New Student Orientation & Stampede Week 2012 - The University of Central Oklahoma

Uploaded by UCOBronchos on 10.05.2012

>> JARED & SARA: Welcome to The University of Central Oklahoma!
>> You're going to love your time at Central! I'm Sara.
>> and I'm Jared.
>> We want you to get off to a great start.
>> You can do that through New Student Orientation...
>> ...and through what we call Stampede Week.
>> Check it out!
>> SARA: New Student Orientation is a great way for you to get connected. Learn what's
up, where things are, and who to contact to answer any of your questions.
>> Orientation helps you, our new Bronchos get connected. There are also orientation
programs especially designed for parents and families, international students, transfer
students and so much more.
>> Learn about campus life, the resources available, and how to make the most of your
academic experience at U-C-O.
>> Get this. Students who attend orientation are more likely to stay in college and graduate.
So go to orientation, it can help you make the grade.
>> JARED: Here's another must-go event, Stampede Week. It's held a week before classes start.
A great way for you to see U-C-O spirit in action!
>> There's something fun to do every day during Stampede Week.
>> Be part of the larges game of Duck Duck Goose. U-C-O broke the Guiness Book of World
Records in 2011 with more than 16-hundred people involved.
>> During stampede week, you'll get to know all aobut U-C-O's traditions. See how you
can get involved on campus, meet other Bronchos and make new friends.
>> JARED & SARA: Stampede Week also means free food and entertainment.
>> Don't miss out on Orientation or Stampede Week. We'll be there, and hope to see you