How to Make Dog Food : Making Homemade Training Treats

Uploaded by expertvillage on 08.10.2007

Hi! This is Elise McMahon for Expert and in this video series we are talking about
making your own dog food. If you would like to find out more about my services, you can
visit my website at So we are going to be talking about natural dog
treats that you can use; making up your own dog treats. Some people, who want to get away
from feeding their dog’s food from the pet industry, also want to find alternatives for
dog treats. A lot of the dog treats that are out there are full of additives and colors
and sugars especially the ones that are bright red and soft and bend and pretend that they
are bacon. We have got a couple of things here, one of them very easy and convenient;
cheese sticks are a great treat. It is a great training treat and is also just a general
great treat if you are out walking your dog, you know you can give them a piece of cheese
stick. You could put these in the freezer and get them a little bit harder and stiffer
and give this to a young dog that is cutting their teeth as a nice cold chew stick. Lot
of dogs love carrots and they are very good for them. You can break up, cut carrots up
in to pieces and you can use your carrots as a treat. If you are doing a training treat,
you are going to want to have the carrots in much smaller size. Apples; dogs love apples
typically. So again, you can cut this off, if you are going to give a treat, you can
cut off a wedge and give them a wedge. If you are going to be doing it as a training
treat, you want it smaller and you will cut up into smaller pieces. These are great treats.
You can mix these all into a bag together so your dog is getting of a variety. We have
got also chicken; you can cut up small pieces of chicken and give this as a treat type.
This is a baked and then cooked slice of chicken breast and it is nice and firm. You can give
this to your dog as a treat. You could also cut this up as a training treat; cut up into
small little pieces. A little bit crumbly there, but you can get some pieces out of
there and then we have also got also a liver. This is a boiled and then baked piece of liver.
You could give this whole thing as a treat to your dog or you can cut it up in to smaller
pieces and then you can mix these up into a bag and when you are working with your dog,
they never know what it is that they are working for; they might be getting chicken, they might
be getting apple and believe it or not some dogs actually do like apple and carrots better
than a piece of liver or chicken. It all depends on the individual dog.