
I think we need to drive if we want to be the economic base of the future, we have to
have the education base. >> >>: May have given his campaign the boost
it needed after trailing DeMaio and Filner for much of the past year, poles now show
Fletcher having a realistic shot at making the November run off.
>> >>AMITA: Fletcher may be the flashy new candidate on the scene, bub congressman bob
Filner has been around the political scene since the late 70s.
Now he has a shot at being San Diego's first elected demic Democratic Mayor in nearlyハ
divide over the benefits city workers receive. >> >>: To help unwind after a long day, congressman
bob Filner sometimes sits down at the piano. >> >>: It's the one thing that you can after
a long day at works it doesn't matter how well you play, and I don't play very well,
but to justハ your mind is somewhere else and you're fooling around with techniques
that have nothing to dewith political ideas or anything else.
It's a great stress reliever. >> >>: Filner began taking lessons a as a
child and pick td up again. The 69 year old father of two says he's partial
to show tunes from the 40s and 50s. >> >>: It's a simpler time, as I said earlier.
It takes me back to my first girlfriend where we wunlt went to the carousel.
>> >>: He served on a San Diego unified disool school board and on the city council.
First elected to the U.S. congress in 1992 and has held that seat ever since, representing
south San Diego and imperial county. He served as chair of the house Veterans affair
commit expea is now the ranking member. Filner says he's leaving that behind and running
for Mayor because he's ready for a change. >> >>: Washington has become very dysfunctional.
You can't do very much, and if you're a member of the minority party, it's almost impossible.
I look back at my home town where I lived for 40 years and I said I haven't seen leadership
in the Mayor's office for three decades. >> >>: After initial excitement, some of his
supporters began to fret over his seemingly lack luster campaign.
Alternative week whrea news paper San Diego city beat wrote an editorial urging Filner
to pick up the pace. Filner brushes off the concerns saying he's
had plenty of experience winning elections. >> >>: We know how to do the campaign, raise
money, we know how to tactically do this. I will vlt money for this campaign, we will
have the volunteers, we have dozens and dunses of volunteers now.
And we will win this election. >> >>: If he does win, Filner has several
priorities for the city. He says he'd like to take grairt advantage
of the port. He wants San Diego to act as a regional leader
and wants to be gin investing in neighborhoods. Filner says San Diego has to gain back many
of the middle class jobs it lost when defense contracting fir firms skilled back their operations
here. >> >>: We have high tech, and we have service
jobs. We need to provide jobiesfor working people
over the vast middle range of our economy. >> >>: Unlike his three Republican challengers
he does not support the reform niks initiative on the June ballot.
He says he has a plan that includes capping pensions.
>> >>: I could do my the other parts of my plan without a referendum.
I could put caps on the first day of Mayor. I could negotiate a fierve year labor agreement.
If the council agrees with me, we couldハ >> >>: Pension obligation bonds would allow
the city to pay its pension debt over a longer period of time, lower the payments and free
up money to put payments into the city's general fund.
An idea to gain traction with unions. Critics say it's an example of Filner pandering
to the labor organizations who support he count on.
Filner dismisses that. >> >>: People know I'm an effective leader
and nobody controls me. I'm in nobody's pocket.
I'm an independent purse expn everybody knows that.
Yes, I have the support of labor unions, because those are the working people of our city.
Nobody tells me what to do. >> >>: Filner says he'd work for all of San
Diego, though he wants to see what he calls the downtown power structure broke unn up.
He says San Diego has become more ethnically and politically diverse over the year expins
fact a majority of voters in the city are registered Democratics.
Filner's hoping those voarts will come out in June and push to November pfers election
and beyond. >> >>AMITA: These three men are not alone
in this race. Long time county disa Bonnie Dumanis also
wants to be the next Mayor of San Diego. She has trailed consistently in had the poles
but insists that doesn't concern here. Expressing decades of experience working in
San Diego, but her history may present some challenges as well.
>> >>: As San Diego county district attorney Bonnie Dumanis strolls through little Italy
with her dog aby, it's easy to see she feels at home in the neighborhood and the neighborhood
seems to embrace her as well. >> >>: Hey, Anthony.
>> >>: Dumanis says she and her wife Denise often walk aby through the historic Italian
neighborhood. She says she likes it's easy to walk to places
in little Italy, and enjoys the many restaurants and dog friendly atmosphere.
She says she's lived all over San Diego from the college air you, to Mission Valley.
She says her nearly 40 years in the city set her apart from her three main competitors.
>> >>: It's different than somebody that comes in once a weekend from Washington, or from
Sacramento, or who just came, you know, several years ago.
So I think I have the depth and breadth of experience no one else has which gives me
I think the relationship to get things done suvment.
>> >>: One of Dumanis' priorities as Mayor would be to restructure the make up of the
San Diego school board. That would include adding four board members
who would be u pointed by the Mayor, and creating an independent financial oversight board.
Dumanis says education reform is important because the district on a bring of insal vnsy
hurts the entire city simplet education is at the core of everything we do in San Diego.
If you don't invest in your education system early on, we pay for if in many ways at the
other end. >> >>: Dumanis has been San Diego's district
attorney since 2002. She's widely regarded as one of the most powerful
politicians in the county. She sites her experience running the D. A.'S
awftion. Dumanis has also drawn fierce criticism for
some of her decisions. For instance, her office declined to file
charges against Armando Perez after he was arrested for allegedly kidnapping and u sulting
his estranged wife Diana Gonzalez. Dumanis says there is not enough evidence
to prosecute the case. Perez was recently arrested in Mexico.
Dumanis says her office has since established a high risk team to work on cases like 51
swrawl ez's. But she says it's her job to make tough decisions.
>> >>: Our office is charged with a duty, and that duty is to not file criminal cases
unless we can prove them beyond a reasonable doubt and where we can't, again, the buck
stops with me. And our office, our attorneys make those decisions
based on the information that they have, the evidence they have at end.
>> >>: Happy to be held accounteddable for her decisions and says she has a proven track
record of doing the right thing, not just trying to please people.
She says if elected, she plans to reorganize how the city's run, fix the infrastructure,
and work with city unions to help restore their pride in working for San Diego.
She might face an up hill battle. Dumanis, like the other two Republicans in
the race, supports the pension reform initiative that would replace pensions with 401Ks for
most new hires. She says it's a necessary step.
>> >>: Our pensions right now are unaffordable, unsustainable, we have got to do something
about that. If we don't, we cannot reach fiscal stability.
So I support it, but the important part is the implementation.
You need someone that has a history of implementing that can get real results, and save real money.
>> >>: An estimate last year by voice of San Diego put Dumanis' annual county pension at
more than 200,000 dollars. Dumanis says she will not enroll in the city
pension system and will donate her mayoral salary to educational programs.
While her tenure has inspired controversy for some, it's also earned her respect with
others including possible voters. >> >>:
>> >>: It's that kind of enthusiasm dumanis is hoping voters bring to the poles as she
seeks to make her next mark on San Diego. >> >>AMITA: And that wraps up our profiles
on the four major candidates vying to be San Diego's next Mayor for more information on
the candidates, visit >> >>DWANE: Recapping, San Diego Mayor Jerry
Sanders says the city's fiscal health is bert than expected because of recent reform and
wants to hire more police. San Diego school trustees approve the lay
off of more than 1500 teachers. The district faces a possible budget gap of
$122ハmillion. You can find tonight's stories online at
Thanks for joining us. Have a great night.