Gönülçelen )) Episode 32 - Part 1/5 [English Subtitles]

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I did not know I had a sister
and she did not know it either
Our parents separated when we were born
I grew up with another family not knowing I had a sister
Many years later I found her
But I actually found her grave
I thought she died because of you
So I wanted to take revenge
and I started working with you
but I cannot continue this
The more I got to know you
The more I understood why my sister fell in love with you
because you are a great person..
in short just like my sister I fell in love with you too
Won’t you say anything??
room service? Can I have 2 coffees please. Thank you
The time is coming. Soon you will tell me..
what? What will I tell you?
you will tell me you want to split up
me? how can you say that?
you never told me you loved me
so that is the reason?
I know you love me
But a part of you wants to run away from me
you heard me right
I told him who I was
He now knows who I am..
I forgot about the past
I do not want revenge
I said I forgot
I had started all this and I am ending it
I now have only one aim and
that is to have Murat for myself
I will do whatever is necessary to have him
You will come back again…
are you still awake?
I couldn't sleep.. I will go to bed now
is something wrong?
Ok.. Good night
Good night
Murat hoca?
Is something the matter?
no no. everythings fine
Were you asleep?
no I was awake
Are you ok?
I am fine
I was just driving around
come inside if you want.. We can talk
no I should get going
Sorry I disturbed you in the middle of the night
Good night
I saw you go out at night yesterday. Is something the matter?
no I just drove for a while
at that hour?
yes at that hour
you're aware this isn't normal right?
and you must be aware of how old I am?
ok. Son.. don’t be angry. She was just curious..Are you ok?
yes yes I am fine dad
good morning..
good morning..
you are just in time
Let me ask for some tea and we will get going
miss Hasret your friends are here to see you
oh thanks
go in
hello Hasret
We came to thank you
thank me? For what?
If you hadn't talked to Murat hoca he wouldn't came back to school
yes.. we owe you
this is our little gift to thank you.. for bringing back our teacher
thank you
never mind.. we should get going
you must be busy..
- have a good day - thank you for coming.. see you
so you persuaded Murat to go back to teaching?
actually I was going to tell you
They all went to talk to Murat hoca
But he refused
when did all this happen?
the other day.. when I was doing the first demo recording
I went after the recording to talk to him
he could not say no to you so he went back to teaching
But I finished the recording
and made it back in time for the meeting.. you remember..
never mind.. shall we start working?
Balçiçek please open the door
GO! I won't open
Look It's not what you think.. I don't know that girl
She just came into my house without my permission.. She's crazy
I said GO!
how can I help you?
Hello Mr. Murat
did Miss bahar come here today?
no she did not
did she leave a note?
no she has not called either
ok.. thank you
what are you doing?
Having breakfast.. didn't you go to work?
I am not working I went to see Balçiçek
That girl who claims you're her love
I didn't like her for your info
I don't want you to see her anymore
Ezge.. I am fed up!
you came here and ruined my life
Why are you saying that? You hurted my feelings
look I don't want any more discussion with you
I don't know you and I don't want to get to know you
Please finish eating then get out of here!
Are you kicking me out?
I am not kicking you out I want you to go ASAP
look.. you can't just bump into my life just like that
I have organized my life here
I'll pay the fare for your trip back home.. OK
Why don't you understand me.. I can't leave
Why don't we live together
I got used to you.. I can't go
where are you going
I told you already..
See.. All his defaults started surfacing now
he didn't look line a cone man how would I have guessed Gülnaz?
He's a human Balçiçek and not a watermelon to guess his qualities by his smell
Jafer you really have no values
and he might have kids too
No.. No.. Stop.. I didn't mean what I said
it's ok..
Balçiçek listen.. Jafer now is history
since there is no more marriage you can go to tonight's program
How can I sing when I'm in such state
- I don't think I will even a month from now - what month?
what happened so you would be sad for a whole month
What's wrong with you Cobra?
how can you talk about singing can't you see her state?
how can you think like that?
my flower I want her best interest
she will forget her pain if she works
- right girl? - ok.. ok.. I will work
- I'll be ready in 2 days - calm down
never mind why are you crying like this? why are you crying?
what happened girl? what happened Balçiçek?
Good morning.. Balçiçek
calm down
leave me.. I have to talk to her
stop before I slap you
she's really upset.. you can talk to her later
sit down and have a cup on tea
don't sit down
people like you are not welcomed in the coffee shop
Gülnaz.. don't do this
I will..
you deceived my best friend
I did not do anything
whether you did or did not
don't sit here
just go from here Jafer.. go!
don't argue much
Cobra I'm going crazy.. No one wants to listen to me
I swear I'll go crazy
by the way what did you do with the ring
did you give the ring to Balçiçek
No Cobra
everything happened before I got to it
Ok.. that's good
if you had.. Balçiçek would never returned to you
Cobra what are you saying? Nothing worries you except the ring
any question
Sir it might be a personal question but
will you be composing a new song?
yes sir it's been a while since you did
Music is such a different thing
you do not know when inspiration will come
For example Nejip Jelal
When he composed the first Turkish tango music Mazi He was only 19 years old
Apparently he broke up his relationship
and this separation caused that music to be inspired
Music and love were always integrated somehow right?
In history many songs were composed because of love
but sometimes love can also effect music negatively
how come?
Love captures you sometimes and you cannot see anything else
For example Seyyan Haným
She was at the peak of her success when she left music
She fell in love with a military officer
and followed him around the whole country
which one would you choose sir? LOVE OR MUSIC?
...because to love means to be able to sacrifice…
How can I tell her this. Is it easy to say we went bankrupt?
When Nesrin hears this she will be devestated
It will be so hard on her
She trusted me so much
I do not know how she will get used to this
Nevermind I do not want her to hear me speaking to you now..
good bye
is it you again?
we have to talk Balçiçek..
No. We have nothing to talk about Jafer
hear me out..
don't touch me or I'll start screaming
I don't know that girl I swear
And how would she came to your house if you don't know her