Veronica Belmont extended interview from Wits & Wagers - TableTop ep. 13

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My name is Veronica Belmont.
And I'm a video host Primarily, I do shows about
technology, video games, and I also have a science fiction
and fantasy podcast called The Sword and Laser.

I think it definitely was true at one point that there
weren't as many women actively interested in sci-fi, and
fantasy, and technology.
But I think as the years go on,
that's definitely changing.
I'm meeting more and more women every day who love
talking about this stuff.
I just launched a brand new gaming
show on the TWiT network--
This Week in Tech network--
called Game On.
And it's a weekly live video game show.
We talk about all the games that we're playing.
We do reviews.
We do interviews.
It's a lot of fun.
And I always do Tekzilla every week on
That's a weekly help and how-to show.
So we review gadgets.
We help people with their computer problems and talk
about all the stuff we're geeking out on.
And then I do Sword and Laser, which is a weekly
sci-fi/fantasy book club and podcast.
And we've been doing that for almost four years now.
How did I get started with gaming?
Both my parents worked in technology.
And I think that was a big factor, in that my mom was
very comfortable with getting me consoles and letting me
play on the computer.
She didn't think that it was weird that her daughter wanted
to play video games.
I also stayed home from school a lot when I was a kid.
I talked myself out of going to school--
because I got sick a lot-- and so my mom would buy me video
games as a bravery present when I wasn't feeling well,
when I would go to the doctor.
So I amassed a large collection rather quickly.
A lot of people think that gaming is still just for the
geeks and for the nerds.
But that's absolutely not true.
It's definitely getting a lot more mainstream, which I think
is a good thing.
A lot of women play casual games on their phones.
They play games on Facebook.
They're getting into PC games.
It's really expanded to include pretty much every
facet of society at this point.
People love games.
Probably the best gaming story I have is my
World of Warcraft guild.
We have a massive guild in game.
But it's also spread to almost every other single video game
out there at this point.
So we have guilds in Star Wars: The Old Republic and
EVE: Online and World of Warcraft of course, and DC
Universe Online.
It has expanded beyond that, too.
Like we have meet-ups in public where we all hang out
together, every convention that we go
to we see each other.
We have guild halls, like in real places, where we just
rent out a room in a hotel, or actually like a conference
room, not just a single room.
Have parties, have guild meet-ups.
It's become a major thing in my life.
These people that I just used to know virtually are now my
real-life friends that I see all the time.
I've actually been getting into tabletop
games a lot more recently.
My friends introduced me to Settlers of Catan, which I've
been getting into.
And the Game of Thrones branded tabletop game is
really fun as well.
So I would say I primarily am still more into video games,
but it's nice to disconnect a little bit and just sit down,
have a glass of wine, and play a board game.
Gaming is my escape.
It's my way of relaxing.
And I definitely need it.