Dumitru Duduman Warning America Part 1 of 10

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{\*\generator Msftedit;}\viewkind4\uc1\pard\f0\fs20 Hello, I'm pastor John Kilpatrick, the pastor
of the "Brownsville Assembly of God Church" with "In Times Like These".We're very happy
tonight to be able to come back into your home, with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As
you can tell, tonights program is a little bit different. This weeks program and next
weeks program is going to be a little bit different because last Sunday, May the 23rd,
I had in our sanctuary, a true man of God from Romania.I had brother Dumitru Duduman
from Romania, that God had sent there and exiled from that country, to America with
a message from God, for our errant country. You know folks, I don't think there is any
good way to say this; I'm just going to have to come out and say it bluntly the way that
I believe it. You know, it's one thing to be a sweet little pastor, a nice little pastor,
and just not ruffle nobody's feathers and just come before people week after week and
you know, feed them and help them and all that, but God has called me to be more than
a pastor and he's called "We men of God" to be more than just shepards to shepard people.
He's called us to be "Watchmen on the Wall", and to look out and to see when danger is
approaching and to see when ominous clouds of judgement are gathering. And I want to
say to you...tonight, from the depth of my heart, that my heart is concerned. As a man
of God... not necessarily just a preacher or pastor, but as a man of god, as a watchman
on the wall, I see.. clearly, that the clouds, the ominous dark clouds, are stacking up and
gathering for the United States of America. And I know many of you might be tempted right
now to flip that channel, and you want to go on to something else, but I want you to
hear me for a few moments.I want you to stay tuned to this program tonight for many different
reasons. Number one, is because I want you to hear this Romanian preach the gospel. Now
this program tonight is going to share his testimony about how God even sent Angels to
minister to him. You might say, "Brother Kilpatrick, I don't believe that", well...if you do away
with Angels and ministering spirits, you're just going to have to throw your Bible out
in the trash can, set it on fire and get rid of it, because it's full of it...both old
testament and new testament. You see one of the things that disturbs me today is, people
have...somehow they've taken the authority on themselves to go through the Bible with
a fine toothed comb and comb out the things they don't want and throw it out and keep
the things they do want, but I tell yah, we are commanded by God to accept the whole counsel
of God. This is God's word. And I can't find for the life of me, where miracles have ceased.
I can't find where healings have ceased. And where God visits his people with dreams and
visions and angelic visitations. You don't pray to Angels, you know... you don't worship
Angels, but God does send his ministering spirits, and the Bible says that his Angels
are his ministering spirits sent forth to minister for the heirs of salvation. And here's
a man that was tortured, brother Dumitru Duduman, in Romanian prisons, before Chowchesco was
killed, and that iron curtain fell, here's a man that was being tortured for the cause
of Christ, and smuggling Bibles into Russia, and into Romania and Albania and other places
over there in Europe. And as he was tortured, beaten with clubs... like a cave man's club
with spikes driven through them. And his fingers slammed into a door and where they stuck out
on the other side, they'd stick reeds under his fingernails. And a man that had had electric
probes put in his ears and all over his head and a hood, and he was sitting in an electric
chair. And he was electrocuted to the point that he would pass out and fall on his face
in a pool of blood, and he did that twice. And God delivered him. And he told me at the
dinner table last Sunday, he said, "Not long after that that I had to get dentures because
I woke up one night and the electricity had so shocked my system till it killed the roots
in my teeth, and all my teeth fell out over a two or three night period, and I'd wake
up in the middle of the night spitting my teeth out". Now when a man goes through something
like that my brother, when a man goes through that kind of torture, you can't tell me that
God, if God has his hand on that man, you can't tell me that God's not going to send
ministering spirits to minister to him. You see one of the things that in America, why
we don't believe in things like that anymore is because we have a comfort zone that christians
live in, and we're not persectuted, and we can't believe that God would do such things
for people. But I tell yah, everybody wants to see Leo the lion get lock-jaw, but nobody
wants to go in the Lion's den. Everybody wants to see the three Hebrew children come forth
from the firey furnace without, not even the smell of smoke on their clothes, but noboby
wants to go in the flames. When God's people are put in a situation, to where they have
to suffer and are persectued and they are suffering for the cause of Christ...God will
go to whatever extents necessary, to minister to them to perserve them to keep the message
alive. Well, God delivered him from a Romanian prison and brought him to America. God even
told him the day, the month, of the...the day of the month and the hour that he was
going to be exiled from Romania and kicked out. And that God was going to send him to
America and he wound up in American California. And the Angel of the Lord even visited him
there and gave him some messages for America. Now the man that you're going to see tonight
ladies and gentlemen, is a man that is a humble man, a man that is non-pretentious, has nothing
to lose, nothing to gain. He's just a man of God. When you see him, you'll see that.
He's not looking for riches, he's not looking for big offerings, he's not a money preacher,
he's not a big televangelist. He's just a simple man that went through hellish torture
for the cause of Christ. And God layed his hand on him and sent him to this country with
a message. And I tell yah what, I had him at my church and I am proud that I did, and
my church recieved him so well, and the spirit of God moved in our church services. As we
sat morning and that night, and listened to him, as the spirit of God moved and people
were moved, and people began to realize that some of the things they suffer called persecution.
They're not going through persecution at all after hearing this man, and we were made to
realize that evening in the evening service, how close the coming of Jesus Christ really
is and how judgement clouds are looming over America. Unless there is a turnaround and
a great repentance and a humbling, I don't know how much longer America can survive.
May God help us to hear this man, may God help us to hear the voice of the Spirit. These
are crucial hours. Please stay tuned as you watch Dumitru Duduman. God bless you.\par
[APPLAUSE]\par >>(Grandson, Michael Boldea is Dumitru's Translator)\par
>>Dumitru Duduman: ((Speaking Romanian))\par >>(Translation): But today we must put everything
aside, and believe that we are here with Christ. Yah know, I will not tell you fairytales,
I won't tell you stories, I'll only tell you what God took me through. And if I'll have
time, I will tell you about the wrath that is coming upon America. But if I won't have
time this morning, I heard the pastor...that we were going to be here tonight too. So I'll
finish what I don't say this morning, this evening. And I pray God bless this church
with the Holy Spirit. And if you've never felt, I hope you feel the Spirit of God. And
if until know you haven't known God...haven't known the power of God fully...now is your
time. Because God is Almighty. And the Christians here in American have lived in so many blessings.
Yah know, you've never known what trouble was, you haven't known what torture is, you
haven't known persecution. God has blessed you so much in this country, so that all the
world may taste of your blessings. But the one mistake this country made was that it
rejected God. The Church of God, yah know, I'm not talking about the world, but even
those in the Church, God wants to wake up the Church, this is why he prepared me in
Romania, he took me through so many tortures, and he brought me to your country, that I
may stand up, and speak the gospel, and of the power of God. Well, I was born in a Christian
family.My dad pastored a Pentecostal church. Brothers, I want to tell you, I don't know
what's in this church, but I feel like I got plugged in.\par
[APPLAUSE]\par >>(Translation): You have a lot of lights,
I know. But there is a current that comes over some people, and that's not, yah know,
electricity. And this helps me speak to you better. Yah know, the light of God comes,
and he begins to speak. My father pastored the Penecostal church. As every parent brings
their child to church, my dad forced me to go to church also. But I told him, "Dad, I
don't like church. I'm going run away from home if you don't stop taking me"...as many
American childeren do. He said, "Dumitru, don't go. Dumitru you will regret it".\par
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