Panel Introductions at Healthy People 2020 Launch

Uploaded by ODPHP on 10.09.2012

So, now we move to the next phase of our launch, and that is the panel discussion that will
include a state health officer, an academician,
a business leader, and a county health leader. I will introduce our panelists, one by one,
and they’ll come and take a seat here. And we will go through the introductions. Afterwards,
I will join them and we’ll begin with some questions for everyone. So, first of all,
it is my pleasure to introduce Dr. Jeffrey Engel. He was named the North Carolina state
health director in March, 2009. Prior to that, he served for seven years as the North Carolina
state epidemiologist and chief of the epidemiology section for the state division of public health.
He has been a professor of medicine at the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina
University. And chief of the division of infectious diseases at Pitt County Memorial Hospital.
Dr. Engel received his undergraduate and medical degrees at Johns Hopkins University, and Dr.
Engel continues to see AIDS patients on a weekly basis in addition to all of his duties
for this state of North Carolina. Please help me to welcome Dr. Jeffrey Engel.
Secondly, I want to welcome Miss Rita Scardaci. Rita is the director of the Sonoma County
Department of Health. She currently runs that department, she is an expert in local and
regional health organizations and issues. She also believes very strongly that health
is local, and I think that we tend to agree with her. And she believes that decisions
affecting people’s lives are made on a local basis. I think that we call that working on
the ground floor around ODPHP. I want to thank Rita for joining us a as a county health leader.
Please help me to welcome Rita Scardaci. [Applause]
And now for our academician. Dr. Richard Riegelman is professor and founding Dean at The George
Washington School of Public Health and Health Services. Dr. Riegelman has played a lead
role in the development of Healthy People 2020, and a leader in the growing undergraduate
public health movement. He is co-chair of the Healthy People curriculum task force.
And, he believes that we need to develop educated citizens, starting in K, moving all the way
through 20. I think that all of us will agree that we need educated citizens and we thank
Dr. Riegelman for that. The task force has worked closely with Healthy People 2020 to
develop education for health and aims to provide an educational road map as we move forward
into the next decade, of Healthy People 2020. Please welcome Dr. Riegelman.
And we also have an industry leader with us this morning. Dr. Cathy Baase. Cathy is the
Chief Health Officer of DOW Chemical Corporation. She has direct responsibility for leadership
in management of all occupational, health, and epidemiology as well as health promotion
programs for the staff, of DOW Chemical around the world. Dr. Baase drives the Dow health
strategy for employees, retirees and their families. She chairs the executive council
of Michigan Health Information Alliance, a multi-stakeholder collaborative to improve
the health of citizens of central Michigan. Please welcome Dr. Cathy Baase.